Color as Expression of 5 Feng Shui Elements

A colorful couch

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The easiest way to get your life moving by using feng shui is to bring the energy of specific feng shui colors to achieve the desired results. Color is very powerful, as it is an expression of light, and many, way too many homes and offices are starved for light. So, bring on vibrant light energy with beautiful feng shui colors.

One of the basic principles of feng shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These feng shui elements interact between themselves in certain ways, generally defined as the Productive and Destructive cycles.

Each feng shui element is represented by a specific color, and color is the easiest way to use the five elements principle to bring more harmony into your home with feng shui.

The Elements and Their Colors

Here is the color correspondence of each of the five feng shui elements:

Knowing how to use color to strengthen and balance the energy of your home is a complex feng shui subject, but there are always basics to it. The right placement of feng shui colors is defined by the bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your space.

South Feng Shui Bagua Area Example

To help you understand how to best express the five feng shui elements in your home or office, let's look at the South feng shui bagua area.

The energy of the South feng shui bagua area is connected to your fame and reputation energy. A better translation is the Light, or Fire Within. The energy of the South feng shui bagua area is also connected to the image you project to other people, or your identity in the eyes of others, as well as to how well you can maintain your own Light—your identity and values.

The feng shui element of South is Fire, and the feng shui colors that express it are red, purple, pink, strong yellow, and orange. You want to keep your fire energy strong, which means it is best to avoid many blue or black color decor items in the South feng shui bagua area of your space.

Why would you avoid blue and black color scheme in the South bagua area? Because blue and black colors have the energy of the Water feng shui element, and Water puts down the Fire element of the South in the destructive cycle of five feng shui elements.

Easy Feng Shui Color Tips for Your Home

  • The green color is excellent for improving health and balancing family life when used in the East feng shui bagua area of your home.
  • The color blue is a very good feng shui choice in the North bagua area to support the energy of your career growth or in the East (health/family) and Southeast (​wealth/money) areas to water and nourish the Wood feng shui element.
  • Have some strong yellow color in the South feng shui bagua area for happy gatherings and good times.
  • Pure white color in the West feng shui bagua area (creativity and children) will bring supportive energy for all your creative endeavors.

Before using specific colors in your home as feng shui cures, be sure to study the light patterns throughout the day in the room. Would the color feel good in the morning? How about at night with artificial lighting?

Be sure the chosen feng shui color has a good relationship with the other "inhabitants" of your home, such as your furniture pieces, decor objects, art, etc. You would like all of them to have a good time, rather than argue and continuously fight for your attention.