Container Gardening

Growing plants, flowers, or vegetables in containers not only helps to save space in the garden, it's also a way to add greenery to your porch or patio.
Gardener topping up Potatoes with compost growing in a space saving patio bag or vegetable growing bag.
What are Grow Bags? Here Are the Pros and Cons
coleus plants on a patio
21 Plants to Turn Your Patio Into a Paradise
New Zealand Flax (Phormium tenax and hybrids)
10 Great Ornamental Grasses to Grow in Containers
creeping jenny growing in a hanging pot
Growing Colorful Creeping Jenny
closeup of begonias
10 Choices When Picking Begonias for Your Container or Garden
Rooftop with raised garden beds and trellis and plants in sunlight
What to Consider Before Planting a Rooftop Garden
a potted plant moved indoors for the winter
How to Protect Potted Plants in Winter
strawberries in a planter
How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Pots
window box
Flower Boxes That Thrive in the Sun
pink begonias in the shade
Discover 11 Beautiful Shade Plants for Your Container Garden
petunias in a container
Discover Gorgeous Flowering Container Garden Plants That Love Sun
mandevilla flowers
How to Grow Mandevilla
purple fountain grass
12 Fall Plants for Container Gardens & Hanging Baskets
Common Terrarium Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Window box with assorted bright flowers
15 Gorgeous Flowering Window Box Ideas for Spring
sweet alyssum spilling out of its container
These 24 Spiller Plants Provide a Finishing Touch for Containers
tall plant in an outdoor container
20 Best Large Container Plants
wooden crate as a planter
Repurposing Wooden Containers Into Garden Planters
Orange ceramic containers with colorful flowers in a garden
Get Inspired for Container Gardens With This Picture Gallery
Strawberry Pot Planted with Sedum
How to Plant Strawberry Pots
Tiny balcony deocrated as a retreat with hanging string lights, small patio furniture and garden plants
17 Ways to Turn Your Tiny Balcony Into an Irresistible Retreat
closeup of catnip
Grow Your Own: Catnip Plants Inside the House
Six piles of soilless potting mix materials on white surface
What Is so Great About Soilless Potting Mix?
Assortment on potted plants lined up
9 Clever Ways to Reuse Plastic Gardening Pots
High Angle View Of Potted Plants
Tips for Creating Container Garden Arrangements
Fuchsia, pink and white tulips in spring garden container closeup
30 Flowering Container Garden Ideas
Small garden planted within blue-colored kiddie pool with wire protectors all around
How to Turn a Plastic Kiddie Pool Into a Garden Planter
Fruit tree with round yellow fruit in large clay pot next to potted red flowers
Expert Advice on Growing Fruit Trees in Containers
Wagon Wheel Planter
Cheap or Free Container Gardens
Container gardens all together
Follow These 5 Tips to Grow Gorgeous Container Gardens
cuphea plant
7 Great Container Plants That Can Take the Heat
Easy Steps to Making Your Own Terrarium
Plant varieties displayed with different garden containers
7 Materials to Consider for Planting Pots
morning glory
Make Your Container Garden Fabulous With Flowering Vines
succulent truck
Try These 7 Fun Container Garden Projects That Kids Will Love
Purple flowers with small green leaves growing in container
5 Great Plants for Spring Container Gardens
container plants
10 Container Garden Tips for Beginners
dahlias growing in a pot
Learn How to Grow Gorgeous Dahlias in Pots
geraniums growing in containers
Tips for Growing Geraniums a Container Garden
Self-watering plant container with large monstera plant in front surrounded by other houseplants in pots
Self-Watering Containers for Container Gardening
Balcony with outdoor plants in pots sitting along a white railing
Questions to Ask Before Starting a Garden Balcony
A stoop with container gardens
Here Are 5 Tips to Start a Container Garden
Flowers planted in large pots as container gardens
10 Common Container Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
container gardening picture of hanging basket
How to Keep Hanging Baskets From Drying Out
Pink and purple flowers planted in a green container
10 Tips on How to Water Your Container Gardens
Ensure proper drainage when filling your pots
Learn How to Avoid Drowning the Plants in Your Container Garden
Balcony garden on three levels of a residential building.
Beautiful Flower Gardens for Small Spaces
fall window box arrangement
17 Gorgeous Fall Window Boxes
Square foot gardening
Square Foot Gardening Makes the Most of Your Garden Space
fresh elephant ear leaf
Discover 9 Great Foliage Plants for Container Gardens
White and clay pots holding potted flowers and plants for container garden
What You Need to Know to Start a Container Garden
vertical garden designs
Use These Creative Ideas for a Vertical Garden
Young rice plants in pots
Growing Rice at Home
oregano plant growing indoors
How to Grow Oregano Indoors
Blueberry bush stem with blue, pin and green blueberries surrounded by leaves in container
Learn How to Grow Lush Berries in Containers
Seagrape (Coccoloba uvifera) fruit closeup, green - Topeekeegee Yugnee (TY) Park, Hollywood, Florida, USA
What You Need to Know About Growing Seagrape
Container vegetable garden
How to Grow Leaf Lettuce in a Reusable Grocery Bag
Potted mint, thyme, basil &; parsley on window sill september
How to Overwinter Garden Herbs Indoors
container plants
How to Grow a Container Garden
container gardening picture of tomatillo flowers
How to Grow Tomatillos in Pots