Citywide Garage Sales and Highway Yard Sales by Month

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Whether they blanket a small town or range from coast to coast, citywide garage sales and highway yard sales are fun and festive. Check this list of citywide and highway yard sales arranged by month before making your weekend plans. Even better, schedule a couple of vacation days to make long weekends of your favorite events.

April Highway Yard Sales

In much of the country, yard sale season has barely begun in April, but the month includes two of the best highway yard sales.

Antique Alley Texas is a 37-mile antique trail so chock-full of fabulous finds that it's often called Little Round Top. The Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale is a huge highway yard sale that spans five southern states.

May Highway Yard Sales

In addition to smaller events in Missouri and Kentucky, two of the biggest highway yard sales in the United States take place each May.

The US 11 Antique Alley and Yard Sale route spans five states and more than 500 miles. The 800-mile Historic National Road Yard Sale runs from Baltimore, Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri.

June Highway Yard Sales

With eight annual events on the schedule, June is a big month for highway yard sales. They range from New York's 20-mile Attic and Seller Days to the huge 400 Mile Sale Across Kentucky.

June events also include highway yard sales in Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan.

July Highway Yard Sales

July's annual highway yard sales include Pennsylvania's 100 Miles of Yard Sales and upstate New York's Route 90 Garage Sale. Though the latter's route only spans 50 miles, the event sometimes has as many as 500 yard sales.

August Highway Yard Sales

For serious yard sale fans, August is an important month. That's when the Highway 127 Corridor Sale takes place. With six participating states and nearly 700 miles of sales, it's often billed as the World's Longest Yard Sale.

The 127 Corridor Sale isn't the only treasure hunt in August. The month includes seven other annual highway yard sales that take place in Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, and Arkansas.

September Highway Yard Sales

With 12 highway yard sales on September's schedule, you've got to take time at least one weekend of the month to treasure hunt. 

September events include Minnesota's 400-mile King of Trails Market Day and the Highway 411 Yard Sale that spans from Leeds, Alabama to Knoxville, Tennessee.

October Highway Yard Sales

Yard sales season may wind down in October, but it's not over yet, with six citywide and highway yard sales on the calendar. October events range from the Roller Coaster Yard Sale in Kentucky and Tennessee to upstate New York's Warrensburg Garage Sale.