Coleman RoadTrip Grill LX Model# 9941-768

Coleman RoadTrip Grill LX
Coleman RoadTrip Grill LX. The Coleman Company

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Coleman has been behind some of the best portable cookers on the market for, well, ever. I have one that I use frequently that my grandfather bought in the 30's. While this portable grill certainly won't last you 85 years it is a pretty good portable. What makes this portable gas grill good is its versatility. This little grill gives you two burners that can heat an open grill, griddle or be used like small burners for pots and pans.

The heat output on this grill (up to 20,000 BTUs) is good for the size and you can do some pretty serious cooking on this portable grill.


  • Raises to full grill height on cart
  • Can be removed from cart for table top use
  • Can be adapted to standard 20-pound propane tanks
  • Versatile cooking surface with optional accessories
  • Two burner design for grilling versatility


  • Thin metals can be easily damaged
  • Awkward leg construction makes setup difficult


  • Two 10,000 BTU round burners
  • 285 square inches of total cooking area
  • 20,000 BTU maximum output
  • Push button, piezoelectric igniter
  • Weighs 24 pounds or 41 pounds with stand attached
  • Aluminum interchangeable cooking grates
  • Fold out legs bring it to a total height of 36 inches
  • Two foldout work surfaces
  • Lid is removable to accommodate large pots or make an open grilling surface
  • Made in China by The Coleman Corporation

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Guide Review - Coleman RoadTrip Grill LX Model# 9941-768

The Coleman RoadTrip Grill is a popular portable gas grill that works well for tailgating, camping, or for the person who lacks the space for a full-sized grill. What makes this grill work the way it does is the burner design. The RoadTrip LX Grill has two small, 10,000 BTU, circular burners. This allows the grill to heat its 285 square inch cooking area well enough to do most grilling tasks, but also heat optional griddles or even a pot or frying pan.

In some ways, this grill is similar to the popular Coleman cook stove that has been on the market for around 100 years.

To really understand the versatility you get out of this grill, imagine this. You can put the grill section on one side to cook burgers while having a pot of beans cooking on the other side. Take off the pot and put in a griddle section and you can saute vegetables. Basically, Coleman has worked out a way to give you a two burner gas grill that weighs in under 25 pounds (around 41 pounds with the fold-out removable legs) that is both a grill, side burner, and griddle. It's a grill you can take camping that will let you cook every meal of the day. The lid is even removable to make it easier to use with large pots and pans.

The drawbacks with this portable grill are really a matter of construction. Metals used for the body are thin and this Coleman won't take a lot of punishment. Also, the fold out leg construction is a little awkward. It will be easier to set up if you remove the grill, put together the stand and then replace the grill. It will also help if you have another person to help you.

There are four models of the Coleman RoadTrip that are similar in construction but vary in size and feature.

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