How to Find Companies that Get Rid of Your Stuff

Organizations that Host a Yard Sale For You

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One of the undeniable advantages of moving is that it forces you to take stock of all the junk you own in the house, getting rid of items that you no longer use or need. I think it's the reason that many families tend to try to organize their junk and reduce it to a minimum before a move: it's cheaper and easier if there's less to pack and less to load onto a moving truck.

But despite your best intentions, when it comes time to move, you will invariably find yourself faced with the unenviable task of Decluttering. Of course, one of the best ways of ridding yourself of stuff you do not want is to Host a Yard Sale.

However, when even the thought of hosting and organizing a yard sale is too overwhelming, there are still ways to work through the clutter. Organizations exist that will do everything for you, from meeting with you to assess the size of the job to help you to pack, sort, price items for the sale, and host the yard sale for you. Some will even liaise with the charity of your choice to donate the items that do not sell during the garage sale. Here is my pick of the crop:

Clean Sweep Garage Sales

This is a company that literally does it all for you. They organize estate or garage sales and will come to your house to do an inventory, set up and organize the garage sale. They will even bargain with your customers for you to get a good price! And best of all, they will even organize everything that didn’t sell and coordinate the donation to the charity of your choice.

Professional Organizers Online

Professional Organizers Online will help you organize any clutter in your life, not just a yard sale to get rid of junk before a move. With organizers in every state in the U.S., they will have someone to help you get organized for that move.

Estate Sale 4 U

This company predominantly serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is run by a mother and daughter team. Their services include organizing estate sales and will go to your home to sort, organize, research, price, market, advertise, and sell your collectibles and furnishings from the estate.

Seven Seas Estate Sales

Seven Seas Estate Sales may not cover all seven seas (they serve the Knoxville, Farragut and Oak Ridge areas), but they offer comprehensive services that will meet your needs when it comes to organizing and executing a garage or estate sale. They will sit down with you to evaluate your needs and handle all the details without charging any upfront fees. They will also do all of the marketing including pricing your items to sell at reasonable prices. They claim that you will not have any out-of-pocket expense for their services, and base their profits on money made from the sale.

Oakwood Books

Oakwood Books buys book collections, media collections, and collectibles. They will come by and make you an offer on items before you have a sale with no obligations.