37 Colorful Kitchen Ideas to Brighten Your Cooking Space

red dragon fabric in kitchen

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There's nothing bad about neutral kitchens—features such as white subway tile or stainless steel appliances are classics. But to be honest, these days many people thirst for color.

Vibrant cabinetry, jewel-toned ranges, and colorful tile in every shade of the rainbow are all showstopping ways to put a bold, personal twist on a cooking space. Even better, colorizing your kitchen can be as easy as adding several cherry-picked accessories. To help you create the hue-infused space of your dreams, behold these 37 colorful kitchen ideas.

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    Yellow Kitchen Ideas

    Modern farmhouse kitchen with yellow cabinets and yellow stools.
    Alys Design

    Hello yellow! In this vibrant kitchen by Alys Design, a fresh coat of the sunshiny shade brightens up the vintage cabinets. The color looks surprisingly modern against the natural wood walls.

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    Monochromatic Red Kitchen

    Red modern kitchen with red cabinets, walls, and backsplash.
    Gleba and Stoermer

    You do not have to stick with a dull neutral shade when deciding a monochromatic color scheme for a kitchen remodel. Here's a fiery hue of red spices up a tiny kitchen by Gleba and Stoermer.

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    Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

    Green accents on the ceiling in a white kitchen.
    D2 Interieurs

    In the modern farmhouse by D2 Interieurs, several colorful accents punch up the mostly white cooking space. A couple of green light fixtures illuminate the kitchen island. Pretty upholstery takes the rustic bar stools from bland to snazzy. The frosting on the cupcake of the modern farmhouse is the leaf print window shade.

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    Colorful Cement Tiles

    Tile of birds adorning a white kitchen with stainless steel appliances.
    Vidal Design Collaborative

    Cement tiles featuring a flying flock of birds add a little color and whimsy to a muted gray kitchen by Vidal Design Collaborative.

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    Stenciled Wood Floors

    Colorful stenciled green kitchen floor in a white kitchen.
    Alison Kandler Interior Design

    There is plenty to love in this colorful, country kitchen by Alison Kandler Interior Design. For starters, stencils and paint update the old, wood floors. The red kitchen island brings cheerful contrast. Yellow patterned wallpaper beautifies the built-in cabinets. The blue Viking range and cherry red cabinet knobs both help to balance the space.

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    Mondrian-Inspired Kitchen

    Colorful Mondrian-inspired kitchen with cabinets in different colors.
    Ande Bunbury Architects

    This Mondrian inspired kitchen by Ande Bunbury Architects has basic cabinetry transformed with different color paint for each door. Both the pink and blue countertops are made of resilient acrylic polymer.

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    Mix-and-Match Kitchen Tile

    Mix-and-match kitchen tile in a white kitchen.
    Vidal Design Collaborative

    Mixing and matching colorful tile is an unexpected way to perk up a kitchen. For example, look at the two different backsplashes in this blue kitchen by Vidal Design Collaborative.

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    Green, Blue, and White Kitchen

    Avocado walls and blue cabinets in a kitchen.
    Brett Mickan Interior Design

    In this Australian home by Brett Mickan Interior Design, the green wall envelopes the space with color while also having a receding effect that sets the tone for the white and blue kitchen features.

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    Colorful Spanish Tile

    Spanish tile used in a turquoise kitchen.
    James David Custom Homes

    Spanish tile and a turquoise kitchen island both serve up heaping doses of color in this cooking space by James David Custom Homes.

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    Colorize With Curious Objects

    Urban kitchen with brown tile mosaic
    Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design

    Patterned wallpaper and a collection of curious objects colorize this eclectic kitchen in a studio apartment by Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design.

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    Bold Colors and Pretty Patterns

    Orange pendant lights, blue chairs, and white countertops in a kitchen.
    Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design

    To enliven this neutral cooking space, Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design employed various shades of green, blue, and orange. Pretty patterned fabrics spice up the breakfast nook. Three orange drum shades and three blue bar stools sweeten the kitchen island.

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    Retro Kitchen Colors

    Country kitchen with turquoise cabinets, yellow door, and white counters.
    Alison Kandler Interior Design

    This new cooking space by interior designer Alison Kandler Interior Design packs an irresistible retro vibe. The yellow screen door was picked up at a local flea market and later refinished. Green cabinetry adds to the old-timey kitchen feeling.

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    Combine Bright Color With Touchable Texture

    Acid yellow backsplash and walls with gray kitchen cabinets.
    Nerland Building and Restoration

    Bright color and touchable texture define this chic cooking space by Nerland Building and Restoration. The acid yellow wall anchors the area. The three-dimensional tile backsplash is an unexpected modern twist with a significant wow factor.

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    Sprinkle on Sparkle and Color

    Apple green and white kitchen with golden pendant lights.
    Copper Sky Renovations

    A Kelly green kitchen island adds brilliant color to this neutral cooking space by Copper Sky Renovations. Two more beautiful features worth mentioning are the gilded iron Morris Lanterns by McGee and Company that lend sparkle.

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    Retro Kitchen With Personality

    Tropical eat-in kitchen with bright blue walls and small blue table with red and yellow chairs.
    Copper Sky Renovations

    Dynamic colors and peppy patterns are a winning combination in this tropically inspired cooking space by Copper Sky Renovations. Solid surface countertops in turquoise add colorful swagger. The beautiful blue walls are topped off with a vibrant orange ceiling runner. The chevron fabric on the chairs tacks on extra pizazz. A multihued glass, mosaic backsplash stands out against the white cabinets.

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    Primary Colors Get Sophisticated

    White kitchen with blue cabinets and three red stools.
    Terracotta Design Build Company

    Here a predominantly, white cooking space by Terracotta Design Build Company proves that primary colors are anything but juvenile. The blue kitchen island and red bar stools are sophisticated pieces that pop against the white cabinetry.

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    Use Colorful Accessories to Boost the Mood

    Fiestaware kitchen with bright bold dinnerware.
    Alison Kandler Interior Design

    Accessories abounding in color can instantly boost the mood in any room at home. Here, colorful Fiestaware, which is a line of multihued ceramic dinnerware, infuses a kitchen by Alison Kandler Interior Design with spirited zing.

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    Minimalist Kitchen Brimming With Color

    Kitchen with blue cabinets and white countertop with black chair.
    Brian O'Tuama Architecture

    Who says a minimalist kitchen has to feel cold and stark? This tiny cooking space by Brian O'Tuama Architecture features flat, front cabinets in various shades of blue. Punctuating things is a lime green radiator.

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    Red Kitchen Island

    Kitchen with red island, bar stools, and long kitchen table.
    Traditional Bespoke Furniture

    Cozy colors make this farmhouse kitchen designed by Traditional Bespoke Furniture incredibly lovable. Anchoring the space is a cherry red island with three vibrant bars stools. Art on the walls and decorative dishware pour on the colorful charm.

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    Turquoise and Red Renovation

    Retro turquoise kitchen walls and appliances with red door and stools.
    Knight Architects

    A beach house in Cape May, New Jersey, gets a spanking new retro renovation by Knight Architects. Turquoise appliances perk up the kitchen with a cheerful color. The red swinging doors and Coca-Cola bar stools are both happy finds. Providing practical task lighting over the sink are three Astron Aluminum Pendants by Rejuvenation. A stunning update is the concrete countertop. It is an inexpensive feature with staying power.

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    Stunning Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Navy blue kitchen with farmhouse sink.
    Meriwether Inc Architecture & Design

    Designer white walls and beautiful blue cabinetry are the essential ingredients in this charming cottage kitchen by Meriwether Inc Architecture & Design. An apron sink sprinkles on farmhouse style. A classic, subway tile backsplash brings enduring style. Cabinets panels over the refrigerator help the appliance to blend in instead of sticking out.

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    Splashy Kitchen Backsplash

    Turquoise kitchen backsplash with an arrangement of books alongside the stove.
    Studio Stamp

    The interior design team behind Studio Stamp say that adding brightness was vital when creating this cooking space. Several elements got the job done. Most notable is the splashy tile backsplash. Another interesting statement is the vertical rack brimming with colorful cookbooks.

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    Colorful Subway Tile

    Colorful subway tile adorns the walls of this brown kitchen.
    Mercury Mosaics

    Express your unique style with a one-of-a-kind backsplash. When the owners of this home wanted to reveal their true inner colors, they turned to Mercury Mosaics. Here handmade subway tile in six different, yummy shades creates a spectacular focal point.

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    Create a Cheerful Country Kitchen

    Yellow cabinets, white counters, and three black bar stools in a kitchen.
    Alison Kandler Interior Designer

    A yellow kitchen island anchors this cheerful kitchen by Alison Kandler Interior Designer. Upper cabinets lined with hot pink wallpaper break up white space. Green and blue furniture paired with peppy pillows make for an extra buoyant breakfast nook.

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    Historical Kitchen Colors

    Teal and green kitchen with black counters and four bar stools.
    Amity Worrel and Company

    Amity Worrel and Company designed this 1880s-inspired kitchen for a period house. The labor of love captures the historical details noted throughout the home. All the cabinetry are a historic shade of teal. Brass screens on the cabinet doors are in step with the old-world look.

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    Crazy Colorful Glass Backsplash

    Multicolored kitchen backsplash with orange stools.
    50 Degrees North Architects

    A neutral kitchen is a blank canvas for a backsplash exploding with vibrant colors. The design firm, 50 Degrees North Architects used paint to create the eye-catching installation. A glass sheet keeps the backsplash protected. The red bar stools unify space.

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    Modern Orange Kitchen

    Orange retro kitchen leading into the living room.
    Kristy Kropat Interior Design

    Orange took the helm of this kitchen renovation by Kristy Kropat Interior Design. A solid surface countertop and undermount sink both inject the space with delicious citrus. Over the kitchen table is the FL/Y pendant lamp by Kartell. Its acrylic shade filters light with a tinge orange.

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    Turquoise and Gray Kitchen

    Kitchen with turquoise cabinets and butcher block kitchen table with six chairs.
    Tammy Bronfen

    When updating her kitchen, interior designer Tammy Bronfen incorporated swathes of turquoise, her absolute favorite shade. The custom-made cabinetry pairs beautifully with the gray, crackle backsplash. While her kitchen table looks small, it can extend to sit up to 10 people.

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    Glossy Custom Kitchen

    Bright kitchen cabinets with black countertop and four chairs.
    Parker Bathrooms

    A custom black-and-gray kitchen by Parker Bathrooms gets a colorful lift from glossy upper cabinets.

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    Blue Kitchen Range

    Crazy colorful rustic kitchen with chalkboard wall.
    Avocado Sweets Design Studio

    Avocado Sweets Design Studio gave a dingy and dark kitchen a new vibrant life. The show-stopping feature in this rustic cooking spaces is the French range by Lacanche in deft blue. A green cabinet and a mix of small kitchen accessories add pleasing doses of enlivening color.

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    Colorful and Whimsical Wallpaper

    Pineapple kitchen with four yellow chairs.
    Chango and Company

    Chango and Company dialed up the color in this white kitchen by adding yellow bar stools and pineapple pattern wallpaper.

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    Colorful Accents Add Zest

    Yellow-and-blue vibrant kitchen with yellow chairs and wood flooring.
    The Jack and Mare Design and Build

    Several zesty accents invigorate this cooking space by The Jack and Mare Design and Build. A bold blue kitchen island with yellow bar stools brings balance. Colorful accents including the yellow light fixture and teal kitchen clock add several splashes of visual interest.

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    Cobalt and Green Kitchen

    Blue-and-green kitchen with blue cabinets and wood flooring.
    Square Footage Inc

    Two chairs introduce dashes of green color to this cobalt kitchen by Square Footage Inc. Rustic wood shelving adds a touch of warmth.

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    Paring Warm and Cool Shades

    Orange kitchen with blue island inside a white kitchen.

    Warm-up cool-toned kitchen accents with a fresh and warm wall color. Here the interior designers at Nimú paired an orangy shade of salmon with navy blue.

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    Hot Pink Kitchen

    Hot pink kitchen with bright walls and white counters.
    Case Architects and Remodelers

    No shade is quite as playful as shocking pink. In this kitchen, by Case Architects and Remodelers, the delightful hue electrifies a white kitchen. Adding to the girlie vibe is the Bling Chandelier by Robert Abbey.

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    Stone Sinks Add Color and Texture

    Soapstone kitchen sink with yellow cabinets.
    JAS Design Build

    A stone sink can add texture and color to a cooking space. In this rustic farmhouse kitchen by JAS Design Build, a soapstone example pairs beautifully with a yellow kitchen island.

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    Pretty Upholstery Fabric

    Red dragon fabric in a white kitchen
    Square Footage Inc

    A high impact fabric featuring a red dragon print satisfies a client's need for color in this eclectic cooking space by Square Footage Inc. We love how the material puts the focus on the breakfast nook.