Comfort on a Spoon Recipes

Old-fashioned puddings, bread puddings, custards, flans and more

Once you have a look at these homey desserts, including old-fashioned puddings, bread puddings, custards and more, you won't be able to whip up one fast enough.

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    chocolate pudding
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    This chocolate pudding has a marvelous deep, rich flavor and ultra-smooth, creamy texture. Plus it's super-quick to make. You can serve it warm - for those who just can't wait to dig in to its chocolaty goodness - or well chilled. It's also fabulous served with a thin layer of cream poured over the top or a spoonful of softly whipped cream - or, just a tall glass of cold milk.

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    Butterscotch Pudding
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    This is what real butterscotch pudding tastes like - smooth and creamy, with a delicate, soothing flavor that comes from using pure vanilla and brown sugar. You just can't get this authentic flavor from a package.

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    Here’s a lemony new twist on an old favorite.  Bread pudding has always been an excellent way to use up excess bread and this pudding is no exception; bread that’s a few days old is ideal for this kind of pudding. As this pudding bakes, it separates into two layers, both just heavenly.

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    Nothing says comfort more than this banana bread pudding. Created as a way to use up stale bread, this decadent dessert has it all ― a creamy, warm, custardy texture filled with spiced banana. Top with a dollop of freshly whipped cream to make a good thing even better.

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    Creme Brulee
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    This smooth, creamy custard is flavored with chocolate and coffee and topped with a crisp caramel crust.

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    Molten Chocolate Cakes
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    These individual cakes with molten chocolate centers are popular on American restaurant menus. This version is especially rich and chocolaty and would be made even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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    Creamy, custardy and rich, this chocolate rice pudding recipe takes comfort food to a new level. It's the kind of dessert that you crave when you want to be especially nice to yourself and those you care about. The caramel sauce is optional, but it makes a delicious touch. You can also serve the pudding with whipped cream or heavy cream poured over the top, and it is also mighty fine just served the way it is.

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    This pumpkin flan recipe would be great any time of year, but really shines around the holidays. This pumpkin flan uses low-fat milk for a much lighter version than the traditional cream-based recipes.

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    Soft, creamy, and soothing, rice pudding is a dessert you never outgrow. Baked rice puddings tend to be firmer than the stove-top variety and have a more custard texture. A topping of cinnamon sugar is sprinkled over the pudding before it bakes, leaving a slightly crunchy crust. I like to use long-grain rice for the pudding, as it's less starchy than short or medium-grain rice, and the pudding isn't as heavy—just absolutely delicious!

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    Nothing quite compares to a bowl of this homemade ice cream when the weather is warm. The combination of coffee and bittersweet chocolate makes this a decadent treat.