Common Feng Shui Decorating Mistakes

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When you work on creating good feng shui in your space, it is very helpful to be aware of the most common feng shui decorating mistakes.  Is there too much of a good thing when you work with feng shui cures? Can you place the right items the wrong way? Yes, for sure! Here are 13 most common feng shui decorating mistakes to be aware of.

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    Transforming your home into an Asian looking establishment

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    Good feng shui does not mean decorating only with Asian looking items, not at all. Unless this is your chosen decorating theme, do not think you need to change your decorating style in order to create good feng shui.

    You do not even need to use any of the so-called traditional feng shui cures in your home, such as red tassels, dragon turtles, mandarin ducks, etc unless you really love their look and feel.

    A good feng shui home is a well-decorated home that expresses your own style and taste instead of following a set of stereotypes. Decorating with exotic looking items without knowing what they are for (or even liking them!) is one of the most common mistakes people make when delving into feng shui.

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    Decorating your bedroom with a green color scheme

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    Green color bedrooms can be beautiful, happy and unique. That is if you are decorating for your children's bedroom! An adult bedroom in mostly green colors is a feng shui decorating mistake, do not do that to yourself.

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    Positioning a mirror to face the front door

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    No matter how beautiful, stunningly framed or unique is the mirror you chose for your main entry, placing a mirror opposite the front door is one of the worst feng shui decorating mistakes you can make in your home. Why? Because it is through the front door that the house absorbs its needed energy (called Chi in feng shui). When a mirror is directly facing the front door, most of the incoming energy is being pushed away. 

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    Having more than 3 fountains in a home

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    Fountains are great feng shui, especially the ones made of high-quality materials. They bring the energy of prosperity, refresh and clear the energy, as well as create a soothing sense of calm and peace. Is there too much of a good thing when it comes to the use of feng shui fountains? Yes, there is. Unless you live in a huge mansion, having more than 3 fountains in a home is not recommended. 

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    Decorating with a feng shui cure you do not like (or need)

    feng shui money frog
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    This is one of the worst things you can do when trying to decorate your home for good feng shui. Holding on to a money frog because you read that the frog will bring you money - while at the same time clearly wondering about its presence in your home decor - is really bad feng shui.  It's like having to keep a constant conversation with someone whom you just can't stand - will that ever lead to any enjoyment and good energy?

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    Different flooring for each room in the house

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    In feng shui, the flooring represents the foundation of the house, this is why it has to have a sense of solid continuity. When each room has different flooring, the energetic foundation of the house loses its strength and continuity. Even though visually a house with various flooring can look very interesting, feng shui-wise it is considered a decorating mistake.

    Note this does not apply to busy areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

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    Decorating with the bagua mirror

    bagua mirror

    The bagua mirror is a powerful feng shui cure that should not be used indoors; it is only used outside the home as recommended by a feng shui consultant. These mirrors - both the concave and the convex ones -  look attractive and exotic but they are not meant to be used in your home decorating.

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    Placing an aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom

    feng shui aquarium
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    Decorating your kitchen/dining area or your bedroom with an aquarium is considered a feng shui mistake. The water feng shui element of the aquarium is much needed in many areas of your home, but not in the bedroom or dining where the fire and earth feng shui elements are needed the most. If you really love the look of aquariums and want to have one in your home, placing an aquarium in your money area can create good feng shui.

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    Decorating your home with too many mirrors

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    Mirrors can create excellent feng shui and are considered a powerful cure - if you know how to use them. Decorating your home with too many mirrors can achieve the opposite effect; instead of bringing more light, clarity and the freshness of the water feng shui element, it can create weak, unstable and chaotic energy constantly bouncing back and forth. Not the energy you ever want in your home!

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    Avoiding bright colors in favour of a monochromatic color scheme

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    Good feng shui decorating is like breathing, it follows a natural rhythm of inhale and exhale, an active and a surrendered quality of energy. This is why the most successful feng shui decorating always follows the bagua, or the feng shui energy map. Your house needs both bright, fiery colors, as well as soothing, calming ones; you just have to know how to use color for good feng shui. Choosing one over the other is a feng shui decorating mistake.

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    Having many family photos in your bedroom

    family photos wall
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    Decorating with family photos is great feng shui as it brings the energy of love and support into your home. It is a beautiful decorating touch for almost any area of your home, except for your bedroom! The bedroom is your intimate place for sexual expression and healing; the energy of all your family relatives is better left for the living room.

    Note that family photos are excellent feng shui for children's rooms, as they bring the energy of love and safety to the little ones.

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    Creating clutter with your decorating

    cluttered decorating in the living room
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    If you are wise and brave enough to clear all clutter in your home,  do not recreate the clutter - visual clutter - with your feng shui decorating. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing anymore, so be mindful about the amount of feng shui cures you use in your decorating. Everything in your home speaks to you all the time and is constantly asking for your attention, so best to create a clear, simple and joyful energy rather than a busy and overwhelming one.

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    TV in your bedroom

    feng shui bedroom TV
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    No matter how sleek and beautiful is your TV or how subtle is its placement, a TV in the bedroom is really bad feng shui. This is one of the worst feng shui decorating mistakes you can make because it will negatively influence your well-being. Be wise and leave the TV out of the bedroom.