10 Colors That Go With Dark Green

dark green and black

Design: Lambrakos Studio / Photo: Pär Bengtsson

Craving a dose of dark green in your home? By all means, go ahead and introduce the hue to your space! "Dark green is a natural and inviting color, reminiscent of flora and foliage," designer Mary Lambrakos, of Lambrakos Studio, says. Lambrakos, who believes incorporating green into a room's theme invites the beauty of nature inside, incorporated a dark velvet green sectional and rug into the space shown above.

While dark green certainly makes a stunning statement in any room, you'll of course want to work other colors into the mix to complete your design scheme. Not sure which other hues to use? Read on to take a peek at 10 shades that look gorgeous with dark green.

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    Dark Green and Beige

    green walls with beige headboard

    Design: Living With Lolo / Photo: LifeCreated

    Beige is by no means boring! It's an excellent neutral that pairs wonderfully with a number of moody paint colors, including dark green. This color combo looks especially good with wooden furniture, like the cane-front nightstand shown here.

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    Dark Green and Yellow

    green walls and yellow headboard

    Mary Patton Design

    Many people shy away from decorating with yellow, but it can look stunning when paired with the right mix of hues. Here, a bit of bright yellow stands out against dark green walls without overwhelming this bedroom.

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    Dark Green and Brown

    brown tones and green pillows

    Design: Lindye Galloway / Photo: Chad Mellon

    "We love to pair green with neutrals like brown and grey for an earthy look," Lindye Galloway, who designed the space shown above, says. "Both colors are easy on the eyes and evoke a feeling of calm. Green can also contrast nicely with white for a bright, clean look."

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    Dark Green and Black

    dark green and black

    Design: Lambrakos Studio / Photo: Pär Bengtsson

    This room features an abundance of dark green, but black and white pillows help to complete the space and add dimension. Don't worry about using black alongside dark green as long as you keep the color to a minimum so that your space doesn't become too cave-like.

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    Dark Green and Gold

    dark green and gold

    Alvin Wayne

    Dark green and gold are a winning pair. There are so many ways to introduce gold into a living room or sleep space—update your coffee table, side tables, light fixtures, mirrors, or lamps to bring the hue into any room.

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    Dark Green and White

    green headboard in all white room

    Design: Julia Adele / Photo: Tessa Neustadt

    Many people enjoy the feeling of returning to an all-white bedroom after a long day; the lack of color makes it easy to unplug and unwind after hours of stimulation. However, even the most simple bedrooms can benefit from a tiny pop of color—and the headboard is the perfect place to go bold. How stunning is this plush hunter-green piece?

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    Dark Green and Gray

    green walls and gray rugs

    Design: Julia Adele / Photo: Tramp Studio

    Dark green walls look lovely paired with gray flooring in this serene bedroom. Keep in mind that even if your bedroom already has wall-to-wall carpeting, you can certainly layer an area rug of your choosing on top of it for some added softness and personality.

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    Dark Green and Pink

    green walls and pink rug

    Mary Patton Design

    Dark green and pink look quite charming together in this dining room, adding tons of pep to the space. Keep in mind that the stuffy dining rooms of decades past are long gone—you should feel free to express yourself in your entertaining space; don't hold back on the bright colors and whimsical patterns if those are what make you happy.

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    Dark Green and Blue

    green ceiling and pink rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    Don't forget to give the ceiling some attention during the design process! Here, a green ceiling looks gorgeous alongside blue bedding and artwork and adds dimension to this spacious, sunlit bedroom.

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    Dark Green and Taupe

    dark sage and taupe accents

    Tyler Karu

    If you're not quite sold on brown but are looking for a warm, earthy tone to use alongside a dark sage, try taupe. Here, taupe window treatments and corresponding bedding add contrast to this cozy bedroom.

  • What are other names for dark green?

    Dark green may also be referred to as forest green or hunter green. Many paint companies have their own names for specific dark green shades.

  • Does dark green go with everything?

    Dark green looks nice alongside a wide range of colors, both neutral (grays, whites, beiges) and more vibrant (yellows, pinks, and blues).

  • What color complements green the most?

    Neutral hues, such as grays, whites, and beiges, are known for their ability to complement many colors, including dark green.