12 Colors That Go Well With Green in Any Space

handcrafted green hexagon backsplash

Mercury Mosaics

There is a reason green is associated with envy. Any shade of the irresistible hue can instantly make any room in a home more inviting, which would make anyone not living under the same roof room easily jealous. But that doesn't mean you can't jump on the green bandwagon too. There are a number of ways to incorporate green in your home—even better, pretty much any hue under the sun goes with green if you keep contrast in mind.

Here are our favorite color (and texture) combinations that go with gorgeous green.

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    Emerald Green and Turquoise

    Emerald green ceiling in kitchen

    Studio Sven

    We worship this kitchen by the design team at Studio Sven for its ingenious use of two striking colors. On the ceiling is a look-at-me shade of emerald green that throws focus to the spectacular light fixture. The turquoise tile on the wall is equally bold and harmonizes with the ceiling without feeling overwhelming thanks to the white walls and dark wood cabinetry. The neutral hues of the latter features keep the cooking space feeling balanced yet still vibrant.

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    Minty Green and Purple

    boho inspired teen girl bedroom

    Laure Nell

    Pale minty green walls set the stage for an explosion of color and textures in a chic teenager's bedroom created by interior design Laure Nell. The whisper, soft wall color lends lovely contrast to the rustic wood feature wall. It also adds coherence to the room by picking up similar shades of green through the bedroom, most notably the bedding and wall art. Another good thing to keep in mind is that bold and vibrant shades of blue and purple also work beautifully with green if you are looking to create a cool-toned setting. For a dose of warmth, try contrasting hues of orange or red.

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    Electric Green and Jewel Tones

    green accent shelves

    Zoe Feldman

    If you are looking to add a bold splash of color to your home, but for whatever reason, you can't paint your walls anything but white, listen up. Interior Designer Zoe Feldman decorated this space around the green and pink painting on the wall. The bright green bookcases pick up a similar shade spotted in the artwork. Note the jeweled tone armchair and throw pillow. Vibrant hues of green always look amazing paired with sapphire pinks and blues.

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    Grass Green and Primary Colors

    Green walls in traditional Living room

    Liz Caan

    Glossy, lawn green walls create a gorgeous backdrop for plush neutral-toned sofas topped off with colorful pillows. When working with such a vibrant hue on the walls, it helps to balance the space with different pops of color. Here, interior designer Liz Caan added lemon yellow side tables and a plush blue ottoman to help draw the eyes around the room.

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    Hunter Green and Robin's Egg Blue

    handcrafted green hexagon backsplash

    Mercury Mosaics 

    Yes, green is a cool color. However, darker shades of the hue that teeter on the edge of warmer tones can add loads of visual warmth to a room, such as the Hunter green subway tiles in this cooking space proves. For room-brightening contrast, the interior designers at Mercury Mosaics painted the cabinetry a beautiful shade of robin's egg blue, which cools down hunter green. Notice how the white walls and white quartz countertop both enhance the sense of colorful contrast.

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    Sea Foam Green and Cream

    Hazel by Sherwin Williams

    Miss Alice Designs

    Create a dreamy bedroom by combing sea foam green walls with bedding in creamy whites and natural linen shades. Interior design firm Miss Alice Designs used several decorative accents, including a rug, to pick up the overall color scheme to unify the space.

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    Avocado Green and Brown

    pea soup green living room

    Mendelson Group

    A delicious shade of avocado green as shown in this living room by Mendelson Group, looks simply mouthwatering when paired with a chocolate brown leather sofa.

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    Bold Green and Orange

    green dining room

    Mendelson Group

    Enliven the walls in any room with green botanical wallpaper featuring birds. The wall trim painted a vibrant shade of emerald green beautiful frames the lively pattern. To take the room to the next level, the design team at Mendelson Group selected a teak dining room set with chairs punctuated with dusty red velvet headrests. Note the muted shade of red the team went with—a brighter shade would have felt too Christmasy. Pops of orange in the form of two table lamps expertly frame the dining area.

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    Earthy Green and Black

    green living with blac and white art

    Alisberg Parker Architects

    Nope, the walls are not covered in green paint. Architect and interior design firm Alisberg Parker Architects installed green grasscloth that provides a great contrast to the traditional white trim and black and white artwork. The neutral furnishings continue the monochromatic theme established by the large wall prints. The throw pillows on the two wooden chairs also help continue the green theme.

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    Fresh Green and Crisp White

    entryway with vibrant green wallpaper

    D2 Interieurs 

    Graphic green wallpaper combined with a white ceiling and trim feels 100% refreshing in this entryway by D2 Interieurs. Mixing organic shapes and textures like the rug, natural wood table, and straw baskets bring balance to the space while making things feel fresh and relaxing.

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    Green and Brown Leather

    green walls in bushwick apartment

    Vanessa Watts

    Interior designer Vanessa Watts painted this wall a serene shade of green to show off the caramel leather Eames chairs (on the left) and tobacco Corbusier chair (on the right). The wall color also hints back at the green details shown in the painting. The white side table serves to freshen up the whole ensemble while referencing back to the white bookcase to the left

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    Green and Neutrals

    pops of green in open concept home

    Alisberg Parker Architects

    Alisberg Parker Architects repeated the same shade of green shown in the kitchen throughout the rest of the open-concept space. What makes the green hue genuinely stand out is the room's contrasting monochromatic color scheme. The green cabinets and decorative accents truly sing when paired with soft creams, charcoal grays, natural wood tones, and jet black.