Coleman 7700 Gas Grill - Discontinued

Coleman 7700 Gas Grill
Coleman 7700 Gas Grill. Coleman Corporation

The Bottom Line

This is Coleman's answer to everything you need. This unit has two lids allowing you to have two completely separate cooking zones. A side table warmer/steamer/fryer, lets you prepare more dishes. The unit comes with a full rotisserie kit including a 10,000 BTU back burner. The grill is powered by four cast brass burners with a maximum main output of 50,000 BTUs. However, the BTU rating might be a little low for a grill with a primary cooking area of 570 square inches.

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  • Four cast brass burners at 50,000 BTUs
  • Large console design with lots of storage space
  • Full Rotisserie kit with 10,000 BTU back burners


  • BTU rating might be a little low for the 570 square inches
  • Dual lid might get annoying if you are using both sides a lot
  • Poor support and distribution


  • Four cast brass burners produce a maximum main output of 50,000 BTUs
  • 570 square inches of primary grilling space
  • Split lid allows for two isolated grilling zones
  • Side warmer/steamer/fryer provides a wide range of cooking abilities
  • Largely stainless steel construction
  • Full rotisserie kit with 10,000 BTU rear mounted rotisserie burner
  • Large amount of storage space, including drawers
  • Electronic ignition

Guide Review - Coleman 7700 Gas Grill

This grill has been Discontinued.

This is a large, attractive console grill; Coleman's answer to outdoor kitchens. You get a dual lid so you can heat either half the grill effectively or so you can have two completely separate grilling areas.

The unit also includes a side table warmer/steamer/fryer which is basically a gas fired deep pan that cooks like a pot. The 7700 also comes with a full rotisserie kit that includes a 10,000 BTU rear mounted rotisserie burner. The console design also gives you lots of storage space including two drawers for tools and an enclosed space for your propane tank.

This is an impressive unit and at $1,200 it probably should be. I believe that the 50,000 BTUs generated by the 4 main burners might actually be a little low for 570 square inches of primary grilling space. But then again it's a close call on that. The unit boasts brass burners and a largely stainless steel construction. The real problem with this unit like many of the full feature grills in this price range is that grilling quality has been sacrificed for all those features. Remember that they have to make a profit on it and with the amount of metal that goes into building this large unit they had to cut back elsewhere.

Coleman has recently replaced its entire line of grills in favor of larger more expensive units. This unit, sold almost exclusively through patio stores is the top of the Coleman line.

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