11 Colors That Go Well With Red

Bathroom with red wallpaper

atlasdesign.home / Instagram

Red is one of those colors that can be tricky to decorate with, but when you get it right it works oh-so-well. Red is a vibrant color full of energy and romance—and, surprisingly, can work in nearly any room in your house. The trick is pairing it with the right colors so it doesn't overpower or overwhelm your space, but rather plays well with your aesthetic.

Whether you are ready to paint an entire room red or you simply want to toss a few bold accessories into your space, here are a handful of colors that can work well with red.

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    Red + Dark Red

    Bathroom with large color stripes

    janovic_nyc / Instagram

    Starting with a fairly easy pairing, red is one of those hues that works tremendously well with other shades of the same color. This space from janovic_nyc uses stripes of bright fire-engine red with deeper burgundy hues to create a multidimensional look.

    This is one of the easiest pairings to pull off, but make sure to pick colors that are equally warm for the best balance.

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    Red + Black and White

    Bathroom with red wallpaper

    atlasdesign.home / Instagram

    The zebra wallpaper in this bathroom from atlasdesign.home definitely takes center stage. A classic combo, red pairs wonderfully with black and white and feels totally chic and classic. We love using deeper, darker shades of red with black and white, as they offer the most contrast and visual interest.

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    Red + Blue

    Butlers pantry with red cabinets

    dovedesignstudio / Instagram

    This butler's pantry from dovedesignstudio proves that red and navy look beautiful when paired together. This is another classic combo that works well in traditional living rooms or kitchens. When pairing with navy, consider deep or bold reds with warmer undertones.

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    Red + Olive

    Kitchen with green cabinets and red rug

    girlandgrey / Instagram

    If you think red and green is only for Christmas, think again. This stunning olive green kitchen from girlandgrey features a pop of red in the antiqued rug that works wonderfully with the green tones.

    To avoid red and green from feeling too Santa Claus-esque, opt for more muted shades of red.

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    Red + Pink

    Bathroom with red vanity and pink wallpaper

    katiemollstyle / Instagram

    A look that isn't just for Valentine's Day, this lovely bathroom from katiemollstyle uses pops of red and pink to create a romantic, modern space. Pink and red play well together in many different shades—but to avoid going overboard, choose a more muted tone for one of the two hues.

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    Red + White

    Entryway with red rug

    spacecrafting_photography / Instagram

    If decorating with red is still a little too daring for you, this lovely entryway designed by murphycodesign proves that even the most traditional homes can play with red.

    While this space is primarily neutral with white walls and natural wood flooring, the pop of red in the entryway rug gives it just enough color to brighten the space.

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    Red + Black

    Living room with red floral wallpaper

    aliciaconnollydesign / Instagram

    This look from aliciaconnollydesign is definitely for the bold decorator, but it's a great example of how well black and red can play together if you really want to make a statement. The stunning black and red wallpaper is dramatic yet welcoming, and a great color combo for those who love contrast.

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    Red + Natural Wood

    Living room with red chair

    andreabraundhomestaging / Instagram

    The fire-engine red chair in this room from andreabraundhomestaging adds a burst of color to an otherwise neutral space. While red and wood shades can be tricky, the key is to keep the same level of warmth throughout the space. This bright red chair works wonderfully with the natural wood because both have strong warm undertones.

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    Red + Tan

    Bedroom with orange red paint

    home_bymarionnette / Instagram

    This shade of red from home_bymarionnette has a bit more orange in it, but it's a great choice if you want to create a more boho-inspired look in your house. The tans and whites throughout the bedroom in this space keep the room neutral and grounded, while the tomato soup-inspired hue adds a subtle pop of color.

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    Red + Brown

    Living room with brown walls and red plaid pillow

    livingonhaven / Instagram

    Another color combo that is fairly easy to pull off is red and brown. This lovely room from livingonhaven proves that a few deeper red accents can help keep a brown room from feeling drab give it a warm, cozy feel.

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    Red + Gray

    Room with gray chair and lip pillow

    soozidanson / Instagram

    This stunning den from soozidanson is anything but boring. While full of color, the eye is immediately drawn to the bright red throw pillow on the gray chair. Gray is another shade that plays well with red because it's a subtle neutral that allows the red to take center stage.

    Look for neutral grays (neither warm nor cool) to pair with nearly any shade of red.

Red has a reputation for being a challenging color to use in home decor, but with the right pairing it becomes surprisingly versatile—and can add a dose of character to any room in your home.