Product Review: Cocovie Naturals Coconut Jam

Photo © [Sandra Lucas]

Coconut sweeteners have recently become the rage in the natural foods market as a sweet and low glycemic index sugar alternative. Although commercial jams may be sweet or tasty, they often contain a lot of added refined sugars and processed fruits.

Cocovie Naturals has created a product that can be used in place of fruit jam or jelly. Although it is called coconut jam, it is delightfully different from the jam you're used to.

Product Information

Cocovie's coconut jam is available in four flavors: classic, vanilla, pineapple and mango. I've sampled the vanilla jam and was happy to learn that it contains only three ingredients - raw coconut milk, organic coconut sugar and vanilla bean extracts. It is terrifically simple but 'jammed' with flavor. The texture is silky and it is the perfect consistency for spreading. It is quite sweet, so a little will go a long way. Aside from the sweetness, you'll immediately notice the rich coconut scent and flavor.


One of the most significant benefits of eating coconut products is the minerals. Coconut contains potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Minerals such as these are necessary for vitamin assimilation, as well as important functioning throughout the body. Over the last century, the soil that grows our food has gradually been depleted of minerals. This is due to the use of herbicides and pesticides and synthetic fertilization.
Try to consume mineral-rich foods as much as possible, as illness and disease is most often related to mineral deficiencies in the body.

Coconut sweeteners are considered a good sugar substitute because of their low glycemic index rating. This one is graded 35 on the glycemic index. This brand is not an organic product but does contain some organic ingredients.

Who Should Purchase

Coconut sweeteners such as coconut crystals, nectar or jams like this one are well suited for people who are eating sugar-free.
It is ideal for those searching for alternative sweeteners, or those who have diabetes. Coconut sweeteners do not contain added refined sugars and are naturally gluten-free and vegan. Some mass produced jams contain glycerin for texture. Many glycerins are derived from animal fat. Coconut jam is made entirely from plant products. Being a natural whole foods product, this is good for anyone interested in eating a whole foods, plant-strong, healthful diet.


Unlike the jam itself, the price of coconut jam is hard to swallow. This was being sold for $10.00 for a 330-gram jar. Coconut products are relatively new to natural food market shelves. Perhaps as more of them are developed and brought to market the overall pricing will improve. For now, I find this a bit steep. I love all things coconut and am always on the lookout for alternative sweeteners, so the price didn't stop me from purchasing it. Now that I've tried it, I know that because of its sweetness, it will not be necessary to use very much of it at once.

Where to Buy

To find out where you can purchase Cocovie products visit their website, or ask for coconut jam and coconut sweeteners at your local health food store.

Ways to Eat and Enjoy

I like this product and find that it is a suitable substitute for the jams and spreads that I'm used to.
It's a fun food to experiment with. Try Cocovie Coconut Jam on toast in place of processed fruit jams. Stir it into a hot beverage to lend it a kick of tropical flavor. At breakfast, spread some on a buckwheat pancake or crepe instead of syrup. To incorporate it into a dessert, try these sugar-free, gluten-free Coconut Thumbprint Cookies topped with coconut jam.