Coffee Can Crafts

How to Make Crafts Using Old Coffee Cans

This craft challenge item is an 'old-fashioned' coffee can. I say old-fashioned because these days it seems like a lot of coffee comes in plastic containers. Hopefully, you can scrounge up a coffee can and make something with it. Your project can use one or more coffee cans, and it can include the lid or not. 

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    Coffee Can Flower Pot

    Coffee Can Flower Pot Craft

    Use these suggestions, shared by a visitor named AnnaDee, to turn an empty coffee can into a pot for a plant.

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    Daddy's Caddy

    Daddy's Caddy Craft
    Daddy's Caddy Craft.

    Any dad would love to get one of these garage organizers that is made from a coffee can or any large container with a lid.

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    Decoupaged Coloring Bank

    Decoupaged Coloring Bank
    Decoupaged Coloring Bank.

    A young visitor named Katie shared how she made her own personalized bank using a coloring page.

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    Gingerbread Doll Craft

    Gingerbread Doll Craft
    Gingerbread Doll Craft.

    Check out the picture included with this project. Can you tell it is made using a coffee can?

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    Time Capsule Craft

    This project is great for families to do together. Gather together small items that are important to each of you and use them to make a time capsule.

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    Wrapped Coffee Cans

    Wrapped Coffee Cans
    Wrapped Coffee Cans.

    This project sheet explains how to dress up plain coffee cans using colorful yarn or string.