This Clever Condo Comes Equipped With Space-Making Furniture

friends in a condo

If you live in a shoebox-sized apartment, you know that creating space for an overnight guest, never mind a dinner party for eight, can be a bit of a sticky wicket. But situations like these wouldn’t be a problem if you lived in this clever condo. The ingenious pad features customized built-ins that make entertaining in a small space a breeze.

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    This Kitchen Island Conceals a Secret


    This 500 square foot one-bedroom unit is in a new condo development called RiverSky, in Vancouver, Canada. It is an excellent example of a brand-new building trend that supersizes small apartments with double-duty transforming built-ins that optimize square footage. For instance, this multifunctional kitchen island conceals a handy piece of flexible furniture.

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    This Kitchen Island Conceals an Expanding Table

    Multifunctional Kitchen Island

    Hidden inside the kitchen island is a convenient expanding table. What makes this idea so ingenious is that it can quickly transform the tiny kitchen into a functional space for two different activities. For example, one person can use the kitchen island for food prep while the other can use the expanding table as a home office.

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    The Expanding Table Unfurls for Eight

    Expanding Dining Table

    Yep, the kitchen island's extending table pulls out further to accommodate a dinner party that comfortable seats up to eight guests in this small space.  

    If you think that's great, but what do you do with all of those chairs when the party is over? Well, here's another good to know. The chairs were designed to store stacked in one of the condo's closets.

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    This Flat Screen TV Conceals a Few Storage Secrets

    Secret Storage Wall

    Making room for books and other small belongings in a tiny apartment can feel like a logistical nightmare, especially if you want to keep some of the stuff within easy reach but not always in sight. This home theater conceals a smart solution for this problem. The floating TV panel not only keeps pesky cords, cables and set-top boxes hidden from view but it also conceals a bookcase that you can show off or not.

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    The Living Room Walls Conceal More

    Twin Size Wall Bed

    Creating space for a single overnight guest when you barely have room for a sleeper sofa is tricky. However, this home theater conceals another space-saving secret; a small couch that doubles as a twin-size guest bed. 

    But wait, there is more. There are two more convenient features stashed behind the living room wall. The first is additional storage and the second is a foldout ironing board.

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