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So you want to have a baby shower and you want to make it co-ed. A co-ed baby shower means co-educational, which simply means a baby shower for guys and girls to attend together. There are certainly some positives to having a baby shower with everyone invited—namely, you get to celebrate together!

The part that may not be as clear would be what to do for entertainment. There is a longstanding history of playing baby shower games when gathering to celebrate a woman having a baby. The mother-to-be may be subjected to goofy and slightly humiliating games, depending on the etiquette of the family. So the question becomes this: when you invite the men into the baby shower, do you still play games or do you skip them?

Consider including them in the games! Baby shower games do not need to be gross or humiliating. They can actually be a lot of fun. Find some baby shower games that incorporate the male and female aspects—parenting is a two-person job, after all.

Here, you will find a few games to get you started. They are basic games that show you how you can incorporate the guys and still make sure that everyone has some fun. 

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    Parent Trivia

    This game works well for a couples shower. Have the parents leave the room while the game is played. Ask questions while the guests write down the answers. Invite the parents-to-be back and give the answers. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

    Sample questions include:

    • Where did they meet?
    • What high school did the dad go to?
    • What was mom's first job?
    • What color shoes is dad wearing?
    • Where did they get married?
    • Is mom wearing earrings?
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    Change the Baby - Double Duty

    This game is played by pairs. Each pair stands side by side with one person using only the right hand and the other person using only the left hand. Talk about having to work together!

    This is a great way to find out how well people work as a team. It can be hilarious for the couple anticipating a baby's arrival. Dress a baby doll in a diaper, preferably with pins, bodysuit, shirt, socks, and pants—you can even have them tie shoes if you're up to a challenge!

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    Name That Baby

    This is a great co-ed baby shower game because it's simple and easy to do. It also works well with men. They worry that baby shower games will be embarrassing or crazy, so this is a great one to play to ease their fears.

    Make a list of animals with a line beside them for the participants to write down the name of the animal's baby.

    • eel - elver
    • ant - antling
    • elephant - calf
    • lion - cub
    • deer - fawn
    • swan - cygnet
    • rabbit - kit
    • zebra - colt
    • giraffe - calf
    • horse - foal
    • cat - kitten
    • pig - piglet
    • seal - pup
    • cow - calf
    • goose - gosling
    • kangaroo - joey
    • penguin - chick
    • duck - duckling
    • goat - kid
    • dog - puppy
    • insect - larva
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    Feel the Belly

    If you are looking for a more open-ended co-ed baby shower game, this crafty example can be a lot of fun. You could also do this in teams, either multiple couples on one team or guys against the girls.

    Have couples build fake pregnant bellies. They can do this out of craft supplies and balloons that you provide or from things they find handy. Have the dad-to-be blindfolded and have him feel the bellies to judge which is the most like mom-to-be's belly.

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    Baby Beer

    A co-ed baby shower game version of the baby bottle drinking game is easy: fill baby bottles with beer, wine, water, or soda and let the players have a drinking contest to see who empties their bottle first. You can also do this in teams and think of it as a relay. Bottle number one must be emptied before bottle number two can begin. You might also do the guys against the girls, or just a race between the mother-to-be and her partner.