7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades

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    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades
    The Style Files

    From a design perspective, bathrooms are always a challenge. As unrelentingly utilitarian spaces, bathrooms are, by necessity, mostly filled with pieces that are more functional than fashionable. These pieces also tend to be difficult to remove or replace, making it time-consuming and expensive to keep the space looking up-to-date.

    One of the biggest challenges offered by bathrooms is how to get color into the space. But, a challenge is also an opportunity, which makes bathrooms a great...MORE opportunity to flex your design muscles. Understandably, most things you'll find in a bathroom are designed to look clean rather than bold or cheery. But finding creative ways to add color and style to your powder room is easier than you might think. And you'll be amazed at the impact even a small change can have. We've got 7 amazingly colorful bathroom upgrades for your home. Have fun mixing and matching these tips in your own bathroom and before you know it, you'll have a whole new space.  

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    Colorful Bathroom Accessories

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades

    As any stylist will tell you, creating a look is largely about the accessories. And in a room where most of the furnishings are bolted to the floor, the accessories are always a good place to start. You can mix the color, patterns, or even the style and era of different pieces to create a unified look that will transform your space. Bring in some plants and flowers in shades that complement your color palette to add life to the space and depth to the color story.

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    Colorful Bathroom Rug

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades
    My Domaine

    Another simple way to infuse color into an overly sterile-looking powder room is to add an attractive rug. Rugs are well known for their ability to complete a space or to act as a foundation piece for building a larger color story. Whether you're looking for something to build on or just need a strong dose of color and pattern to liven up the room, there are few things that will do the job as well as a good rug. 

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    Colorful Bathroom Wallpaper

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades
    Cecy J. Interiors

    The only space in your bathroom that gives you more area to play with color than your floors is the walls. There, possibilities abound. Painting the walls is a great option for transforming your bathroom's color palette, but wallpaper gives you pattern as well as color, providing you with another opportunity to create a statement with the room. Do you want a super-modern space with a crisp, clean color palette, or a throwback pattern with an art deco feel? Maybe a soft nature motif that will...MORE turn your bathroom into a daily oasis? Whatever you want, there's a wallpaper pattern that will take your bathroom where you want it to be. 

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    Colorful Shower Curtain

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades

    Don't laugh. You'll be surprised to see how much a good shower curtain can do to change the look and feel of your lavatory. Or even better, combine a new shower curtain with a few other changes for a total overhaul of your bathroom's look. A colorful, whimsical print like this one pair especially well with walls in dark, moody tones against which it can really pop. Or pair it with accessories featuring a similar nature theme to create a room-spanning motif.  

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    Colorful Bathroom Vanity

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades
    Better Homes & Gardens

    If you're ready to invest a little more into your colorful bathroom upgrade, there's nothing better than getting a little color into the more functional parts of the room. Of all the furnishings in your bathroom, the vanity is the one that can most benefit from a shot of color. It's also a great way to start a color story that you can echo or complement in the linens, shower curtain or accessories.

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    Colorful Bathroom Tiles

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades
    Apartment Therapy

    Tiles are a wonderful bathroom solution in that they offer you the rare chance to elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space in a way that benefits the room functionally as well. The pragmatic reasons to have tile in your bathroom are fairly clear, but the bonus is the amazing variety of beautiful patterns that you can weave into your space while doing something practical. And while you're at it, throw in a piece or two of wall art in complementary colors for extra points.

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    Colorful Sink Backsplash

    7 Colorful Bathroom Upgrades
    Peachy & Style

    Your floors aren't the only part of your bathroom that can benefit from a little fancy tile work. Creating a tiled backsplash for your bathroom sink is perfect for bringing color and pattern into the space in an interesting way. Even better, depending on the pattern you choose, it can be a sophisticated way to lend a global air to the space. Paired with the right wallpaper, a few accessories and a rug, turning your restroom into a Mediterranean bath house retreat will take no time at all....MORE And for those with the skills, the time and the willpower, a bathroom backsplash could be the perfect weekend DIY project.