Colorful Appliances in the Kitchen

 A little color in the kitchen is always welcome in my world. We have talked before about the many ways one can infuse color into their space, but one area we did not explore was appliances. Appliances play a big part in the actual function of the kitchen, so why not let one or more of these units pack some major punch in the color department? Whether your entire appliance package is colorful or just one or two units, let's explore a few examples of how colorful appliances can really create...MORE a wow moment in the kitchen. 

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    Smeg Refrigerators via Pinterest

    One of my favorite fun colorful appliance option is a Smeg refrigerator. Smeg makes retro inspired appliances, specifically refrigerators in a large assortment of colors. The integration of these units add instant personality to the space. Not only is the style unique but the pop of color really makes a bold statement in any kitchen. 

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    La Cornue Ranges

    Suzanne Kasler via Instagram

    Suzanne Kasler recently collaborated with French culinary leader La Cornue on a new colorful collection of range options. This photo is from Suzanne's Instagram account last week where the collection debuted at KBIS (The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, from what I hear and have seen on social media the collection was very well received. From pink (as shown in this photo) and mint green to a light blue and a shade of turquoise the collection is full of color...MORE and life. The look of the La Cornue range is one of the most strikingly beautiful appliances on the market and the addition of these fun, delicate, yet powerful colors will no doubt play a big part in showstopping kitchens in the future. 

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    Colorful Options from Viking Appliances

    Colorful Appliances. Viking via Pinterest

    Over the past few years several appliance manufacturers like Viking, have come out with more and more color options to join their more traditional and mainstream offerings.  The red and dark blue options are fun and different without being too funky or in your face. However, if bold and wild are what you are looking for they certainly have plenty of options like orange, yellow and lime green to choose from as well. There is just something striking about the bold color paired with the stainless...MORE steel trim isn't there? 

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    KitchenAid Mixers

    KitchenAid via Pinterest

     If you are loving the idea of a colorful appliance but can not justify the commitment keep in mind mixers, toasters and blenders are appliances too and all of them come in fun colors. Most everyone is familiar with the KitchenAid mixer and the wide variety of colors it comes in. These appliances, while not inexpensive, are lot more affordable than a full on refrigerator or range which makes it a bit easier to pull the trigger and go for the fun color. If you change your mind in the future then...MORE simply place the small appliance in the pantry or behind a cabinet door so it is not on display all day, every day. 

Gone are the days when appliances are merely functional units in a kitchen. Today, appliances can be THE focal points or at the very least an element of interest and beauty in the space.Whether you are interested in outfitting your entire kitchen with colorful appliances or just want to integrate a pop of color with a blender or toaster, a little bit of color can go a long way in making your space reflect you and your personality.