The Coffee Cocktail Collection

Hot and Cold Coffee and Espresso Cocktails

Hot Coffee Cocktails
Sit down and relax with a fantastic coffee cocktail. Hot and cold, tall and short... there's a spiked coffee drink for everyone!. Kris Timken / Photodisc / Getty Images

Coffee is a great flavor for cocktails and mixed drinks and can be added in a variety of ways. Whether it be hot coffee, chilled espresso, a coffee liqueur or one of the newer espresso-infused vodkas, these cocktails all include the great taste of java and are fun to explore.

One exception you will find here is that the classic cocktail named the Coffee Cocktail is not listed because it does not have coffee in any form.

Hot Coffee Cocktail Recipes

The hot coffee cocktail is a popular way to enjoy your favorite, fresh-brewed coffee. These spiked coffee drinks are typically very simple, often simply adding a certain liqueur to the hot coffee. Find more hot cocktails including tea, hot chocolate, and toddy drinks.

Cold Coffee Cocktail Recipes

More often we are seeing coffee cocktails that are chilled and many use espresso. It is a great way to get a jolt of caffeine in a cold, refreshing drink.

Coffee Liqueur Cocktail Recipes

The most popular way to add the flavor of coffee to mixed drinks is to use one of the coffee liqueurs or, more recently, an espresso-infused vodka (i.e. Three Olives or Van Gogh).

Another option is to make your own coffee-infused bourbon, adding it to almost any whiskey cocktail.

There are many coffee liqueurs that can be used in any of these drinks, with Kahlua being the most popular and Tia Maria, Patron Cafe, and Firelit available as well. Every now and then a cocktail may also call for coffee brandy, which often tends to be a cheap alternative but fitting for some drinks and rather tasty on its own.