10 Things Designers Can’t Stand When Guests Comment On

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Stepping foot into a designer's home can be almost like visiting an art museum—there are so many beautiful colors, patterns, and accessories to admire, after all. While positive feedback on one's home is always welcome, it turns out that there are some things that designers would rather not hear about from guests who visit their spaces. We spoke with the pros who shared 10 things that they can't stand receiving comments on in their own places.

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    This Kitchen Sink Component

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    "I can't take it when family comes into town and comments on my kitchen sink and how it has a divider. The divider makes it tough to put large pots underneath to clean. It came with the house, and I already know I want a new, big sink that doesn't have a divider. But I'm a designer and also want to renovate my entire kitchen on top of that, so the sink isn't going until I get to rip out my entire kitchen." — Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs

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    A Lived-In Quality

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    "One of my biggest pet peeves is the expectation that as an interior designer my home is always magazine photo-shoot ready. It isn't... I live in reality and have a family and a pet!" — Charmaine Wynter of Charmaine Wynter Interiors

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    An Abundance of Color

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    "I cannot stand when my friends say my home is too colorful! As a designer I love vibrant hues and saturated colors and enjoy changing the color scheme in my home with the seasons to make each color feel relevant and timely!" — Ashley Berdan of Ashley Berdan Design

    "I can't stand if guests say in a judgy way, 'Oh, you have too many colors and patterns in your home.' They make us happy, and that's what's important, right?!" — Ju De Paula of Blueberry Living & Co

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    Constant Changes

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    "As DIYers and home renovators, we've definitely had family and friends question how and why we're doing so much work to our home. For example, a few people have mentioned that our home was 'just fine' and didn't need the work we've been doing to it. (Thanks?! But we love what we've done!)" — Callie Plemmel of Home on Harbor

    "I personally hate when my guests comment on how often I change the layout of my apartment." — Anais Chaumien of Design by Anais

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    Quirky Touches

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    "For me, it's not what they say... it's what they don't say! I'm a finder, collector, and arranger and fall instantly in love with a crumbly book or a porcelain tile that has lost its luster but is still the most beautiful shade of blue. I decorate my home with bird's nests, turtle shells, and Grandad's spectacles—guests to my homes are 'no comment,' and I always wonder what they're thinking about my quirky mix-and-match style!" — Sharon Derry of Lime Tree Home

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    Lots of Green Friends

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    "I am a big fan of having plants in my home; however, some people think I have too many. I get tired of explaining why I have so many plants in my house. I just love my plants!" — Brianna Hill of Over The Hill Designs

    "People say, 'Wow you have a lot of plants everywhere.' Yes, and so should you! They bring in life, clean the air, and make me happy." — Jade McNeil of Jade McNeil Interiors

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    Lots of Sunlight

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    "My home has a lot of windows in the living room, which I leave open for sunlight. Friends sometimes comment on how much sunlight is in the room and ask to close the curtains. But I love all the natural light in my house!" — Brianna Hill

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    An Item's Cost

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    "As someone who values the comfort and respite of a beautifully designed home, I prioritize decor purchases over things like lots of designer clothing or fancy vehicles. It doesn’t happen often, but it can be uncomfortable when a visitor asks how much something cost. While I like to educate clients on cost value and quality, it is awkward when it comes to my own home!" — Maggie Stephens of Maggie Stephens Interiors

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    The Throw Pillow Setup

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    "Guests ask if they can move my throw pillows—of course they can (they’re there to make people more comfortable)!" —Kevin O'Gara of Kevin Francis Design

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    Gaps in the Millwork


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    "There are certain things to which even designers aren’t immune! One thing my friends comment on with empathy when they visit my home is the small gaps in our millwork during the winter months. Trim will expand and contract with the seasons, and it is just as frustrating to us designers as it is to our homeowners!" —Julie Kantrowitz of JK Interior Living