Coastal Living Bedroom Design Tips

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    What is the Coastal Living or Beach Cottage Style?

    Interior, Habitation Saint Joseph (Institut Kreol des Seychelles) (Kreol Institute), island of Mahe, Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Africa
    Bruno Barbier/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty Images

    Coastal living or beach cottage style is a collection of cozy and casual pieces reflecting the easy-going way of life near the coast. The key decorative element is the color white, which is used within furniture, bedding, and wall color along with some accents of bold or pastel shades. While the wall and ceiling finishes normally consist of painted wood paneling; the floors are left natural often using soft honey or dark mahogany wood finishes. If you think the coastal living or beach cottage style will look great in your bedroom; here are some photos, advice, and tips on how to create your relaxing seaside oasis.

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    Basic Decor Needed

    Weekend Retreat
    Weekend Retreat. Photo by Lighthousebay via

    When decorating a bedroom in the coastal living or beach cottage style there are a few basic elements needed to complete your room. The first is to use white as your primary color within your walls, ceiling, and furniture. The next important element is to use certain styles of furniture and decor; such as wrought iron beds, weathered white or wicker furniture, or items found on the beach. A good example of successfully applying these decorating basics is in this simple bedroom; which uses white walls and bedding, wrought iron bed frame with a wicker headboard, along with accents of fun beach colors that add just enough seaside charm to complete this coastal style.

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    Simple Cottage Nautical Theme

    Traditional Kids' Bedroom
    The Beach House Traditional Kids' Bedroom Designed by Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design. Photo Courtesy of Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design.

    A nautical theme is often found in coastal living or beach cottage bedrooms, particularly when designing a room for kids. This style can be over-the-top in nautical-type decor--such as model boats, fishing nets, and lighthouses--or just a hint as seen in this charming bedroom designed by Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design. This simple and lively bedroom combines a nautical color scheme--bright navy blue with red--along with a few decorative pieces with anchor motifs.

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    How to Add Decor from the Sea

    Traditional Bedroom
    Traditional Bedroom Designed by Lorraine G. Vale. Photo Courtesy of Lorraine G. Vale.

    Besides using white as your primary color, most coastal living or beach cottage bedrooms also use creatures and items from the sea and beach as decoration. A lovely example of this technique is in this traditional bedroom designed by Lorraine G. Vale. A combination of traditional pieces--an over-stuffed lounge chair and ottoman--along with some fun decor from the sea--a large fish above the bed along with artwork of sailboats--add the tranquil reminisce of the ocean as desired in coastal living bedrooms.

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    Enhance Beautiful Views

    Beach Living Area
    Beach Living Area. Photo by omanwhynotstudio via

    If your bedroom has beautiful views of the ocean, beach or harbor, this style is the best option to enhance these views as well as make them apart of your bedroom design. White walls, furniture, and bedding along with simple pieces of wicker furniture and seaside decor will make your room feel like its an extension of the beach. A good example of this technique is in this quaint and glamorous bedroom, which uses white and a few pieces of key decor—wicker chests and seashells—to set the mood and seaside ambiance within the room.

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    Use Historical Charm

    Cottage Life
    Cottage Life. Photo by rossandgaffney via

    Most beach cottage designs are a combination of historical pieces of furniture with modern and contemporary comforts. These historical pieces can be a combination of styles, decor, or accessories; as seen in this bedroom where a country white lace quilt and early 1900 light fixtures are combined to create a charming beach cottage retreat.

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    Create Romantic Bedrooms

    Bedroom in Beach Cottage Style
    Bedroom in Beach Cottage Style. Photo by bravajulia via

    Adding romantic charm to this style is easy. Elegant drapes, bedding, and wrought iron canopy beds help add the romance, while simple beach-type accessories add the charm needed for a coastal living or beach cottage bedroom. A wonderful example of how to combine these elements is featured in this romantic bedroom; which uses white cascading drapes on the windows and canopy along with white bedding and a few unique pieces of furniture and decor that successfully completes this romantic bedroom by the sea.