Decorating With the Colors of Miami South Beach

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    Destination Inspiration of Miami South Beach

    Inspired by the Colors of Miami
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    Miami's South Beach is a unique destination in America. Design-wise, it's the epicenter of tropical-meets-retro-meets-global style. The colors of South Beach are vibrant and fun, with lots of 1950s kitsch thrown in. The bright colors are tempered with tropical shades that balance the South Beach's bold style. 

    Inspired by the beachy colors of the blue ocean and the warm sand, the area's style is also inspired by the decades of history along the beachfront. Nightclubs and restaurants are bathed in colorful lights every night, to keep the excitement going in this colorful spot. 

    Decorating in a South Beach style means taking color chances, and accepting that everything may not "match" but it will be gorgeous anyway. The key to using such a fun and funky palette is to start with a vibrant, but soothing, neutral like pale yellow or peach. Once you have your main color in place, add touches of aqua, purple, pink, or green, to get a balanced look. The best color inspiration creates a look pulled-together look, but not too perfect. A South Beach-inspired palette, with all of the bright colors, needs that kind of casual structure in its color palette. 

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    Turquoise Hues Cool the Palette

    A Chelsea club chair on a white background

    Purple is a brave and bold choice for furniture. This fun Chelsea Club Chair from Jofran, is best as an accent in a bright, but neutral, space. A set of purple chairs can represent the night colors of Miami's South Beach. Add fun pillows in a tropical pattern, in shades of yellow or coral, to lighten the deep purple of the chairs.

    Decorating with purple is easiest when you rely on a color wheel to choose coordinating colors. Complementary colors look best with purple, to offset the saturation of this hue. Few color palettes can handle the visual weight of purple furniture, but the South Beach palette is an exception. The bold tropical and retro colors balance purple easily when used in the right combination. Think of dark color accents in a bright room as no more than 20% of the overall color scheme, or perhaps as just a pop of dark color, to get the right effect.

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    Mission Style Warmth

    A Raines sofa on a white background
    ©Joybird Furniture

    Gorgeous! There is no other word to describe this special sofa. The gorgeous aqua color is made even more delicious by the use of leather. The retro styling makes the Raines sofa perfect for South Beach style. There isn't much you can do to improve this beautiful piece, but a few pink or coral pillows might do the trick.

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    Warm Clay Is an Iconic Tone

    A set of pink swiveling bar stools

    These vibrant pink bar stools are not for the faint of heart decorator. If you want to make one big and bold color statement in your kitchen or bar, these stools are your new best friend. South Beach style is all about color and entertaining. Adding a set of bold pink stools will check off all the boxes of style and color.

    All+Modern: Adeco Trading Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

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    Pops of Purple Color

    Sun inspired bed furnishings

    When it's time to rest, you'll want to temper your energetic South Beach colors with something a little more relaxed. Caroline Okun's Yellow Spirals Duvet Cover melds gray with a bright yellow, to give a little bit of sunny energy with the quiet of gray. The sun-inspired spirals give the nod to the sun and sand just outside the door.