14 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas to Try at Home

coffee bar on a kitchen counter

The Spruce / Bobbi Lin

Many people can’t start their morning without at least one cup of coffee. But going out regularly for coffee can be both inconvenient and expensive. Instead consider making a DIY coffee bar for your home. These java stations are a fun way to keep everything you need to make coffee organized and at your fingertips. Plus, you can customize them to suit your lifestyle and home decor.

Here are 14 DIY coffee bar ideas to help inspire you.

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    DIY Copper and Wood Coffee Cart

    copper and wood coffee cart
    Hey Wanderer

    This DIY coffee cart uses copper piping and pine wood. The materials come together in just a couple of hours for a custom, stylish cart. Plus, you can make the cart in any size you want based on how large you cut the wood. And if copper doesn't fit your decor, simply choose piping in a different finish.

    DIY Copper and Wood Coffee Cart from Hey Wanderer

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    French Bakery-Inspired Station

    French bakery-inspired coffee station

    Junk Chic Cottage

    Although you might be thousands of miles away from France, you can still inject some Parisian charm into your coffee routine. This coffee bar uses a small buffet as its base, which contains functional drawers for storage. The floating shelves above provide even more storage to display a collection of dining items. And the chalkboard on the wall adds a quaint, bakery-inspired touch.

    Coffee Anyone from Junk Chic Cottage

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    Reclaimed Wood Mug Hanger

    Reclaimed wood heart coffee mug hanger
    Funky Junk

    If having your coffee mugs at your fingertips each morning is a must, put your carpentry skills to the test by engineering a heart-shaped sign out of reclaimed wood planks. Then, attach hooks to the wood for hanging mugs, and stencil it with a phrase of your choice if you wish. Hanging mugs can save counter space for your other coffee fixings, such as cream and sugar.

    Reclaimed Wood Salvaged Junk Heart from Funky Junk

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    Shelving Unit Coffee Station

    shelving unit-turned-coffee bar
    Crazy Mary

    A coffee bar can include more than just a bar top. Use your vertical space for storage with a built-in shelving unit. These shelves provide plenty of space to hang mugs, as well as to store coffee equipment and provisions. It's a great way to put some of your favorite mugs on display.

    Coffee Station from Crazy Mary

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    DIY Mini Chalkboard

    diy mini chalkboard and coffeemaker


    If you want the feel of a coffee shop at home, set up your coffee bar with a mini chalkboard that lists the "specials" of the day. This coffee bar also has a small "tips" can for a playful touch. The can would be a great spot for you to store any loose change. And you can use the chalkboard to keep a list of items you're running out of.

    DIY Mini Chalkboard from Stylizimo

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    Norwegian Coffee Corner

    Norwegian coffee station
    Only Deco Love

    This streamlined coffee station setup exudes Scandinavian simplicity. To mimic this style, use a monochromatic color palette with natural wood and a touch of greenery. On the wall, the word kaffe means coffee in Norwegian.

    Coffee Station from Only Deco Love

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    Coffee Bar Cart

    bar cart-turned-coffee station
    Dream Green DIY

    If you love hosting friends and family for weekend brunch, consider repurposing your bar cart into a coffee buffet. Set your coffee maker or a carafe right on the cart for guests to serve themselves. And be sure to include spare mugs, cream and sugar, and spoons for stirring.

    How to Style a Bar Cart Coffee Buffet from Dream Green DIY

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    Bookshelf Coffee Station

    Bookshelf coffee station
    Baked Bree

    Instead of discarding an old bookshelf, refurbish it into a java station. Add wire baskets and canisters for extra storage on the shelves. And use the top for your coffee maker and mug storage. Make sure to leave some surface space clear where you can fix your cup of coffee.

    Coffee Station from Baked Bree

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    Salvaged Wood Coffee Sign

    Salvaged wood coffee sign
    Funky Junk

    Upcycling—i.e., modifying old items to give them a second life as something new—is good for your wallet and the planet. Plus, it allows you to show off your artistic skills. This coffee bar features reclaimed wood fence planks that were stenciled with a coffee logo. By attaching S-hooks to the sign, it becomes both a decor piece and mug storage.

    Reclaimed Wood Old Sign Coffee Station from Funky Junk

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    Creative Coffee Cart

    Creative coffee cart
    A Beautiful Mess

    Don’t hesitate to make your coffee station a little creative and whimsical. After all, coffee is supposed to perk you up. This coffee cart has plenty of room for all the coffee equipment and fixings you might need. And it’s centered under some fun artwork. There are even a couple small plants on the cart for a lively touch.

    Coffee Cart from A Beautiful Mess

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    Whimsical Floating Shelves

    Whimsical coffee bar
    Hunch, Camilla Tange Peylecke

    If you don’t have room for a whole shelving unit to store some of your coffee gear, consider adding a couple of floating shelves to create your coffee station. Keep everyday items on the countertop, such as your coffee maker and mugs. Then, on the floating shelves above, store your coffee and tea in decorative canisters to give the space a whimsical vibe.

    Coffee Bar from Hunch

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    Industrial Pipe and Reclaimed Wood Mini Shelf

    DIY coffee station with industrial pipes
    Funky Junk

    Problem: Your coffee supplies are taking up valuable real estate on your kitchen counter. Solution: Increase your surface space with this ingenious DIY that uses industrial pipe and reclaimed wood to build a stylish shelf. The shelf is small enough that it can be pushed to the back of the countertop and not interfere with food prep, yet it's wide enough to hold a few of your coffee mugs.

    Industrial Pipe and Reclaimed Wood Mini Coffee Station from Funky Junk

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    Hand-Painted Coffee Mug Sign

    Hand-painted coffee sign
    Brooklyn Limestone

    Not everything in your coffee station has to serve a practical purpose. Some things can just be decorative to brighten your day. Try your hand at making a hand-painted, coffee-inspired sign to clearly delineate your coffee station. This DIY cuts an oversized coffee mug shape out of plywood and then paints it with a fun saying.

    DIY Coffee Hand Painted Sign from Brooklyn Limestone

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    DIY Concrete Top Coffee Bar

    DIY concrete top coffee bar
    The Merrythought

    A coffee bar is a great piece to try if you’re just getting into furniture making. You can keep things simple with some surface space and perhaps a shelf or drawer. This DIY creates a beautiful and functional coffee bar from reclaimed wood, and a durable concrete top was molded to fit the wood base. 

    DIY Concrete Top Coffee Bar from The Merrythought