30 Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

coffee bar with cake stands

The Home I Create / Linda

If you're like us and immediately rush into the kitchen each morning to make yourself a hot cup of coffee, you may just need a cute coffee bar set up in your life. Sure, placing a coffee maker next to all of the other appliances on your kitchen counter does the job, but maybe you could do with a few ideas for coffee bars. We're sharing 30 of our all-time favorite coffee bar ideas that are bound to inspire you, and many of them are entirely possible to replicate even in the smallest of kitchens, too.

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    Make a Small Space Shine

    coffee bar with open shelving


    This nook is proof that even the smallest of console tables can function as a coffee bar. All you need are some hanging shelves to stash essentials like mugs and coffee beans. As we all know, maximizing vertical space is key in the kitchen, and this setup certainly masters the technique.

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    Add A Cafe-Like Touch

    coffee bar with clear canisters


    Clear canisters make it easy to determine when you're running low on coffee-making essentials and also ensure that guests will be able to easily navigate their way around the kitchen. We love the idea of stashing a sweet treat like biscotti next to the coffee supplies for a cafe-like feel.

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    Keep Supplies Out of Sight

    closed cabinet and neutral storage


    If you'd rather not look at all of your coffee making supplies all day long, opt for a console table with cabinets and then incorporate lidded storage onto its shelves. Glass jars with modern wooden lids complete this neutral setup.

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    Display a Darling Mug Rack

    mug holder coffee bar


    Make your mugs part of your decor by opting for a display rack that's both functional and eye-catching. Looking to add more color to your coffee nook? Go ahead and showcase mugs in a variety of hues. Here, all-white mugs support a more minimalistic look.

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    Repurpose and End Table

    coffee machines on side table with plant


    Even a small end table can hold not one, but two, coffee machines, as we see in the space above. Once again, vertical space comes in handy as a means to hold canisters, mugs, and even a plant.

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    Utilize a Small Stand

    small coffee storage system


    Think carefully about storage systems that do the most work in your small space. Here, a miniature stand holds flavored syrups and coffee filters without leaving much of a footprint.

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    Transform a Built-In Bar

    bar station turned coffee area


    Prefer lattes over lagers? Turn a built-in home bar into a coffee station that you'll be excited to use every day. Mason jars and vintage accents complete this shabby chic style setup.

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    Deck Out the Dining Room

    vintage coffee bar


    Those who love their after-dinner coffee may wish to set up their brewing station in the dining room. A vintage cabinet or sideboard makes for a darling surface on which to set out a coffee pot and accessories galore.

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    Show Off a Collection

    blue and white coffee bar


    Only have a small nook in the kitchen to spare? Make the most of just a shelf's worth of space by committing to a color scheme. Here, blue and white decor pops and makes for an ultra-welcoming setup.

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    Don't Forget About Details

    charming coffee station


    It's all in the details! A sweet framed print and artful kitchen accessories and loads of charm to this coffee station.

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    Say Hello to Tiered Shelving

    mini storage shelf


    Tiered shelving will ensure that you're able to make the most of precious countertop space. This marble solution holds all of one's daily must-haves and blends in with the rest of the kitchen.

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    Grab Some Trays

    trays and trivets


    Small trays and trivets can also help you corral all of your barista essentials while adding decorative flair to the countertop. Candy jars and favorite pieces of glassware can also be used to house everything from straws to sugar cubes.

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    Keep It Neutral

    coffee bar in bedroom

    Annette Warnick

    This coffee bar is actually part of a master bedroom—breakfast in bed just got way easier! The black and white color scheme makes it appear ultra sleek and tidy, which is extra key in a sleep space.

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    Give a Bar Cart New Life

    bar cart as coffee cart

    Angela Marie

    Take a regular bar cart and turn it into a coffee cart. As a bonus, this station is mobile and easy to move from room to room, making it an excellent setup for those who like to entertain.

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    Go Wild With Color

    colorful mugs on coffee cart

    Bree Hester

    Maximalists, don't feel like you need to be shy when it comes to decking out your coffee station. Grab those colorful mugs from behind your cabinet doors and let them make a vibrant statement.

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    Revamp a Built-In

    coffee bar built in

    The DIY Mommy

    Feel like taking on a larger DIY? The coffee bar pictured above was actually set up inside a former built-in entertainment unit. Once the doors were removed and the wood was painted a new, fun color, the piece was able to function in a whole new way.

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    Work Those DIY Skills

    coffee bar ikea hack

    Bettina Johnson

    Who doesn't love a clever IKEA hack? This coffee bar was made from a Kallax unit with legs added and fits perfectly in the corner of the kitchen.

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    Try a Faux Island

    fake island coffee station


    If your kitchen is short on counter space but has an open wall or two, adding a faux island can make all the difference. This one doubles as a java station that looks extra sophisticated with the addition of ceramic canisters and a retro-inspired coffee machine.

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    Tuck Everything Away

    coffee bar in cabinet

    Erin Kestenbaum

    If you like to keep your kitchen as sparse as possible, you can still set up a coffee station in an unused cabinet. You'll just want to ensure that your coffee maker can be plugged in easily, so this may involve drilling a hole in the back of the cabinet or planning for such a setup during a renovation.

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    Have Fun With a Hutch

    coffee bar on hutch

    Sophia DeWald

    Give a vintage hutch new life by painting it in a color you love and filling it with all of your coffee and teatime essentials. Don't forget to add some hooks for mugs!

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    Embrace Your Aesthetic

    coffee bar with farmhouse touches

    Rebecca Lopez

    You'll likely wish to decorate your coffee bar so that it fits in with your home's aesthetic, and if you love farmhouse decor, adding baskets to the display is a no-brainer. Plus, these can be easily pulled off the shelves and filled with baked goods when hosting friends for a cup of joe.

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    Add Seasonal Touches

    fall decor on coffee bar


    Many people enjoy styling their coffee bars to reflect the season. Whether you choose to go all in or opt for more subtle accents is up to you. Here, dried flowers and small signs help pay a nod to autumn.

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    Choose Corresponding Colors

    white coffee machine


    If you're displaying your coffee maker on the main kitchen counter, think about the surrounding color scheme when selecting an appliance. Here, a white coffee machine blends in with the cabinets and backsplash.

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    Head to the Living Room

    coffee bar in living room


    If you're craving coffee all day long, you may wish to place your coffee bar in the living room. Here, a small rolling island helps make this super easy to achieve.

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    Fill An Entire Wall

    maximalist coffee wall


    If you have room to devote an entire wall to your coffee supplies, then go for it! No accessory is left behind in this maximalist setup,.

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    Play With Chalkboard Paint

    coffee station chalk paint

    Lemons, Lavender and Laundry / Erin

    Even though you're not actually setting up shop, you can still take a cue from actual coffee houses and display a drink menu above your coffee bar all thanks to a little bit of chalkboard paint.

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    Get Clever With Cake Stands

    coffee bar with cake stands

    The Home I Create / Linda

    Cake stands don't belong hidden deep in the back of your cabinet, especially when they're this gorgeous. Use them to house coffee bar essentials and make every day feel a little more elegant.

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    Hit the Hardware Store

    diy coffee bar

    Fresh Mommy Blog / Tabitha

    If you can't find a coffee bar that appeals to you, you can always build your own. This one has an industrial twist thanks to the fun piping.

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    Keep it Current

    coffee bar with wooden accents

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    For an ultra contemporary look, opt for accents with wooden tones that will bring a warm, sophisticated vibe to any space.

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    Or Embrace Antiques

    coffee bar with antique china


    If you love anything antique, source storied china and display it out in the open. There's no reason special teacups have to be hidden away for fancy events when they can be enjoyed every day.