A Complete Kitchen Organization Checklist

Best Tips, Tricks, and Tools

This complete kitchen organization checklist contains how-tos, organizing ideas, and projects to help you tackle this space one thing at a time. We'll go over basic kitchen organization ideas -- including ideas for small spaces, the best kitchen organization products and then storage ideas to keep everything neat and tidy. 

Kitchen organization is already built-in: frozen items go in the freezer, pans go with pans, and knives go with knives. So the kitchen organization should be a snap right? Not so. There are so many different types of items in one space that you really need to break it down into zones and items to tackle it, and then you need to set aside time to declutter and organize regularly to maintain good kitchen organization.

Additionally, what an organized kitchen looks like to you may not be the same as what your neighbor considers an organized kitchen, so you need to plan and customize the space for how you cook and how to live. 

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    Kitchen organization ideas

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    I've broken organizing ideas for your kitchen down into a few categories for ease of use:  Ideas for your entire kitchen, ideas for kitchen zones, like cabinets and pantries, and general tips and time savers.   Many of these were supplied by Personal Organizing readers which makes them battle-tested in real kitchens:

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    Kitchen organization products

    The best kitchen organization products

    I think some elbow grease and a good kitchen organization plan is best, but sometimes you need an assist.  Here are my picks for the: 

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    Kitchen clutter

    Tackle kitchen clutter
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    The kitchen tends to get cluttered very quickly, and then therefore, decluttering regularly is imperative to maintaining good organization.  The key is having a system in place. You need to know how long to keep things, how you'll get rid of things you no longer need (donation, recycling, trashing), and a system to declutter the space on an on-going basis. 

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    Kitchen storage

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    Free up counter space for chopping and kneading with these easy and affordable kitchen storage solutions.

    Hint: Many of these tips utilize things you already have in your kitchen.

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    Kitchen organization projects

    Kitchen organization projects
    Refrigerator and Freezer Organization Ideas. Photo / The Container Store

    Go through your kitchen one zone or one item at a time by tackling some kitchen organization projects.  Choose how much time you have, set the time, and start organizing.