23 Colors That Go With Orange

Orange and beige-colored living room with futon couch across desk

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

An inherently happy and uplifting color, orange is a hue that should be used more often in home decor. A shade that can be both contemporary and rustic, orange has a reputation for being a difficult color to decorate with, but that doesn't have to be the case. From burnt orange to bold tangerine, there are endless ways to put the color to use around your home, from the bedroom to the bathroom or kitchen. If you've shied away from orange in the past because you don't know what to pair it with, check out these inspiring ideas.

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    Orange + Navy + Green

    colors that go with orange

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    Bright orange flower details on a background of calming navy and green wallpaper give this petite powder room from Cathie Hong Interiors an energizing dose of color without overwhelming.

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    Orange + Red

    colors that go with orange

    tfrugs.co / Instagram

    One of the easiest colors to pair with orange is another bright, warm shade like red. In this room from tfrugs.co,, an orange throw pillow complements a red patterned rug and the warm tone of the wood floors.

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    Orange + Yellow + Blue

    colors that go with orange

    iza.perez_coloresdemialma / Instagram

    If bold colors are your thing, you'll love this bedroom from iza.perez_coloresdemialma. We love the wonderful orange-themed wallpaper, but we love it even more when it is paired with the bold blues and yellows throughout the rest of the room. These complementary colors create a funky, almost retro vibe in a modern space.

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    Orange + Mustard + Teal

    colors that go with orange

    Casa Watkins Living

    This colorful basement bar from Casa Watkins Living features mustard yellow cabinetry, a teal ceramic tile backsplash, and dining chairs upholstered in a citrusy shade of orange.

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    Shades of Orange + White

    colors that go with orange

    kabineaanzee / Instagram

    Looking for a complementary color as vibrant and bold as orange? This bedroom from kabineaanzee takes a monochromatic approach by combining various shades of orange throughout the space, balanced with plenty of fresh white. By pairing pastels and bright tangerines together, this space feels multi-dimensional and purposeful.

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    Rust + Black

    colors that go with orange

    housectomy / Instagram

    While you may think you should reserve this color combo for Halloween, orange and black can be a chic and contemporary color pairing for any home when used sparingly to keep it from overwhelming the space. This living room from housectomy proves that when done correctly, black and orange is one of the most striking color combos out there.

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    Orange + Gray

    colors that go with orange

    Design by Brexton Cole Interiors

    Orange and gray is a classic color pairing that works well in this contemporary bedroom from Brexton Cole Interiors that mixes plenty of texture and pattern to keep it lively and inviting. Orange can also be used to warm up an industrial interior dominated by concrete and stainless steel finishes.

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    Orange + Purple + Yellow

    Living room with orange couch

    interior_hysteria / Instagram

    If you're looking for a funky, retro pairing, consider orange and purple. This groovy living room from interior_hysteria features a bold orange couch that plays so well with the purple and yellow wallpaper behind it. Purple and orange are analogous colors because they are close to each other on the color wheel and they play well in living spaces, dens or offices. Touches of yellow add brightness.

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    Orange + Creamy White

    Living room with orange couch

    _theclevelandhouse / Instagram

    This living room from _theclevelandhouse proves that an orange couch is always a good idea. By painting the walls in a soft, neutral shade of creamy white, the room feels sophisticated and doesn't overwhelm with color. White and orange is also a great color combo for a bedroom or even a kitchen.

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    Terracotta + Salmon + Pale Yellow

    colors that go with orange

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Christy Q. Photo

    Soft accents of terracotta, salmon pink, and pale golden yellow add depth and warmth to this neutral San Francisco condo living room from Cathie Hong Interiors, complementing the warm wood accents and soft white walls.

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    Orange + Pink + Blue

    colors that go with orange

    instakinz / Instagram

    In this living room from instakinz, wall decor featuring bursts of orange pairs wonderfully with muted pink and blue throw pillows. Pairing vibrant shades of orange with muted colors is a great way to tone it down and create a sense of softness and tranquility.

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    Orange + Green + White

    colors that go with orange

    Casa Watkins Living

    This cheerful home office from Casa Watkins Living has a wallpaper accent wall featuring a tropical pattern in shades of orange and green, a deep pile burnt orange Moroccan-style rug, and plenty of fresh white paint on the walls and built-ins to keep it feeling light and luminous.

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    Pale Orange + Beige

    colors that go with orange

    chilvers_terrace / Instagram

    If the thought of using orange in your home decor feels a little intimidating, consider mixing beige tones with a pale, soft orange that has beige or tan undertones to bring in a bit of color without overwhelming the space, like this living room from chilvers_terrace.

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    Orange + Blue + White

    colors that go with orange

    Design by Maite Granda

    Adding bright orange accents to a coastal decor scheme is an easy way to energize a classic, like this Florida sitting room from interior designer Maite Granda.

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    Rust + Tan

    colors that go with orange

    homewithkelsey / Instagram

    Tans, whites and beiges work well with any shade of orange, but when combined with darker rusts and burnt orange tones can help to create a warm and earthy feel, like this living room from homewithkelsey.

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    Tangerine + Green

    colors that go with orange

    silkenfavours / Instagram

    Ready to go all in on orange? If you want to make a bold statement, this vibrant living room from silkenfavours is a great example of how to go bold when using orange in your home. We can't get enough of the lime green walls and fiery orange couch in this space.

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    Orange + Copper

    colors that go with orange

    Design by Mary Patton Design / Photo by Molly Culver

    This bold kitchen from Mary Patton Design features bright saturated orange paint on the kitchen island and a striking copper backsplash to memorable effect. The striking orange tones are tempered with plenty of black and white to keep them from overwhelming.

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    Pale Orange + Olive Green

    colors that go with orange

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    In this midcentury modern living room from Cathie Hong Interiors, pale orange and olive green accent pillows add dimension to the soft whites, beiges, and pale wood tones of the room. A tall vase of bird of paradise stems subtly reinforces the orange and green scheme.

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    Orange + Gold

    colors that go with orange

    Casa Watkins Living

    Orange is an accent color in this maximalist kitchen from Casa Watkins Living, from the bright orange flowers on the tropical blue-and-green patterned wallpaper accent wall to the upholstered bar stools around the large kitchen island in a soft shade of pumpkin complemented with shiny gold-toned legs.

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    Orange + Soft White

    colors that go wtih orange

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Photo by Margaret Austin Photo

    A little bit of orange goes a long way in this living room from Cathie Hong Interiors, where throw pillows and a framed wall print in tones of orange give the neutral toned space a lift.

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    Orange + Pink

    colors that go with orange

    Casa Watkins Living

    Orange and pink is a classic feel-good combination that works like a charm in this boho design-inspired girls bedroom from Casa Watkins Living. The orange accents on the bed linens stand up to the bold shades of pink that dominate the room, creating dimension without needing to steal the spotlight.

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    Burnt Orange + Brown

    colors that go with orange

    sallydoessassy / Instagram

    A deep, rich burnt orange like the color of the velvet armchair in this room from sallydoessassy works well with wood tones and brown hues. Between the wooden coffee table and the earthy patterned wallpaper, this room is filled with vintage charm.

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    Orange + Pink

    colors that go with orange

    Casa Watkins Living

    In the closet of this girls bedroom from Casa Watkins Living, vibrant patterned removable wallpaper reverses the balance of the main room, with pink acting as an accent that gives depth and dimension to the orange background. Using removable wallpaper is a low commitment way to test out color palettes if you're nervous about going all in.