11 Concrete Sink Ideas

Bathroom with green tiles and pink cement sink

nood_co / Instagram

There's just something about a concrete sink that feels utterly sophisticated. Concrete is a fairly inexpensive material that has become more and more popular in home decor over the past few years. When used in a sink, it creates a bespoke piece that certainly makes a statement. Plus, because concrete is very pliable, it can be molded to create any size or shape sink to fit your bathroom or kitchen perfectly. 

Whether you want to opt for a colorful basin sink like this one from nood_co or you're interested in something more streamlined and modern, concrete is definitely a material that should be at the top of your list during your next renovation. 

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    A Two-Toned Sink

    Large cement basin sink

    ariseinteriors / Instagram

    This deep sink from ariseinteriors features both concrete in a light and dark shade, creating a beautiful contrast that plays exceptionally well with the simple white wall tilework. Like all concrete, this sink has developed a patina that looks rustic and aged in the best way. One of the biggest benefits of concrete is that even imperfections look perfect.

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    Create a Concrete Vanity

    Bathroom with large white tub and cement sink

    pipinteriors / Instagram

    This stunning bathroom by pipinteriors proves just how chic concrete can look and how versatile this material really is. The circular sink is sitting atop a concrete slab vanity in the same exact color. This creates a lovely streamlined appearance and helps make the bathroom feel even larger.

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    White Concrete

    White bathroom with a white concrete sink

    visualisinginteriors / Instagram

    At first glance, this white angled sink from visualisinginteriors looks like porcelain, but if you look closer you'll see it's made from concrete. This is a great way to add a little bit of texture and visual interest to a bathroom without taking away from a modern, minimalistic look and feel.

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    Concrete and Wood

    Round cement sink

    holtliving / Instagram

    If you're looking for a beautiful way to bring the outside in, we love this combination of wood and concrete from holtliving. Not only does the concrete bowl sink look chic and modern, but the rustic wooden vanity gives it an earthy appearance that is grounded and warm. While we don't recommend unfinished wood in a bathroom, a clear wood stain will give the appearance of freshly cut wood and help bring a little nature into your home.

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    A Large Rectangle Sink

    Large rectangle cement sink

    hollythompsonhomes / Instagram

    The contrast of this rustic oversized concrete sink from hollythompsonhomes and the gold accents gives it an incredibly upscale and modern feel. Add in the black painted brick and you have a bathroom that feels incredibly luxurious and unique. This concrete sink is heavily patinaed and we think that natural marks give it even more beautiful. 

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    Keep It Simple

    cement sink with plant on the side

    simplisminteriors / Instagram

    We love this one piece sink and vanity combo from simplisminteriors because it's chic and streamlined. The low profile is perfect for bathrooms of any size but is a great idea if you have a small bathroom and don't want to sacrifice style. By combining the sink and the vanity top the space feels less crowded without having to give up valuable counter space.

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    A Double Sink

    Updated bathroom with tiled floor and cement sink

    tinakonstas / Instagram

    This double concrete sink from tinakonstas is the perfect choice for a sophisticated bathroom makeover. The his-and-hers light concrete sink pairs beautifully with the white and black tiled flooring. Concrete is an inherently an industrial material so we love incorporating similar accessories like these black vintage sconces.

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    A Low-Profile Concrete Sink

    Bathroom with a vanity and cement sink

    devolbuilders / Instagram

    Though the vanity in this bathroom from devolbuilders is compact, it makes a statement with the two-toned concrete sink. Concrete can easily transform a bathroom and take the look to the next level. Even if you don't have the space (or money) for a custom-made, large concrete sink, you can still incorporate the look in nearly any bathroom. 

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    Create a Bespoke Sink

    Bathroom with tile that says powder room

    housecurious / Instagram

    Often concrete is poured specifically to fit the space so you have endless freedom to create the look you want. In this bathroom from housecurious, a round concrete sink is the perfect topper to a vintage dresser-turned-vanity. Concrete is a great material if you want to create a totally unique bathroom with your own DIY vanity. 

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    Pair With Bold Accents

    Kitchen with cement sink and tiled backsplash

    mandarinstoneofficial / Instagram

    This room by mandarinstoneofficial features a wide and deep white concrete sink and bold, patterned tilework that makes a statement. By using concrete instead of porcelain, the unique sink stands out against the loud tile and works together to create a wonderfully unique space.