20 Colorful Sofas For Your Living Room

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    20 Colorful Sofas For Your Living Room

    20 Colorful Sofas For Your Living Room

    Want to make a statement in your living room this fall? Look no further than a bright sofa or settee to add an unexpected punch of color. Keep your eye out for candy-hued sofas in shades of pink, turquoise, lilac and emerald to add a dose of color to dark and cozy interiors. Here are 20 of our favorite sofas that are sure to brighten your space this fall. 

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    Cleveland Sofa

    This fall, bring home a sofa in a deep shade to add to the cozy feel of your space. In a dark raspberry, this settee has a very sophisticated feel to it.

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    Mario Sleeper

    Punch up the wow factor in your space with shades of hot pink. We love a pink sofa for any room in your home, and this sleeper sofa in hot pink is perfect for a unique guest bedroom.  

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    Federal Antique Sofa

    Are you fan of vintage pieces? If you have an heirloom sofa, or a piece you've discovered at a local flea market, simply update it in colorful upholstery. This antique sofa from Chairloom has been updated in a bright Hable Construction fabric. Updating a vintage piece with colorful upholstery will give it a whole new life! 

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    Midcentury Sofa in Tulip Fabric

    This sofa in a dusty shade of tulip is absolutely stunning. This sofa is another example of updating a vintage piece with colorful upholstery. 

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    Crashpad Daybed

    Daybeds and smalls sofas are perfect for bringing just a little bit of color home. This soft, purple sofa would look amazing in an office. It would add the perfect dose of color. 

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    Sumela Settee

    This sofa in blue and purple can be the start of a room’s color palette. The watercolor batik pattern also makes it a fun statement piece for the living room. 

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    Ralph Lauren Indigo Chesterfield

    Chesterfield sofas come in a range of colors these days. For a modern look, check out this indigo sofa from Ralph Lauren Home. 

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    Hutton Sofa

    Room and Board's Hutton sofa in peacock blue is so very pretty. In a beautiful velvet this colorful piece would look great in both a modern or traditional space. 

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    Saari 3-Seat Sofa

    We love a strong dose of turquoise for a cool sofa. This piece would really pop in a black living room. 

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    Pennie Sofa

    Look to furniture in soft pastels, like this dusty mint sofa from Crate and Barrel, for a subtle dose of color. 


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    Soderhamn Sofa

    For a colorful sofa that's also budget-friendly, look no further than IKEA. This cool, mint love seat is a fantastic option that won't break the bank. 

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    Charlotte Sofa

    20 Colorful Sofas For Your Living Room
    Urban Outfitters

    Jewel-toned sofas like this one work best in dark, moody rooms. 


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    Murphy Sofa

    Go emerald with this sofa featuring a beautiful silhouette. 

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    Turquoise Sofa

    Leather in bright colors? Oh my! We love this leather chesterfield in turquoise. 

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    Camilla Sofa

    Look for grassy yellow sofas to brighten up a room, even during the fall months. 

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    Fenway Tufted Leather Sofa

    This buttery, yellow sofa is absolutely delicious. 

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    Knopparp Love Seat

    Look for small sofas that pack a big, colorful punch. This small yellow sofa from IKEA does just the trick. 

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    Elton Settee

    This sofa in burnt sienna is a modern classic in the making. 

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    Ikat Continental Sofa

    Look for colorful sofas with strong patterns for an original statement piece in your living room.