35 Colorful Interior Design Ideas

moody living room with bright colors

Alison Giese Interiors 

While neutral color schemes inspired by Scandinavian décor are a big thing, beautifying your home with splashy hues are now on-trend. But, if you are not sure how to add pops of color to your space, the following ideas share tricks and ideas for reinvigorating your décor with a rainbow of hues.

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    Bright Bathroom Color Schemes

    White bathrooms with pops of color
    Studio DB

    Dipping your toe into a sea of color for the first time at home can be intimidating. That is why we think the easiest way to get started is by adding a bright hue or two to the smallest spot in your abode. Illustrating our point are the pint-sized bathrooms in this New York City apartment remodeled by Studio DB. The cheerful spaces combine graphic tile with fixtures and accessories in electrifying shades of yellow, pink, and red.

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    Abstract Prints and Sophisticated Shades

    Living room muted colors
    Logan Killen Interiors

    If your minimalistic side is not onboard with bright, crayon-like colors, consider mixing things up with abstract prints and sophisticated shades. A pale blue sofa anchors this bohemian-inspired living room by Logan Killen Interiors. Pillows and two Memphis print chairs spice things up with soft hues and colorful patterns.

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    Jewel Tone Living Room

    Jewel box living room
    Miles Redd

    Jewel-toned furniture adds cozy glamour to this quirky and chic living room by iconic interior designer Miles Redd. The infused violet sofa anchors the space with bold color while both the lemon yellow and apple green chairs bring balance. Ceramic side tables in turquoise contribute to the room's symmetry.

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    Colorful Butterfly Wallpaper

    Ikat pillows anthropologie quilt
    French and French Interiors

    Butterfly wallpaper, an upholstered stool from Home Goods, Ikat print pillows, and an embroidered quilt from Anthropologie are the things that colorize this otherwise white bedroom in a home remodeled by French and French Interiors.

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    Colorful Turkish Rug

    Teal den
    Zoë Feldman

    A moody shade of teal paint and an exuberant Turkish rug are the key ingredients that give this living room by Zoë Feldman its dramatic aesthetic.

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    Decorating with Mustard Yellow

    Hippie home with pops of yellow
    Lucy and Company

    Mustard yellow décor brightens up this modern farmhouse-inspired home remodeled by Lucy and Company. We love how the hue can instantly refresh a space dominated by woodsy shades.

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    Quirky Home Decor

    boho living room for a large family
    Alida and Miller

    To be honest, we love bright hues and strange patterns. So, of course, we fell head over heels when we spotted this living room by Alida and Miller. Here colorful textiles from around the globe warm up the bohemian-inspired space with a downright funky style. A horse painting picked up at a local thrift shop is a nod to the 1970s counterculture. Quirky accessories like the decorative swans on the floor and the phrenology head on the end table are right at home in this unique space.

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    Brighten a Neutral Space with Colorful Curtains

    colorful curtains in neutral den
    Godrich Interiors

    Godrich Interiors used colorful, floral curtains to brighten up a family den dominated by neutral furnishings. An abstract painting over the desk adds to the array of kaleidoscopic hues.

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    Anchor a Space With a Recurring Color

    Blue green and purple decor
    Zoë Feldman

    Interior designer Zoë Feldman used pops of blue, green, and purple to transform a basic living room into a colorful oasis. Several different decorative accents in purple unify the space.

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    Bohemian Living Room

    Bohemian living room with futon sofas
    Megan Georgopoulos

    The color blue is the primary hue in this vintage trailer customized by interior designer Megan Georgopoulos. Navy ceilings and colorful accessories handcrafted by local artisans personalize the space. We adore the daybeds because they are perfect for both sleeping and lounging. Capping off the cork flooring is a small, hand-dyed flokati rug.

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    Spice Things Up with Neon Colors

    Pops of bold color in traditional living room
    The New Design Project

    The New Design Project gives a traditional living room a colorful lift with two outstanding pieces of furniture. The acrylic coffee table perks things up with a shock of pink. The apple green wingback chair is a wink to classic décor.

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    Pink and Yellow Decorating Ideas

    Bold blue living room with yellow and pink accents
    The Vawdrey House

    A jewel box-sized space becomes a dramatic and warming winter sitting room in an abode remodeled by The Vawdrey House. Here navy walls surround a yellow and pink cozy sitting area.

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    Layered Multiple Patterns

    Colorful media room
    French and French Interiors

    In this Santa Fe, New Mexico, home, French and French Interiors combined myriad fabrics with vibrant patterns to create this eclectic room. A striped runner on the table echoes all of the colors used in the space.

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    Colorful Feature Wall

    Ultra violet bedspread
    Black Lacquer Design

    A one of a kind feature wall dripping with colorful texture makes a splashy statement in a home remodeled by Black Lacquer Design.

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    Unexpected Kitchen Cabinet Color

    Shock of pink in the kitchen
    Peter Fehrentz

    Sometimes all you need is a single bold shade to shake things up. Here, Interior designer, Peter Fehrentz, installed a set of shocking pink cabinets in this Berlin Bachelor Pad.

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    Midcentury Inspired Living Room

    Yellow curtains in bachelor pad
    Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors

    Yellow curtains and a pair of turquoise armchairs add vigor and fizz to a midcentury-inspired living room spotted on Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors.

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    Lemony Fresh, Yellow Kitchen

    Yellow kitchen with spanish tile
    French and French Interiors

    A new backsplash can add a little zest to a white kitchen. French and French Interiors enlivened this space with colorful Spanish tile. The yellow bar stools complete the fresh, lemony look.

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    Anchor Your Space With an Area Rug

    Coral and pastels in living room
    Affordable Interior Design

    From pale periwinkle to coral pink, most of the pretty colors seen throughout this livingroom by Affordable Interior Design, repeat in the colorful, floral-patterned area rug that anchors the space.

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    Brighten up With Colorful Wallpaper

    Subtle and colorful wallpaper
    Abaca Interiors

    The design team at Abaca Interiors warmed up this white bedroom with peppy wallpaper. The gold-accented pillow and chevron table lamps add a little extra zing.

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    Home Decor Inspiration

    Green bathroom with bunny wallpaper
    Vidal Design Collaborative

    The inspiration for this tiny powder room remodeled by Vidal Design Collaborative was the tree canopy over the home. The lively wallpaper captures the whimsical spirit of a storybook forest. 

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    How to Harmonize Unique Color Combos

    Mustard and mint green kitchen
    Marion Alberge

    Mint green and harvest gold are an unlikely color combination that works in this cute kitchen by Marion Alberge. The painting above the table helps to harmonize the hues. The purple flowers and copper pendant light both add a bit of contrasting color that boosts visual interest.

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    Decorate Black Walls

    Black walls and colorful furniture
    Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors

    Just like white spaces, black walls are the perfect backdrop for vibrant colors. In this Austin, Texas, home decorated by Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors, cheerful décor in flashy hues soften the edgy, dark walls.

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    Colorful Modern Art

    Lichtenstein painting
    Nexus Designs

    A colorful, oversized painting by Roy Lichtenstein provides a spark in this living room in a chic, beach house by Nexus Designs. On the coffee table is a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog in orange. In the corner on the left is a yellow bar cart by Room and Board. Can't afford any of these pricey things? You can find a broad range of repros and knockoffs online.

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    Ultra Violet Living Room

    Super colorful purple and violet living room
    Liz Caan and Company

    Pink, purple, and green take the helm in this multihued living space designed by Liz Caan and Company. Covering the walls is wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries called What a Gem Orchid. The Ikat inspired pillows are by Osborne and Little. Our favorite feature is the trellis patterned rug by Stark.

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    Polka Dot Wall Decals

    polka dot bedroom
    Chango and Company

    Jazzing up a plain, white interior is a cinch with polka dot wall decals. This children's bedroom in a Westport, CT, home by Chango and Company looks like it was sprinkled with colorful confetti.

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    Millennial Pink is Here to Stay

    Millennial pink entryway
    Linda Cava

    Millennial pink is hardly over. In fact, many interior designers say the super favorite shade is here to stay. In this light and airy entryway by interior designer, Linda Cava, the cute color lightens up the clunky, wood furniture.

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    Eye-popping Feature Wall

    Colorful geometric patterns
    Emily Lister Interiors

    The backbone of this colorful living room by Emily Lister Interiors is the eye-popping feature wall. Blue armchairs, a Moroccan inspired orange rug, and colorful pillows turn up the intense hues.

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    Tips for Creating a Vibrant Bedroom

    Bedroom filled with color
    Studio Stamp

    A grown up's bedroom by Studio Stamp is tricked out with candy-inspired hues. Anchoring the space is a turquoise Seahorse headboard by Serena Lily. Colorful bedding, including the pillows, pulls together all the other yummy shades illuminating the room.

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    Jewel Toned Furniture

    Jewel tone living room
    Toronto Interior Design Group

    While some folks believe diamonds are a lady's best friend, we prefer colorful gemstones, particularly when it comes to multihued interiors. Here gorgeous jewel tones including sapphire blue, canary yellow, and fancy fuchsia put the opulence in this living room by Toronto Interior Design Group.

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    Color-Dipped Furniture

    Color dipped bar stools
    Linda Cava

    Are you looking for a simple and cute way to brighten things up? These color dipped stools in a Brooklyn kitchen by interior designer Linda Cava bring a surprising splash of red color to the table.

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    Renew with Colorful Bedding

    Colorful adult bedroom
    Studio Stamp

    The right quilt can instantly refresh your space. Here the interior designers at Studio Stamp renewed a white space with colorful linens. The DIY artwork over the headboard repeats all of the hues on the bedspread.

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    Color Code Your Book Collection

    Color coded books
    Erica Burns

    Energize your current color scheme by removing the dust jackets from your old hardcovers. Interior designer Erica Burns turned a home library into a focal point by organizing the books by color.

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    Pantone's Color of the Year

    Ultra purple sofa in colorful living room
    The English Room

    If you are looking for an on-trend shade that will revive your décor, consider ultraviolet, Pantone's color of the year for 2018. The robust hue works with both warm and cool tones; and, as shown in this space decorated by The English Room, the shade pairs exceptionally well with emerald green. Notice the two DIY striped paintings on the wall? They unite all the colors used throughout the room. 

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    Black Is the New White

    Bolder pops of color
    Sally Wheat Interiors

    When it comes to interior design, black is the new white. In this small, sun-drenched living room by Sally Wheat Interiors, matte black walls change the focus to the colorful décor. 

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    Moody Colors Can Make a Room Feel Bigger

    Moody living room with bright colors
    Alison Giese Interiors

    You can make a small room feel more spacious with a moody paint color. The trick is using a glossy paint that reflects light. In this anti-minimalist room by Alison Giese Interiors, lacquered navy walls set the stage for a mix of colorful furnishings. Painting the ceiling white enhances the sense of roominess.