40 Dazzling Coffee Table Decor and Styling Ideas

colorful decorated coffee table

Adriana Garst

You've finally found the perfect coffee table for your living room or family room. Now, all you have to do is make it pop with the right mix of decorative accents. If you feel overwhelmed, we get it and have been there! But coffee table styling doesn't have to be daunting. While it may seem difficult to round up accessories and determine how to place them just right, the key is really to focus on a setup that appeals to your personal style. Whether you have an expansive collection of items to display or gravitate toward more sleek setups doesn't matter.

To help you jumpstart your styling process, we've found examples of a whole range of coffee table setups that will appeal to a variety of aesthetics. Read on for 40 fabulous styling ideas that you can implement ASAP. No matter if you're a minimalist, maximalist, or fall somewhere in between, you'll feel well equipped to tackle your own space after admiring the images below.

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    Display Some Fresh Florals

    fresh flowers on coffee table

    BellaFlynn Design Studio

    Fresh flowers can make all the difference in a space. If your living room needs a dose of pep, opt for a bouquet of pink flowers as seen here. Unable to purchase florals each week? Fear not; realistic looking fake flowers will do the job, too. Bonus points if you already have an artful vase on hand that will add major style.

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    Keep It Balanced

    textural combination on coffee table


    Mix and match various textures to create an eye-catching display. A porcelain bowl, wooden chain, and some greenery blend together nicely on this table. A bust sculpture turned planter adds a classic element with a twist.

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    Say Oui

    parisian coffee table

    Meghan Donovan

    Have a passion for a particular city or region? Celebrate it in the form of a coffee table accent—a croissant trinket, for example, will immediately make you think of leisurely days in Paris whenever you glance at it. There's no need to travel far when you can reminisce on a favorite place from your own living room.

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    Flip Open a Book

    book open on coffee table

    Interior Design by S&S

    Utilize those coffee table books by flipping open a favorite and bookmarking a page you particularly enjoy. This will encourage guests to take a look at your collection of fave titles rather than just viewing them as decorative items on display. We love the idea of using a chic wooden chain as a paperweight, too.

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    Get Coastal

    coastal coffee table setup

    Kylie Redden

    Add a subtle coastal touch to your space with some coral and blue and white decor—porcelain is always in style. The above setup is an excellent example of honoring a theme without going overboard.

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    Play With Height

    decorative vessels on coffee table

    Mounira Giacco

    Two vessels are better than one—especially when they vary in height and add color and dimension to your table, as we see above. Whether you fill yours with branches or keep them empty (or opt for a mix of both!), you can't go wrong.

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    Be Neutral

    black and white coffee table decor


    Keep things nice and neutral by choosing solely black and white accents for your coffee table. You definitely don't have to confuse opting for black and white decor with being a minimalist, though—this setup is still full of intrigue and whimsy.

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    Light It Up

    candles and diffusers


    Keep those candles and diffusers on display so that you're ready to make your home a fragrance-filled haven at any time. Corralling scents on a tray is an excellent way to keep your setup nice and tidy. Don't feel like you have to stop at just one candle, either—feel free to set out an entire collection so that there's always some variety.

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    Try a Tray

    gold tray on ottoman

    Blanchette Nelson

    All you need to convert an ottoman into a traditional coffee table is a chic tray. Choose a color that will pop against the ottoman's fabric. Gold is always a solid pick that will stand the test of time.

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    Fill a Bowl

    decorative bowl on coffee table


    Whether you place potpourri, faux fruit, or a seasonal accent like pinecones inside, the options for what to store in oversized decorative bowls are limitless. In fact, part of the fun can be changing your setup each month, if you wish. Let the entire fam weigh in on determining the next theme.

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    Showcase a Collection

    matchbook collection on table

    Meryl King

    If you collect something small—like matchbooks from your favorite restaurants—go ahead and set up a special display on your coffee table. Matchbooks are particularly ideal because come in handy when entertaining, of course, but they're also instant conversation starters when friends stop by.

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    Get Natural

    natural decor on coffee table


    Elements that remind us of nature will help bring the outside in year round—no maintenance involved! A faux antler and leaf shaped trinket dish add an earthy touch to this coffee table,

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    Add a Pedestal

    pedestal on coffee table


    For those looking for a bit more oomph, a pedestal makes for an excellent addition to the coffee table. Use it to make your styling really stand out and add layers to your display. It can also help prevent lengthy plants from dangling down too low.

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    Opt for Olive Branches

    olive branches on coffee table


    Olive branches are such a classic and add cozy vibes to any room in which they're displayed. If you don't have room in your living space for a full tree or taller plant, branches are the way to go and will look right at home on a coffee table.

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    Keep it Simple

    simple coffee table styling

    Shirin Abdollahi

    Simple certainly doesn't have to equal sterile. If you're not inclined to style every inch of your coffee table, that's ok. Choose a few statement-making pieces with varying heights and textures, and you're golden.

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    Light a Little Lamp

    small lamp on coffee table


    We've already shared our love for candles on the coffee table, but it turns out that petite lamps look pretty darn darling, too. Choose a small battery operated light that will add a warm glow to your space all day long.

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    Have Fun With Layout

    decorative coffee table

    Adriana Garst

    If your coffee table has a unique layout, play to its fun shape and decorate each mini surface to suit your personality. More surfaces equals more styling potential, right?

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    Set Out a Cloche

    coffee table with cloche

    Anna Straw

    A cute cloche will elevate even the most ordinary candle and make it look way more luxe. Pair this setup with a fun match holder (vintage looking options are always an excellent idea) and you're more than ready to host friends for a cozy night in.

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    Bust Out Those Candle Holders

    Christina Toth

    Christina Toth

    Even when not in use, candle holders look beautiful on a coffee table. Pick ones that have some vintage charm to them and you're sure to receive compliments. Thrift stores and antique markets are great places to source brass pieces like the ones above.

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    Have Fun With Dried Leaves

    dried palm leaf


    Dried leaves or florals look just as gorgeous as their fresh counterparts. Here, an oversized palm leaf makes a statement and blends in wonderfully with other neutral colored decor. And it'll last for ages, too.

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    Grab Some Boxes

    decorative boxes on coffee table


    Decorative storage boxes come in handy all throughout the house, but they are especially useful in containing common sources of coffee table clutter. Use them to stash away remotes and cords when not in use and take note of how much your mood improves when you aren't constantly staring at various electronic gadgets!

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    Showcase Your Green Friends

    plants on coffee table

    Casa Watkins Living

    The coffee table is prime real estate for plant addicts. Let a few favorite green friends take the stage by giving them a prime home on your coffee table. Just don't go overboard or all of the leaves will begin to blend together or obstruct your view of the room.

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    Choose Complementary Pieces

    glass and lucite accents

    Tiffany Barino

    Why not decorate with accents that complement the finish of your coffee table? For example, if you have a glass or lucite piece, go all in with similar looking accessories, as we see here.

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    Group Your Ginger Jars

    ginger jars on coffee table

    Austin Leigh Interiors

    A favorite collection of pieces deserves to be admired and not tucked away for special occasions. If you're a ginger jar lover, set out a few beloved pieces on your coffee table and use them as vases if you're so inclined.

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    Print Some Pics

    family photos on display

    Olaniyi S.

    Print out (or dig up from your family archives) photographs of loved ones that will make you smile. It's so rare that we see printed pictures in our homes these days, and keeping a few favorites on your coffee table will remind you of precious moments and faces you don't often get to see in real life.

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    Show Off Your Succulents

    succulent display


    If full blown plant displays aren't your thing, you can still showcase pops of green with a few smaller plant pots or succulents grouped together on your coffee table. We love the boho inspired setup above, complete with candles and macrame.

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    Get Sculptural

    spheres on coffee table


    Sculptural objects like textured spheres make for beautiful coffee table decor, especially when one's style leans more mod and minimal. Group a couple together and then keep the rest of the surface nice and simple.

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    Stack It Up

    coffee table with books

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Sometimes, a good old-fashioned stack of books is all you need. Keep your display looking fresh by switching up titles each season or to reflect a particular theme (ex: travel, fashion, cocktails, etc) so that the arrangement doesn't feel stale.

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    Play to Your Surroundings

    minimalist coffee table

    Domm Dot Com

    If you have a busier living room, you may wish to pare down when it comes to your coffee table decor. In this space, a wall full of books is the main focal point, so an under-styled coffee table helps offset this setup.

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    Bust a Move

    bust sculpture on coffee table

    Lowe Saddler

    Bust sculptures aren't just for bookshelves, we promise! Pick a favorite statue and let him or her have a moment on your coffee table. Who says your home can't look like a museum?

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    Get Sneaky

    binoculars on coffee table

    Alvin Wayne

    A pair of binoculars or a magnifying glass adds an instant element of fun to any coffee table (and makes peering across the way to catch glimpses of your neighbor's adorable puppy that much easier).

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    Break Out the Beads

    beads on coffee table

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Woven beads are a popular choice when it comes to coffee table decor and they shine in a number of settings. What's great about this accent is that it can lean boho, traditional, or coastal—the key is all in the styling.

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    Bring Nature Indoors

    branches with berries

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Branches and berries are oh-so-festive to keep on the coffee table during the holiday season. Place some in a large dish and you're all set. Spritz live branches with water throughout the week to keep them looking nice and fresh.

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    Try a Nontraditional Vase

    unique vase display

    Charbonneau Interiors

    If you're itching for something off the beaten path, try a non traditional vase where each stem has its own home. This can create a unique sculptural display that truly doubles as art.

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    Get Rocky

    geode on coffee table

    Chelius House of Design

    Displaying a geode, crystal, or other similar piece isn't just for boho, new age homes. These rocks can look stunning in any space and are an excellent way to quickly add color to any coffee table setup.

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    Be Bare

    bare coffee table

    Charlie Coull Design

    If you prefer a clean slate, you can always opt to leave your table totally empty. This can be ideal for those living in small apartments whose coffee tables play multiple roles throughout the day, transitioning from a dining area to a workspace in just a matter of minutes. The key here is making sure that the rest of your space is well-decorated so that it doesn't appear that you've only just moved in.

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    Set Out a Sculpture

    sculpture on coffee table

    Home and Spirit

    A sculptural object can do no wrong! Here, an oversized piece adds some contrast to the mostly white decor on this wooden table.

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    Set Out a Game

    game on coffee table

    Victoria Bell Interiors

    Whether it's a chessboard or a classic Monopoly box is up to you. Keeping a game or two on display encourages playfulness—bonus points if you find one that's aesthetically pleasing.

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    Try a Trinket Box

    trinket box coffee table

    Tyler Karu

    A small trinket box ensures that any loose items (buttons, change, and the like) don't clutter up your coffee table. Organization has never looked so stylish!

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    Think Outside

    outdoor coffee table

    White Sands

    Don't forget to style your outdoor coffee table, either! A few plants and a tray for drinks will make kicking back in the sun easy peasy.