30 Light Blue Paint Colors To Give Your Walls a Lift

These subtle, versatile shades complement any style or room

Living room with light blue and white walls with houseplants and beach-themed painting

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Light blue is easy on the eyes and good for the spirit. A calming, easy-to-love paint choice for just about any style of interior, this pale shade recalls blue skies, ocean waters, and happy days. Light blue paint can make a room feel airy, a small room appear larger, and a room with limited natural light feel brighter.

The palest of blues can be used in the same way that you would use any neutral color. Light blue is an effortless alternative to white walls or as an accent wall in an all-white room since it pairs beautifully with white to create a clean, tranquil feel. If you want to create a more layered look, mix in deeper shades of blue (any hue will do).

Light blue paint is an obvious choice if you want to set the mood for a relaxing bathroom, an uplifting laundry room, or a serene bedroom, and it's versatile enough to work in any room in the house. Check out these lovely light blue paint colors for inspiration.


  • Color Family: Cool, blues, can lean into grays, greens and whites
  • Complementary Colors: Peach, pale orange
  • Pairs Well With: Most colors
  • Mood: Calming, serene
  • Where to Use: Bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, nursery, office, kitchen, living room
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    Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball

    Swatch of Farrow and Ball's Borrowed Light

    The Spruce

    If you're looking for a dreamy, soft wash of blue on your walls, Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball is named after "the delicate light that cascades through small windows and fanlights." This luminous, delicate shade is ideal for a kid's room or a front porch.

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    Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Breath of Fresh Air swatch

    The Spruce

    For a room that needs a little boost of oxygen, Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore is just what it sounds like: an easy, breezy pastel blue that you can use anywhere you would normally use white.

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    Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce Paint color swatch in Breezy Beach

    The Spruce

    Designed to evoke a pale blue-green sea, Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams paint collection will add a calm, serene color that changes depending on the lighting in the room and can look blue or green, or blue-green, and can even have grey undertones. It is a popular color for a bedroom, bathroom, or nursery.

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    Worn Denim by Dunn-Edwards

    Dunn-Edwards Worn Denim swatch

    The Spruce

    Like your favorite pair of vintage jeans, Worn Denim by Dunn-Edwards is as easy to live with as its name implies. This creamy light blue shade can work just as well in a laid back coastal cottage living room or bathroom paired with shades of white or used as the backdrop for a more dressed up space with black accent trim.

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    Glimmer by Sherwin-Williams

    Glimmer swatch from Sherwin-Williams

    The Spruce

    Just as its name implies, Glimmer by Sherwin-Williams is a subtle, whisper of a barely-there pale ice blue that veers white and is just as refreshing. Use it in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom for a glimmer of color that doesn't announce itself but hovers in the background, allowing furniture, artwork, and decor to shine.

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    Zen by Glidden

    Zen swatch from Glidden

    The Spruce

    Zen by Glidden is a light blue that's described as, "soft, neutral, and restful." It's a perfect choice for a spa-like bathroom, a chilled out bedroom, or a home yoga studio that will create a sense of neutral calm that's warmer than stark white.

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    Keepsakes by PPG Paints

    PPG Keepsakes swatch

    The Spruce

    If you're looking for a light blue with a fresh, clean finish, Keepsakes by PPG Paints is a pale baby blue-gray that works beautifully in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Amp up the fresh effect by pairing it with pure white.

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    Louie Blue by Donald Kaufman Color

    Louie Blue swatch from Donald Kaufman

    The Spruce 

    If you love the idea of light blue but worry that it might feel a bit cold, Louie Blue by Donald Kaufman Color is a pretty powder blue inspired by peeling paint on a red brick wall, with pink undertones that evoke an "almost 18th century decadent lushness."


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    Bluebird by Paint & Paper Library

    Swatch of Bluebird from Paint & Paper Library

    The Spruce

    Bluebird by Paint & Paper Library is a traditional light blue "the color of a Wedgwood cameo" that is as pretty as its classic namesake inspiration and can be dressed up or down depending on the style of your home or decor. Try it in a bedroom or home office for an enveloping wash of color.

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    Prelude by Behr

    Prelude swatch from Behr

    The Spruce

    Prelude by Behr is a light blue softened with a note of gray, perfect for the walls of a calming living room, a peaceful nursery, or a restful bedroom ceiling that you will enjoy waking up to every morning.

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    Nairobi Blue by Clare

    Clare Nairobi

    The Spruce

    Named for the Maasai phrase for "cool water," Nairobi Blue by Clare paints is a refreshing, easy-to-use shade lives up to its namesake and would work anywhere from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or dining room. Pair with gold-toned accents and light wood tones or use as a foundation color for a room decorated in tonal shades of blue.

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    Aqua Sparkle by PPG Paints

    PPG Aqua Sparkle

    The Spruce

    To create a breezy coastal look in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, Aqua Sparkle by PPG paints is a natural choice. This ocean-fresh pale aqua blue pairs well with whites, gray tones, or deeper shades of blue.

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    Bird's Egg by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Bird's Egg

    The Spruce

    A soft blue paint with the slightest hint of gray, Bird's Egg by Benjamin Moore is a modern take on the retro classic that is eggshell blue. This charming color is a crowd-pleaser that will work in any room, from an eat-in kitchen to the guest bathroom.

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    Bare Minimum by Valspar

    Valspar Bare Minimum

    The Spruce

    Bare Minimum by Valspar is a cool, barely there shade of pale blue that would work well with beige and sandy tones to create a spa-like en suite bathroom or an easy breezy kitchen.

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    Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball

    Parma Gray

    The Spruce

    Despite its name, Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball is a decidedly cool light blue that is often paired with bright white trim to give period rooms a formal look, but can stand on its own as a versatile and assertive shade of light blue that would complement any modern interior.

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    Blown Glass by Valspar

    Valspar Blown Glass

    The Spruce

    Blown Glass by Valspar is an ultra pale shade of cyan that straddles the line between green and blue, giving it an almost translucent quality. Pair it with deeper shades of blue and green or pale shades of blush to create contrast in a kids bedroom.

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    Blue Lace by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Blue Lace

    The Spruce

    A soft and elegant shade, Blue Lace by Benjamin Moore would add the right tone in a powder room decorated with vintage lighting fixtures and an antique mirror. But this versatile shade could just as easily provide a wash of soothing color in an at-home yoga studio or a primary en suite.

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    White Heaven by Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore White Heaven

    The Spruce

    White Heaven by Benjamin Moore is a luminous and uplifting pale lilac blue that would brighten up any corner of the house, from the laundry room to the nursery,

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    Helium by Behr

    Benjamin Moore Helium

    The Spruce

    A cool and calming shade of light blue, Helium by Behr could work anywhere from the bathroom to the nursery. Mix with whites, grays, pale-toned woods and woven accessories in natural materials like rattan for a Scandinavian feel.

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    Frozen by Clare

    Frozen by Clare

    The Spruce

    Frozen by Clare paints was inspired by the crisp winter air after a morning frost, and this cool icicle of a color will add a blast of freshness to any room in the house. Pair it with icy whites and pale taupe decor accents.

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    Tropical Waterfall by Dunn-Edwards

    Dunn-Edwards Tropical Waterfall

    The Spruce

    Tropical Waterfall by Dunn-Edwards is a fun-loving shade of pale turquoise that will add energy to a kitchen or a playroom. Pair it with bright corals for a high-contrast, feel-good vibe.

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    Icelandic by Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin Williams Icelandic

    The Spruce

    Icelandic by Sherwin-Williams is a Nordic-inspired shade of cool light blue that works well with pale shades of white and gray. Mix with stainless steel appliances and silver-toned fixtures to create a clean look in the kitchen.

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    Spur by Paint & Paper Library

    PPL Spur

    The Spruce

    Spur by Paint & Paper Library is a dreamy powder blue paint that works especially well in the soft and indirect light of a west-facing dressing room or home office.

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    First Light by Glidden

    Glidden First Light

    The Spruce

    Paint the ceiling of your bathroom, nursery, or front porch in First Light by Glidden, a soft and luminous shade of pale sky blue.

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    Hazy by Farrow & Ball

    Farrow and Ball Hazy

    The Spruce

    Transport yourself to the beaches of the Golden State with Hazy by Farrow & Ball. This soft, muted blue-gray is meant to evoke the rolling early morning marine layer of fog that is as much a defining part of life on the California coast as the sunny cloudless skies depicted on screen. This easy color would work with soft whites and grays or can be paired with vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, or pink to create contrast.

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    Light Blue by Farrow & Ball

    Farrow and Ball Light Blue

    The Spruce

    Light Blue from Farrow & Ball is a silver-toned light blue that will add luminosity to a hallway or create a cool and calming vibe in a well lit sunroom or kitchen. 

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    Headspace by Clare

    Clare Headspace

    The Spruce

    Headspace by Clare is a modern take on retro classic seafoam green, a soft wash of blue-green that is livable and easy to incorporate in any space. This popular color feels as light and airy as your brain does after a walk on the beach, or a guided meditation session on a busy day.

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    Let It Snow by Dunn-Edwards

    Dunn Edwards Let it Snow

    The Spruce

    Let It Snow by Dunn-Edwards is a chilly light blue that will add a bracing freshness to a laundry room or brighten up a bathroom. Pair it with cool whites or soft shades of pink to add warmth and contrast.

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    Shooting Star by Glidden

    PPG Shooting Star

    The Spruce

    Shooting Star by Glidden is a cool, barely there shade of blue-green tinted white that will add a hint of color to the walls of a pale neutral room or can take a backseat to muted shades of aqua when used on trim and other woodwork.

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    Twinkle Blue by PPG Paints

    PPG Twinkle Blue

    The Spruce

    A pale blue paint color with purple undertones, Twinkle Blue by PPG Paints is a spellbinding color reminiscent of periwinkle that pairs well with darker gray accents, perfect for a relaxing bedroom or family room or to add subtle color to a mudroom.