26 Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Are Full of Charm

coastal dining room with farmhouse leather chairs

Pretty Smitten for Lindye Galloway

You've heard of coastal style before, and you're also familiar with farmhouse, but are you aware of another design style, known as coastal farmhouse? "Coastal farmhouse is a blend of neutral soft tones and natural woods adding some coastal touches, such as shades of blue glass and beachy art," explains design Instagrammer Kim of Sunny GA Charm. "These two styles come together to create a beautiful summer look, especially for the beach lover. Wicker is always great for getting the coastal feel, too."

Now that you have a sense of what the style entails, how can you work to adapt it into your home? Basically, you'll just want to design spaces that contain an equal mix of coastal elements (stripes, blue and white, and wicker) and farmhouse touches (brass, leather, and wood, to name a few). Read on to view 26 spaces that absolutely nail the coastal farmhouse look and will have you wanting to decorate your own home in this aesthetic immediately.

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    Hang a Coastal Gallery Wall

    coastal gallery wall

    Becca Interiors

    In this dining nook, a traditional wooden dining set reads farmhouse while the ocean-filled gallery wall leans coastal. To achieve a similar look, gather a bunch of coastal images and arrange them all together in a beautiful gallery wall. It's up to you whether you choose to display contemporary or antique artwork. If you choose to go the latter route, flea markets can be an excellent resource for sourcing vintage, coastal themed pieces.

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    Style a Bench

    coastal photo in frame and bench

    @heliconiainteriors / Instagram

    Warm up your home with a woven leather farmhouse style bench, which is perfect for styling at the foot of a bed or in a hallway. Above this bench hangs a soothing coastal themed photograph. You can consider framing one of your own snaps for the beach or simply opt for a digital download online.

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    Perfect Your Shelfie

    cabinet with coastal farmhouse style decor

    @thacherandspring / Instagram

    This cabinet merges coastal and farmhouse styles perfectly. Coastal elements include driftwood, coral, and shades of white, while farmhouse style shines through in the form of a ceramic crock, decorative beads, and a woven basket.

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    Set Up a Welcoming Dining Space

    farmhouse table with coastal elements

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    Farmhouse style is all about entertaining and gathering as a family, so obviously a large dining table is in store. Make your setup coastal by introducing some striped motifs and soft, traditional touches, like these bamboo chairs.

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    Pick Up This Plant

    white coastal furniture with olive branches

    Jack Gardner for Brad Ramsey

    Don't forget an olive tree—or branches! These are super popular in coastal farmhouse style spaces, whether real or faux. The pop of green stands out among the soothing white tones that make up the majority of this living space.

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    Add Texture When Possible

    woven bed and octopus art print

    Jack Gardner for Brad Ramsey

    An octopus themed triptych makes a statement in this coastal farmhouse bedroom. A coastal bed frame adds welcome texture to the room thanks to its woven material; don't underestimate the power of a bed in truly adding oomph to a space.

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    Bust Out the Blue and White

    coastal farmhouse living room with blue accent chairs

    Julie Soeffer for Creative Tonic Design

    Coastal farmhouse comes to life in this family room with wood, blue, and white. It's the best of both worlds — and once again, here is yet another wrought iron light fixture.

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    Deck Out the Bathroom

    bathroom with coastal farmhouse mix

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    Add coastal farmhouse flair to your bathroom by combining the best of both worlds: brass sconces and a cane mirror. The sconces speak to the farmhouse portion of the style while cane is oh-so-wonderfully coastal.

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    Say Yes to Wrought Iron

    wroght iron light fixture in dining room

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    A wrought iron light fixture shines in this coastal farmhouse dining room. This style of lighting is popular in farmhouse spaces and is so much more stylish than a classic builder grade fixture.

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    Let Art Make a Statement

    sunny living room with blue and white artwork

    Lisa Romerin for Joshua Smith

    Some blue and white abstract art is a showstopper in this living room. Tan is always a go-to color for coastal spaces, but the coffee table in this room is more farmhouse in style, due to its wood and black material.

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    Play With Pattern

    bedroom with striped blanket and leather bench

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    Play with patterns and get creative with your wallpaper design. Here, blue and white is the name of the game when it comes to this bedroom aesthetic, but a leather folding stool adds a masculine, farmhouse-inspired touch to a mainly coastal space. And you can't forget the barn door!

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    Incorporate Some Bistro Stools

    coastal stools with farmhouse light fixtures

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    We see wrought iron lighting again in the form of the pendants hanging in this kitchen. Meanwhile, coastal style is introduced in the form of French bistro-style blue and white counter stools. Don't be afraid to blend black with blue and white; it's a stunning color grouping.

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    Make Your Mudroom Stylish

    blue mudroom with coastal farmhouse accessories

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    With so many variations of blue to choose from, you'll never get bored of the color. This mudroom is a welcoming place to return to at the end of the day and is artfully decorated with coastal farmhouse accessories.

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    Bring on the Brass

    coastal farmhouse dining nook with fluted bench

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    A fluted dining bench makes a statement in this large dining nook. Brass picture lights add a farmhouse touch to the coastal hues present in this room.

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    Purchase a Piece of Wooden Furniture

    blue and white art and woven baskets with wooden console

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    Farmhouse style furniture is often wood in material, like this console table. This piece is adorned with more traditionally coastal pieces, like woven lidded baskets that are perfect for storing outerwear and other essentials, as well as a beautiful blue and white abstract art piece.

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    Say Hello to Stripes

    coastal pillows and wallpaper with farmhouse accents

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    This bedroom features cheerful striped wallpaper that pairs nicely with the wooden bed. Stripes and coastal farmhouse spaces will always go hand in hand.

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    Mix Various Textures

    bedroom with woven bench and striped blanket

    Lisa Romerin for Joshua Smith

    This bedroom is simple yet full of texture. A woven bench and various cloth bedding elements look fabulous styled together.

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    Grab Those Candlesticks

    farmhouse candlesticks in dining room

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    A farmhouse home isn't complete without some black candlesticks, and you can work these into your coastal farmhouse dining setup, too. Meanwhile, the abstract blue and white art piece hanging above this dining table is reminiscent of the ocean.

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    Shine a Star

    living room with farmhouse light fixture

    Julie Soeffer for Creative Tonic Design

    A farmhouse style light fixture in the shape of a star is a showpiece in this otherwise coastal living room filled with stripes, blue, and green.

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    Pick a Large Table

    farmhouse dining table

    Claudia Casbarian for Lucas Eilers

    This dining setup is another example of how large tables are key in coastal farmhouse style homes. The more people you can fit around the table, the merrier the meal will be.

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    Go for the Grasscloth

    grasscloth wallpaper and round wooden mirror

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    A round, farmhouse style mirror is paired with chic, coastal style grasscloth wallpaper in this soothing bedroom. Shades of blue and wood tones are popular both in coastal and farmhouse design, so they're excellent for those looking to create a calming coastal farmhouse space.

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    Limit Cheesy Decor

    coastal themed accents in living room

    Stephen Karlisch for Lucas Eilers

    Add coastal flair without getting too cheesy by keeping decorations limited. Here, a boat sculpture shines in this sunny living room but still pairs nicely with the more industrial farmhouse touches, like the coffee table.

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    Make it Soothing

    calming bedroom with coastal farmhouse touches

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    This soothing coastal farmhouse bedroom looks like the perfect space to relax after a long, tiring day. Keep the look simple by opting for only the basics: throw pillows, some artwork, and of course, a table lamp for the nightstand. And you can't forget an olive branch or two.

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    Keep That Shiplap

    shiplap in bedroom

    Stephen Karlisch for Lucas Eilers

    Kids will love sharing bunkbeds in this cozy coastal farmhouse guest room. Shiplap is a quintessential feature of both styles and remains popular years after it begin to make a splash.

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    Lay Down a Jute Rug

    family room with jute rug and texture

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    Never feel like you have to shy away from textures of all kinds in a coastal farmhouse space. A jute rug us a staple, and knit poufs add coziness to this family room that offers enough space for the entire crew to spread out and hang.

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    Style With Seagrass

    coastal farmhouse dining room with seagrass accessories

    Pretty Smitten for Lindye Galloway

    Don't forget about your accessories. Seagrass wrapped glasses are on trend and add coastal charm to this dining room.