How to Contact Above Ground Pool Manufacturers

The Names Behind the Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground pool

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An above-ground swimming pool seems like a great idea, but how can you find out more about the different manufacturers?

The following is a frequently updated list of above-ground pool manufacturers. While this type of pool has enjoyed a surge in popularity since the Great Recession, some manufacturers had to close their doors because of the economy.

If you already own an above-ground pool and have had difficulty tracking down the company or its website, it may have joined forces with or been acquired by another company. Parts are usually compatible with other brands but do your research to make sure it fits or is returnable if it doesn't work out. Brands are listed in alphabetical order.

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    Aqua Leader

    aqua leader pools
    Aqua Leader

    Founded in 1975, Aqua Leader is located on the south shore of Montreal, Canada. In 1986, Aqua Leader invented synthetic resin above-ground pools. Aqua Leader is part of the Wilbar Group.

    Contact Information: (514) 363-3599

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    Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool


    Bestway USA is located in Arizona and was founded in 1994. This company sells above-ground pools, inflatable water toys, floats, lounges, swim gear, and just about everything needed to entertain in your backyard and on the water.

    Contact Information: (855)-401-2000

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    Doughboy Pools

    doughboy pool

    Doughboy has been manufacturing above-ground or "portable" swimming pools since 1954 and is one of the oldest above-ground companies still in existence. In recent years, they have been an innovator in "recessed" pools, which provide the look and feel of an inground swimming pool without the cost.

    Contact Information: (866) DOUGHBOY

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    embassy riviera
    Embassy Pools

    A division of Doughboy Recreational, Embassy makes round above-ground pools and liners that are easy to assemble and built to last for many years.

    Contact information: (877) 228-4586

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    FitMax IPool

    Fit Max iPool

    Fit Max

    IPools are affordable therapeutic pools for your backyard or home and, depending on the model, will heat your workout while relaxing sore and tired muscles and joints. At 92 and 100 degrees, the FitMax iPool is warmer than most swimming pools but cooler than a spa—basically, the ideal temperature to exercise safely. Some models even come with chair lifts.

    Contact information: (866) 337-7766

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    Intex Pools

    Intex Easy Set Pool


    Known in the 1970s as The Wet Set, Intex makes six styles of above-ground swimming pools:

    1. Easy Set
    2. Metal Frame
    3. Prism Frame
    4. Ultra Frame
    5. Kids Pools

    The company also makes saltwater systems for its above-ground swimming pools.

    Contact Information: (800) 234-6839

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    Namco above-ground swimming pool.

    Namco is an East Coast swimming pool superstore that had been around since the dawn of the above-ground pool days—1962—and sells above-ground pools, supplies, accessories, decor, inflatables, and pretty much everything you need that is related to backyard swimming and entertaining.

    Contact information: (866) 762-3094

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    Polygroup's Summer Waves pool


    Since 1989, Polygroup has been manufacturing products, including above-ground pools and inflatables. Polygroup makes a variety of pools, from quick setup ring pools to frame pools, which come in assorted shapes and sizes. Their pools include filter pumps, and there's even a choice of graphics for the pool walls. Some pools even come with a ladder and solar cover. 

    Contact Information: 1 (888) 919-0070

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    Sharkline atmosphere pool


    Sharkline, from Wilbar International, has been manufacturing above-ground pools and liners since 1961. The company began in the founder's basement and is still owned and operated by the same family. All Sharkline pools are made in the company's 160,000 square foot facility in Long Island, New York.

    Sharkline makes steel, aluminum and resin pools in 48-, 52- and 54-inch heights. The company also makes the frame and wall of every pool, as well as the liner, deck, fence, and ladder systems.

    Contact Information: (631) 951-9800

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    Splash Super Pools

    The Dolce Vita pool by Splash.
    Splash Super Pools

    The company was founded in the 1970s when Luigi Spedini devised a round pool with an inflatable collar. Sold by Piscine Laghetto of Vescovato, Italy, the pools were popular with Europeans before branching out to the United States and becoming Splash in 1986. Models currently popular include the SuperStream line, designed as workout and lap pools, and the beautiful Dolce Vita (pictured).

    Contact Information: (800) 92-SPLASH