The Colors You Need to Decorate With for '70s Design Style

70's decor inspired living room

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

Are you feeling groovy? We are! The colors that dominated the interiors of the 1970s are oh-so-fun and incredibly vibrant, so they're perfect to incorporate if you find your space in need of a little pep. In general, 1970s style is characterized by pieces that lean boho—think wicker, rattan, and of course, shag rugs—as well as macrame and terrazzo accents. In terms of popular colors, warm shades as well as neons were popular all throughout the home (you may remember the brightly colored appliances that lived in your childhood kitchen!).

Feeling ready to throw it back to this carefree era when it comes to your own home decor? We spoke with designers to get a sense of the key colors to keep in mind for those seeking to recreate a 70s vibe at home. Read on for their top picks!

1. Yellow Ochre

Designer Patrick Ediger is a big fan of this sunny hue, which he finds brings back a slew of pleasant memories. "It's a warm, dark golden shade that reminds me of antique brass, autumn afternoons, vintage crushed velvet (and my parents' first refrigerator)," he reflects. "Like a faded Polaroid, it drips with honeyed nostalgia." There's nothing like the power of color to bring back pleasant memories.

ochre yellow flowers

Meghan Beierle-O'Brien for Patrick Ediger

2. Avocado Green

Before avocado toast was all the rage, there was avocado green. And when incorporating it into your space, why not hit on a trending color and a trending design style at the same time? "Wallpaper was huge in the '70s, so go crazy with bold paper with '70s colors like avocado green," designer Isabel Ladd states. Don't be afraid to use the hue a few times in a space—just balance it out with more subdued shades, too. "Repeat this color on accent walls or accessories throughout," Ladd urges. "Pairing it with crisp white and neutrals help keep it balanced."

avocado green bedroom walls

Honeysage Photo Co. for Isabel Ladd

3. Burnt Orange

If the idea of incorporating bright orange into a space makes you a bit nervous, burnt orange—or burnt sienna (just like the crayon color!)—is an excellent alternative. "It adds a classic 70s vibe to any room and is easy to incorporate with bedding, lounge chairs and other furnishings," note founders of Heidi LaChapelle Interiors, who designed the space above.

burnt orange textiles

Erin Little for Heidi LaChapelle Interiors

4. Rich, Sophisticated Blues

We're not talking about the soft baby blues you would see in a nursery here. "One standout element from the 70s was rich coloring throughout the home," designer Adam Meshberg explains. "Today, we can implement these vibrant colors in a sophisticated tone, where the color can still blend with a more contemporary setting—deep or brighter blues are a sure way of doing that." And these blue hues also look excellent styled with metals. "Mixing a vibrant blue with brass accents is a great way to add a little 70s to your home whether through wall colors and/or millwork," Meshberg adds.

blue cabinets in home office

Adam Meshberg

5. Persimmon Orange

When selecting fabric to reupholster a pair of benches, designer Nadia Watts opted for persimmon orange "to add a touch of 70's styling and bold color" into the above space. She then used the shade as an anchor for the other colors in the room. "Pulling from the art, I choose to introduce bright yellow into the accent pillows and then green chartreuse with a textured throw," she explains. "These additional colors add to the '70's feel of the space. By using small amounts of accent color in the room, if you grow tired of the colors, you can easily change them out for a new vibe down the road."

orange couch with 70s accents

Emily Redfield for Nadia Watts

6. Florescent Hues

We promise, florescent hues aren't just for that hopping downtown club or trendy teenager's room. When used appropriately, such shades are an excellent way to infuse the "disco era" into your own home, designer Laura Roberts says. And if you feel like toning down the rest of your decor in order to let these powerful hues do the talking, feel free. "These high-intensity colors pair great with neutrals to bring life and energy to any space, and almost makes you feel like you could dance the night away!"

neon hues in office

Amy Bartlam for Laura Roberts