12 Complementary Colors That Go With Purple

Purple may seem like a difficult hue to decorate with, but in reality, it pairs nicely with so many different types of colors. It's so versatile that it can give off entirely different vibes—moody, regal, modern, joyful, earthy—depending on the hue you pair it with. Read on for 12 of our favorite shades that will shine with purple.

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    Purple + Emerald

    KT2 Design Group purple room

    Michael J Lee

    Pairing purple with green may seem like too eclectic of a choice for some, but in reality, this combo can be a winning solution in a more traditional space, too. This formal living room by KT2 Design Group makes a statement without veering too far off the beaten path. (Yes, you can love ginger jars without designing an entire blue and white room around them, we promise!)

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    Purple + Black and White

    Maestri Studio purple room

    Nathan Shroder

    Black and white rooms are quite chic on their own, but this classic color pair also looks stunning when incorporated into a room with purple furniture—who knew? The traditional hues add a welcome dose of modernity to this dining space by Maestri Studio. The end result will get your dinner party guests talking.

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    Purple + Silver

    R. Johnston Interiors purple room

    Catherine Nguyen

    Purple is already a regal color, and adding silvery accents that remind you of your favorite shiny necklaces will keep the luxe theme going. This space by R. Johnston Interiors proves that purple isn't just for kids' bedrooms—adults can incorporate the hue into their sleep spaces, too. The key is to use a more subtle shade, like a lavender, so as to not overwhelm a room.

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    Purple + Robin's Egg Blue

    Tasha Agruso purple room

    Tasha Agruso 

    Now that's a stylish kid's bedroom! Tasha Agruso gave an old dresser tons of new life by restoring it in a bright orchid hue. The piece pairs nicely with a light blue bench covered in a purpley floral fabric, which contributes to the space's playfulness.

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    Purple + Cobalt Blue

    Jewel Marlowe purple room

    Jewel Marlowe

    Jewel Marlowe didn't let her bathroom's existing blue and white tile stop her from adding pops of purple to the loo. Instead, she decorated with pieces featuring both colors, like the sweet rug she lay across the floor and the eye-catching painting she hung above the toilet.

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    Purple + Yellow

    Kimberly Duran purple room

    Kimberly Duran

    No Easter egg vibes here! Kimberly Duran successfully mixed purple and yellow in her living room, adding pops of gold to make the space scream sophisticated, not springy. While purple isn't a wall color we spot too frequently, this scheme proves it's nothing to shy away from.

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    Purple + Gray

    Nicole Q-Schmitz purple room

    Nicole Q-Schmitz

    Nicole Q-Schmitz's bedroom proves that gray is far from a dreary hue when paired with a bold purple backdrop. With loud walls like these, it's smart to keep the headboard and bedding simple so that you can, in fact, unwind in your sleep space. Bring on those zzzs,

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    Purple + Brown

    Holly Phillips purple room

    Holly Phillips

    Holly Phillips of The English Room managed to weave plenty of color into this welcoming family room, including one shade that we weren't expecting in this vibrant space—brown. However, this hue—as seen in Phillips' rug selection, pillow choices, and inclusion of wicker furniture—looks anything but blah in this whimsical room. The carpet's antelope-inspired print pays a nod to the other animal print fabric that is present in the space.

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    Purple + White

    Dekay & Tate purple room

    K Hayden Rafferty

    Don't write off white as a valuable accent color! In this room by Dekay & Tate, a purple ceiling is the star of the show and white bedding adds a soothing touch. This type of setup is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds: a neutral getaway with an element of surprise.

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    Purple + Rust

    Jenny Kakoudakis purple room

    Jenny Kakoudakis 

    For Jenny Kakoudakis, purple was just one hue that made an appearance in her living room, but it made a bold statement nonetheless. Kakoudakis styled the intricate geometric rug with an emerald green sofa and a rust grasscloth wallpaper. The grasscloth design adds intriguing texture without overwhelming the space with additional pattern.

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    Purple + Forest Green

    Living with Lolo purple room

    Life Created

    Take a cue from nature and incorporate a moody forest green alongside bright purple, as seen in this space by Living with Lolo. If you're looking for an easy way to tie together multiple colors in a space, artwork is often the answer. As seen here, an abstract piece boasting a variety of shades is a stylish statement-maker.

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    Purple + Pink

    Rittika Chokhany purple room

    Rittika Chokhany

    While this combo is generally best suited for the younger set, it can still look quite elevated as exemplified by this space Rittika Chokhany designed. The key is to stick with lighter hues—blush and lavender, for example, will remain classics for years to come.