The Best Colors for Small Space Decorating

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    Sherwin-Williams Hazel | Miss Alice Designs

    Best Colors for Small Rooms | Sherwin-Williams Hazel
    Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces. ©Tim D Coy Photography

    The best colors for your small room don't have to be light, or even neutral. How you decorate a small space is more important than choosing the lightest color in hopes of making the room look larger. Darker colors can work well in small rooms with the right lighting, trim color, and accessories. There are easy tricks to using color in small spaces that anyone can use, regardless of the color you choose. Eleven top designers share their favorite colors for creating a beautiful small space with color in this gorgeous slideshow.

    Hazel - Sherwin-Williams

    From designer Miss Alice: "I love this color by Sherwin Williams because it's such a peaceful color, especially in a small space.  It's like being in the middle of an expansive ocean sparkling in a lovely mix of blues and greens." 

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    Benjamin Moore Light Pewter | Olga Adler

    Best Colors for Small Rooms | Benjamin Moore Light Pewter
    Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces. ©Debra Somerville

    Light Pewter - Benjamin Moore 

    From designer Olga Adler: "My favorite color for small spaces: Benjamin Moore's Light Pewter. It looks good whether the space gets lots of natural light or very little, and it is consistent throughout the space (no dark corners).

    It’s a very light and neutral gray without blue, green or purple undertones. It has just enough color to make while millwork or cabinets pop, while being light and neutral enough to be a great background for displaying artwork."

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    Pantone Mykonos Blue | Sandra Espinet

    Best Colors for Small Rooms
    Top Colors for Small Spaces. ©Sandra Espinet

    Mykonos Blue & Nude - Pantone

    From designer Sandra Espinet: "Mykonos Blue and Nude are two feminine colors that have dominated the fashion industry for the past 2 years. I have the privilege of always being surrounded with vibrant beach colors, which is a combination of blues, sandy tones and turquoise greens. Layering Nude and Mikonos is like layering the deep ocean waters with the pale sandy shore; a natural and perfect fusion." 

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    Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter | Jill Hosking-Cartland

    Best Colors for Small Rooms | Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
    Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces. ©Jill Hosking-Cartland

    Revere Pewter & Simply White - Benjamin Moore

    From designer Jill Hosking-Cartland: "Most bathrooms are notoriously small, and when I'm faced with the challenge of making them feel lighter and larger, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is one of my go to options. It’s the perfect Greige, and when a room has a southern exposure, it takes on a not-too-pale gray cast that helps to visually expand the space. Pairing it with Ben Moore Simply White on an existing vanity cabinet and window trim, creates a gentle contrast and further helps to brighten the space."

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    Benjamin Moore Baby Seal Black - Anjie Cho

    Best Colors for Small Spaces | Benjamin Moore Baby Seal
    Best Paint Colors for a Small Room. ©Anjie Cho

    Baby Seal Black - Benjamin Moore

    From designer Anjie Cho: "I love using Baby Seal Black for an accent wall that pops in a small room. Often there's a small space serving many different purposes, and this contrasting accent wall not only creates a focal point, but helps define a different area of the room. We often use the wall for a wall-hung TV and dark credenza so it blends in. The TV doesn't stand out like a sore thumb and the room ends up feeling more spacious. Baby Seal Black is also great in different types of lighting from daylight, to incandescent to LED. It's not too green or purple, but a perfect balance of cool and warm, without going totally black. It has a soft charcoal feel."

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    Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt | Allison Harlow of Curio Design Studio

    Best Colors for Small Spaces | Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt
    Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms. ©Allison Harlow

    Sea Salt - Sherwin-Williams

    From designer Allison Harlow: "We redid our rather small and dingy bathroom in our house last summer. I went with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt SW 6204 and it really made the space bright and feel much larger. I did the ceiling the same color to eliminate the visual cutoff between the two surfaces and trick the eye into thinking the space is larger. This color is great with the grays and whites that are on trend right now in Kitchen and Bath and goes great with Carrera marble!"

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    Benjamin Moore Blue | Miss Alice Designs

    Best Colors for Small Spaces | Benjamin Moore Blue
    Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms. ©Tim D Coy Photography

    Blue - Benjamin Moore

    From designer Miss Alice: "I love this bold blue by Benjamin Moore because it just pops with a vibrant energy.  Bold colors can create a lot of depth in a small space and when complemented with white moldings and trims, it refreshes the spirit."

    Miss Alice Designs - Parkside Portfolio

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    Pantone Ivory Cream 13-1011 TCX | Stephan Jones

    Best Colors for Small Rooms
    Top Colors for Small Spaces. ©Stephan Jones

    Ivory Cream - Pantone

    From designer Stephan Jones: "I enjoy spaces that exude simplicity. Typically my designs incorporate a natural color pallet because it is soothing and does not compete with artwork or other objects within a space. Wheat hues, like the Pantone Ivory Cream, are what I go to when I want a relaxed and traditional room, it is timeless and easy to layer."

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    Pantone Glacier Gray 14-1402 | Robin Baron

    Best Colors for Small Rooms
    Top Paint Colors for Small Spaces. ©Robin Baron

    Glacier Gray - Pantone

    From designer Robin Baron: "Grey is becoming the new beige…it’s a neutral color, and very versatile. It can be used for wall colors, cabinets, countertops, fireplaces, furniture, etc. It’s got a classic, sophisticated appeal, and it comes in a variety of shades. Its best feature is that it can stand alongside any other color." 

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    Pantone 7440 UP | Rachel Laxer

    Best Colors for Small Spaces
    Best Colors for Small Rooms. ©Rachel Laxer

    Pantone 7440 UP

    From designer Rachel Laxer: "Purple is a very feminine and soft color that exudes luxury. Painting a wall Orchid hue like this Pantone 7440 UP adds a velvety accent to a wall that might typically be painted white or beige. The trick with using purple hues on a wall is to understand balance. If you paint the wall purple layer the room with lighter furniture like ivory or a great Lucite piece." 

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    Dunn Edwards Icy Lavender | Mark Cutler

    Best Colors for Small Rooms | Dunn Edwards Icy Lavender
    Best Paint Color for Small Spaces. ©Dunn Edwards

    Icy Lavender - Dunn Edwards

    From designer Mark Cutler: "For a small space I want a color that can be many things and this color by Sherwin Williams straddles the line between grey, blue and lavender. It appears to change color during the day depending on the quality of light that is in your space. It’s this versatility that I look for in a small room."

    Mark Cutler, Chief Designer