What to Know and Love About Colorful Accent Furniture

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    Why Do We Love Colorful Accent Furniture?

    Brightly Painted Chairs. Christoph-Hetzmannseder / Moment Open / Getty Images

    I don't know any room that isn't cheered by a yellow stool.  Or a green dresser.  Or an orange sideboard.  Take any kind of decor--contemporary, eclectic, coastal, industrial, you name it--and add a splash of color by way of an accent piece of furniture and you've got instant eye candy.  

    What is accent furniture, exactly?  Well, it's furniture that may not work as hard as say, your sofa or dining room table, and in most cases, doesn't cost near as much, either.  That's why it's easier to commit to bold color on accent pieces.  If you change your mind about it in a little while, you aren't out a lot of money.  Pieces like console tables, stools, ottomans, nightstands, side chairs, and even small dressers count as accent furniture.  They complement and work with your bigger, more critical, furnishings and can really bring a room together, especially when painted or upholstered in a fun color.

    Here are seven reasons to love colorful accent furniture.

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    Turquoise Upholstered Ottoman

    Turquoise Ottoman. Wayfair

    Reason #1: It's Just Plain Cheerful

    This room is balanced and cheerful, thanks in part to the tufted ottoman upholstered in turquoise.  A wooden coffee table in its place would be fine, but this colorful piece helps take the room from "fine" to fantastic.  Tied in with the curtains and punchy pillows, this ottoman makes the space much more inviting.

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    Mint Green Nightstand

    Mint Nightstand. Making Home Base

    Reason #2: It's Great for Renters

    Painted accent furniture doesn't have to shout at you, nor would you want it to in a bedroom.  This soft minty green nightstand by Making Home Base is the perfect soothing color for a bedroom and adds color to a white room.  Painted furniture is one of the best ways, in fact, for adding color if you happen to rent and are stuck with white or beige walls. 

    Contemplating a green accent piece?  First, test your knowledge of all the different shades of green to find out which is best for your space.

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    Peacock Blue Dresser

    Peacock Side Table. Centsational Girl

    Reason #3: It Adds Personality

    This thrifted piece of furniture was in need of a lot of love, but now looks chic and expensive thanks to the rich, peacock blue chosen by Centsational Girl.  Kate was contemplating white, gray and black before she settled on this shade, and what an impact it makes in her guest room!  The room wasn't exactly neutral before, but this painted piece just adds another layer of personality to the space.

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    Kelly Green Bar Stools

    Green Kitchen Stools. Rain on a Tin Roof

    Reason #4: It Has the Element of Surprise

    This modern industrial kitchen by Rain on a Tin Roof is--as many kitchens are these days--mostly white with some black and stainless steel mixed in.  The natural wood on the shelves and kitchen island fit just right with this type of kitchen, too.  But, whoa, how about those stools?  These green bar stools are not what you'd expect, adding a wonderful element of surprise to the space.

    Contemplating a green accent piece?  First, test your knowledge of all the different shades of green to find out which is best for your space.

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    Canary Nesting Tables

    Yellow Nesting Tables. Wayfair

    Reason #5: Adds Much-Needed Contrast 

    Decorating with black and white is bold, classy, and glamorous.  Yet, a room done entirely in black and white can sometimes feel stark.  Pairing it with neutrals softens its edge; however, adding in one bold splash of color can make it memorable.  If you are going for a contemporary look, try adding in a red ottoman. Want a fresh and modern feel?  Try green or yellow, like these nesting tables.  Want some sweetness with your sophistication?  A pink nightstand is the thing.  By adding a contrasting color to a black and white room through accent furniture and other accessories, you can change the feel of it completely.

    Love the canary yellow in this room?  Find out which shades of yellow work best in your room.

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    Purple Side Table

    Purple Side Table. Joss & Main

    Reason #6: It Helps Bring It All Together

    This room--with its orchid paint, turquoise chairs, and cobalt lamps--is certainly not lacking in color.  While there are several ways to bring a room with a bold color scheme together, such as through textiles and art, why not go for a small piece of furniture in one of those splashy hues, too?  Imagine this room with the stool switched out for a white, black, or natural wooden one. It's just not as good.

    Here are some great ways to use Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, if you're keen on purple.

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    Juicy Orange Stool

    Orange Stool. Wayfair

    Reason #7: It Helps Move Your Eyes Around

    This modern space has just three pops of color: the art, the bowl of fruit on the coffee table, and that orange stool.  One common mistake that homeowners make when decorating a room is to start with neutral walls and furnishings, then add in one piece of colorful art...and stop there.  

    This problem is easily fixed, however, by adding in an accessory or two in a color pulled from the artwork.  A colorful piece of accent furniture can help move your eyes around the room, which keeps the space from feeling unfinished or stagnant.

    If you love orange, but feel like it only works in the fall, you're wrong!  Find out which colors can be paired with orange for year-round enjoyment of this energizing color.

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    Where to Shop for Colorful Accent Furniture

    Where to Buy Colorful Accent Furniture. Home Made Modern

    If you like to DIY, painting old accent furniture from Goodwill or even the roadside is the perfect project for you.  If you'd just rather buy a piece, however, there are plenty of options available from retailers like these:

    Red Side Table / Orchid Chair / Yellow Console / Turquoise Demilune / Green Cabinet / Blue Acrylic Chair / Orange Ottoman / Purple Bar Stool