12 Colors That Go With Pink in Your Home

Think pink! No, really, go ahead and incorporate the color into your home. Pink isn't just for nurseries or ultra-feminine spaces, we promise. It actually pairs extremely well with a number of other hues, meaning you can easily add a pop of the cheerful color to an existing room without things looking too chaotic.

Because pink is so versatile, it can be paired with many different interior colors. The most popular include various shades of blue, green, brown, and grey.

The 12 beautiful rooms below are proof that pink is more than welcome in virtually any room, so don't be shy about embracing it and pairing it with one (or more) colors that perfectly complement pink.

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    Pink and Yellow

    Sam Taylor-Crooks pink room

    Sam Taylor-Crooks 

    If you're going to log a significant number of hours in your home office, you might as well decorate the space using hues that will make you happy and give you a peppy boost all day long.

    Blogger Sam Taylor-Crooks did just that when transforming a spare room into a workspace of her own. She coated part of the wall in a light pink and then painted a trendy yellow arch behind her desk area. Across the room, a yellow duvet cover pops against the remainder of the pink wall.

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    Pink and Gold

    Sydne Summer pink room

    Sydne Summer

    Blogger Sydne Summer added brass accents aplenty to her stylish living room. Since a pink sofa is such a showstopper on its own, it's wise to follow Summer's lead when decorating around this type of piece.

    Keeping other furniture more simple (Summer opted for white and lucite pieces) will allow your statement piece to take center stage.

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    Pink and Light Gray

    Jen Thorne pink room

    Jen Thorne

    In blogger Jen Thorne's bedroom, which was already outfitted with a gray rug, pink bedding and a matching accent wall add some warmth. By incorporating a gray headboard and silver accents into the space, the room looks cohesive yet much more vibrant than it would have been without these feminine touches.

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    Pink and Black and White

    Olivia Edwards-Silk pink room

    Olivia Edwards-Silk 

    We frequently see pink paired with black and white for a vintage-inspired look, and blogger Olivia Edwards-Silk brought this color scheme into her bedroom, too. Dalmatian pattered wallpaper makes a bold visual statement behind Edwards-Silk's luxe looking velvet headboard, and she hung curtains in a matching dotted print.

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    Pink and Emerald Green

    Shannon Claire Smith pink room

    Laura Sumrak

    Don't forget about using curtains as a means to invite more color into a space. Designer Shannon Claire Smith opted for a glam pink hue in this client's home but positioned a velvet chair in an emerald green nearby for some welcome contrast. The overall look: sophisticated and moody.

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    Pink and Navy

    Annette Vartanian pink room

    Bethany Nauert

    Pink and navy is another classic combo, which blogger Annette Vartanian incorporated into her bedroom by way of a bold accent wall. Vartanian loves the boho chic look, but if that's not your aesthetic, note that pink and navy can be styled in a number of fashions, whether you prefer decor that's traditional, eclectic, or something else entirely.

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    Pink and Orange

    Courtney Whitmore pink room

    Courtney Whitmore

    Bring on the energy and positive vibes with a pink and orange combo! Blogger Courtney Whitmore outfitted her daughter's bedroom in these two hues, and the result couldn't be more stunning. Opting for primarily white furniture keeps the room looking orderly and classic.

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    Pink and Sage

    Ariel Okin pink room

    Seth Caplan

    This chinoiserie happy space by designer Ariel Okin perfectly blends pink and green yet again. Here, sage provides a soothing backdrop in the bedroom. A pink throw blanket picks up on the notes of pink present in the wallpaper design and keeps the space looking traditional and cozy.

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    Pink and Tan

    McKenna Bleu pink sofa

    Paige Winn Photo

    Blogger McKenna Bleu also incorporated a pink sofa into her home—and her setup demonstrates that jute accents are a major yes when styling around such a piece. A classic jute rug and woven baskets may not initially seem like they would complement hot pink, but by opting for designs that also feature notes of white, Bleu nailed the look.

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    Pink and Dark Gray

    Megan Hopp pink room

    Kelsey Ann Rose

    If you're drawn to gray but prefer a darker hue, note that this shade can mix wonderfully with pink as well, as exemplified by this living room by designer Megan Hopp. White walls and furniture help keep the room feeling nice and light, which is key to keep in mind when working with gray.

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    Pink and Avocado Green

    Maria pink room


    Pinks and greens are frequently paired together during the decorating process, but no two color combos are ever quite the same. In blogger Maria's dreamy bedroom, avocado green paint coats a portion of the walls that aren't covered in nature-inspired wallpaper (which is—you guessed it—also pink and green).

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    Pink and Turquoise

    Heather Thibodeau pink room

    Heather Thibodeau

    Blogger Heather Thibodeau designed a flowery bedroom for her daughter comprised of pink and turquoise accents. Thibodeau's setup is proof that one doesn't need to veer away from white walls in order to make a space look nice and vibrant; thoughtful touches such as framed wallpaper and a ceiling that wows will do the trick.