15 Color Blocked Rooms That Will Amaze You

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    Color Blocking Rooms With Style

    We all know how important color is to create rooms that have style. Whether your design project is a deck, a bedroom or an entire hotel, your safest bet will always be to start by choosing a select group of colors that will define the room. Color is one of the most absolutely essential elements of any room and for so many different reasons. On the one hand, color sets the tone for everything that will happen in your space. Warm colors will give you a cozy feel that you can either reinforce with furniture that has an inviting aspect—such as might be provided by a few ​mid-century modern pieces—or contrast it with more streamlined, modern furnishings. Bright colors will give you an energetic space, while more muted, neutral tones will offer a room with a decidedly more meditative vibe.  But even as important as all of this is, it's only the beginning of your journey with color.

    Color is temporal as much as it is emotional. That's because different colors are popular at different times and in different combinations. So if you're trying to design a room with a super modern feel, using a color palette that was popular twenty years ago is not likely to have you off to a promising start. On the other hand, even color trends move in cycles, so if you find that the palette you're dreaming of isn't on trend right now, give it a bit of time and chances are you'll see it come around again. 

    There are tons of things that you can do in a room with color that show off how strong your design skills are. Layering different colors in your space is one way to create a sophisticated and skillful-looking space. Creating a space entirely out of different shades of the same color is another way. But without a doubt, the most difficult trick to pull off with color is to design an entire room out of a single shade of a single color. This technique, called color blocking, is not easy, but when it's done correctly, the results are amazing.  We've got 15 color blocked spaces to share with you that will open your eyes to the possibilities.

    One of the major things that you can do to create a smoothly color blocked look in your space is to make sure that the walls and the larger furniture pieces are in the exact same shade. This is the main step in creating the seamless look that will define the space. That way, your walls and furniture become a unified backdrop against which all of your other accessories can pop and add definition to the color story that is the central defining element of the room. 

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    Color Blocking With Blue

    Blue is the world's favorite color, and perhaps because of that,  it's also one of the easiest colors to fill a room with. Or maybe it's because it has so many enchanting shades, ranging from deep and moody to light and airy that can take on so many different meanings and feelings. Whatever the reason, blue is a wonderful choice for creating a ​color blocked room. Pairing a dark shade of blue with light and warm wood tones, such as those found in the furniture legs and floor of the room seen here, helps the room to be colorful without becoming too dark. 

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    Color Blocking With Blue: Living Room

    When color blocking a space don't be afraid to get other parts of the decor into the act. The walls and furniture are the most important elements but there's plenty of chances to spread the fun around. In this room, blue walls and sofas are joined by curtains and a mantle in the same intoxicating shade. Your accessories are also a good opportunity to reflect your large-scale color choice on a smaller stage. The art on the walls and the blue glass bases of the coffee tables are the perfect finishing touches in a room where even the moldings are full of color. 

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    Color Blocking With Blue: Corner Space

    One good way to accentuate a color blocked room is with pieces in a lighter shade of the dominant color. Though it could be argued that this technique is more a type of layering, the shared tones of the walls, curtains and window sills qualify this room as a color blocked space. Within that, the lighter blue tones of the chair and rug help to keep the darker tones from being too overpowering. Throw in an oversized mirror and you're sure to keep the open feel of the space.

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    Color Blocking With Green

    Green is the color of warm weather, blooming plants and the great outdoors. It's everything we love in the summer and everything we miss during the winter. So it's no wonder that when it comes to rooms, green is almost as popular a color blocking option as blue. The rich, deep green of the walls, credenza, and sliding doors is a beautiful way to make this room into something special. And just like blue, the green in this room is a natural complement to the wood tones that we see accenting the space.

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    Color Blocking With Green: Statement Chair

    Green color blocking in a modern living room
    Live Give Love

    Though perhaps not as intuitive a choice as wood, metallics are just as stunning as complements to strong shades of green. More importantly, they are a perfect choice for breaking up a room that's been color blocked in it. The brass tones of the mirrors, coffee table, and lamp interact with the dominant color in much the same way as the wood of the sofa legs, but with an added bit of shine that creates an eye-catching contrast to the nature-inspired tone of the room.

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    Color Blocking With Green: Royal Bedroom

    With the right accessories, a color blocked room can have a very global feel. The textured green of the walls, bedding, and mirror combine with the furnishings to whisk you away to a far-off corner of the globe. Knowing how color is used in other cultures is a fantastic step towards being able to incorporate a global style into your own home.

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    Color Blocking With Black

    Dark and forbidding, black is often the last color that someone would think to use to cover an entire room. Which is a shame, because in the hands of a skilled designer, black can be used to create some of the most stunning rooms imaginable. In this space, the overall use of black beautifully highlights the classic architecture of the room.

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    Color Blocking With Black: White & Black Gallery Wall

    For a less overwhelming use of black, look for ways to break up the color while maintaining its prevalence. In this room, the rug and the seats of the dining chairs are a good start, but it's the art that helps pull it all together. A gallery wall of black and white photos, each with a good amount of white space does an excellent job of giving the eye a rest as it takes in the color of the room.

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    Color Blocking With Black: Monochrome Backdrop

    The bedroom is one of the best places for color blocking with black as the moody tone that it sets is not at all out of place. Here as well, though, it is important to break up the blocks with other colors that will pop against the monochrome backdrop. Here a simple throw is all it takes to create a striking contrast.

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    Color Blocking With Gray

    Just a couple of steps away from black, gray is the modern choice for color blockers everywhere. Subtle and calm in its muted, neutral tones, gray is a less overpowering alternative to other, bolder colors. Here the floor, walls, and curtain carry the color responsibilities of the room while the rug provides a lighter moment of gray.

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    Color Blocking With Gray: Living Room

    Blue and gray are a natural pair. The combination works even better when shades of blue are accenting a room color blocked in gray. Shades of blue abound in this space from the interior of the fireplace to the books on the coffee table and even the walls flanking the mantle. The blue brings a lively touch to the gray that rules the room.

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    Color Blocking With Gray: Kitchen Cabinets

    If you thought that color blocking was only for living rooms and bedrooms, think again. Kitchens can benefit from a bit of this treatment as well. The gray in the cabinetry of this kitchen mixes perfectly with the white tile backsplash for a clean, modern look.

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    Color Blocking With Purple

    Purple is the color of royalty for different cultures all around the world. In a room like this, it's easy to see why. Draped head to toe in the regal shade, the color of this room expertly highlights both the built-in decorative features of the wall and the classic design of the chairs. It's a room built to make anyone feel like a queen or a king.

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    Color Blocking With Rich Marsala Red

    Last but not least, Marsala had a moment in the spotlight in 2015 as Pantone's color of the year. However, it quickly gained a reputation for being one of the harder colors to decorate with. But this room proves that you can use Marsala freely and your rooms will thank you for it. This rich brown tone fills the space beautifully, complemented by the neutral shade of the rug.