8 Colorful Decoration Ideas for a Small Bedroom

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    Pick a Happy Palette


    Think a small bedroom has to mean a palette of white or washed-out neutrals? No way! When used correctly, color can open up your small bedroom by either creating a focal point to attract the eye — thus distracting from the small size of the space — or visually enlarging the room by keeping the eyes moving around the area. Either way, you win with a cheerful bedroom and inviting. Here are nine small bedrooms that get the bright color right.

    Pick an unexpected color combination like sunny yellow, coral orange and lime green for a cheerful bedroom that feels larger than it is.

    15 Cheery Yellow Bedrooms by HGTV

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    Punch It up With Bright Accents

    Better Homes and Gardens

    Mix soft sky blue and white, and you get a classic bedroom color scheme — it works in any size space because it’s serene, clean and crisp. But when splashes of bright red and orange are added to the mix, your eyes want to keep wandering around the room, thus making the space seem larger. This pretty bedroom gets it right — the soft blue walls and white curtains feel light and airy, while the bright pattern on the bedding catches the eye, but has enough white to contribute to the overall open feel of this bedroom.

    Tip: When using colorful bedding in a small bedroom, make sure the pattern is on a background of white or another very light color.

    Real-Life Colorful Bedrooms by Better Homes and Gardens

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    Open up the Room With Pattern

    Real Simple

    Prefer to keep your walls, window treatments, and floor white, but still, want shots of color? When you mix-and-match patterns correctly, you get double the benefits — a dose of colorful cheer, and visual distractions that keep your eyes moving, thus blurring the small dimensions of the bedroom. The bed shown here does pattern right — notice how although every pillow has a different design, the overall patterns are the same scale of size. Plus, the designs are tied together by color, mainly light blue and pink with a few touches of green. The checkered red-and-white chair mirrors the stripes and checks on the bed and the flowers in the bedside vase tie in with the floral-print pillows. The open-weave throw blanket, with its nubby texture and neutral color, adds an extra touch of interest to the room.

    Tip: Mix patterns to your heart’s content, but keep the colors within the same palette.

    20 Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom​ ​by Real Simple

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    Mostly White but a Little Bright


    This is another bedroom that uses bright color as an accent against a mostly white backdrop. Here, a yellow-and-white floral-print accent wall livens up the head of the bed, two green-and-white floral prints add color to the wall, and the green, yellow, red and white bedding ties everything together beautifully. Add a green throw blanket to the foot of the bed, set a small vase of yellow and red flowers on the dresser, set more flowers on the nightstand, and suddenly your small bedroom looks just a little bit bigger. That’s the power of bright accents to open up an area.

    69 Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas​ by DigsDigs

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    Harmonize Your Palette

    Southern Living

    If you want to use several colors in a small bedroom without a chaotic feel, choose colors that naturally harmonize. This bedroom makes masterful use of an analogous color scheme — three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Here, it’s red, coral and peach, but you could achieve the same effect with green, mid-tone blue and light blue, or any other three colors that sit side-by-side on the color spectrum. An analogous palette is perfect for a small bedroom because there is just enough contrast for lively interest without any business to close in the space.

    Restful Master Bedrooms​​ by Southern Living

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    Do Something Dramatic


    There’s no way you’re going to miss this bedroom’s focal point — look at that wall. Not only is it a fantastic use of color and pattern, but it’s suitable for renters because it’s just fabric stretched over a frame. When you move, remove it with no damage to the walls. If you do something similar in your small bedroom, take a few other tips from this photo: limit your palette to just two or three colors, use solids on the bedding, the window treatments, and the floor; and fill up most of the wall at the head of the bed. This way, the overall effect is powerful but doesn’t close in the small space.

    69 Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas​ by DigsDigs

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    Colorful Teen Bedroom

    PB Teen

    Maybe your bedroom is spacious, but your teen or preteen’s room is tiny. No problem — many teens prefer a bright bedroom anyway, so use the same tips to create a cheerfully bright teen bedroom that doesn’t feel small at all. The bedroom shown here is another where bright color pops against an otherwise classic, soft bedroom color scheme of blue and white.  Notice how the super-bright bedding and armchair match perfectly, despite different patterns, because their colors are the same. And notice the great storage ideas for a teen’s small bedroom — the nightstands are built right into the headboard, and the dresser has a built-in jewelry box.

    Teen or Pre-Teen Bedroom Ideas by PB Teen

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    Bright and Happy Girls' Bedroom


    If you have sisters sharing a tiny bedroom, you can make the space feel larger by going bright with matching bedding, and then balancing the look with bright window treatments and another major colorful piece of furniture, such as a footboard, dresser or armchair as shown here. What little girl — or big girl, for that matter — wouldn’t love this feminine, pretty room with the pink and orange floral bedding, bright shams, matching armchair and gingham curtains? A lot is going on in this small space, but because the color scheme is controlled, the patterns match and the walls and floor are neutral, it all works.

    69 Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas by DigsDigs