24 Questions Kids Ask Divorcing Parents

Be Prepared to Answer These Questions From Your Kids

Mother having discussion with son
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Divorcing parents can expect their children to have many questions. As you prepare to tell your children about your divorce, consider their personality styles and whether they are likely to ask questions directly, or whether you will need to anticipate the types of questions they will have. Either way, being able to share concrete details will be key in easing your children's anxieties about what is happening.

Kids' Questions for Divorcing Parents

Many of your children's initial questions will be focused on themselves and how the divorce will affect them. Specifically, they'll want to know:

  • Where am I going to live?
  • Where's Mommy going to live?
  • Where's Daddy going to live?
  • Where will my siblings live?
  • Will I have to move?
  • Will I have to change schools?
  • Will I have two houses and two bedrooms?
  • Where will my stuff go?
  • Do my friends know?
  • What can/should I tell them?
  • Will everyone else know?
  • Is this my fault?
  • Are you mad at me?

More Questions for Divorcing Parents

You can also expect your kids to ask a lot of questions about the parent who is moving out. Specifically, they'll want to know:

  • Where will he/she live?
  • When will I see him/her?
  • Can I stay over?
  • Will I have my own room there?
  • Can I leave some of my stuff there?
  • Will I have any friends there?
  • Can I still see my old friends when I'm there?
  • Will he/she drive me to see my friends?
  • Will he/she still come to my... (baseball games/soccer games, etc.)
  • Will we still be close?
  • Will he/she still love me?

More Resources for Divorcing Parents

As parents, there is a lot you can do to prepare your children for these changes. As you talk together about how to approach the issue, consider: