10 Contemporary Bedrooms to Inspire Your Home Decor

White bedroom with shot of color.
Camilo Morales/Getty Images

When it comes to decorating style, “contemporary” is hard to pin down. Basically, contemporary style means the looks that are currently in vogue. As such, contemporary bedroom décor covers a wide range of themes, but what they all tend to share in common is a serene, clutter-free vibe and a simple color scheme. 

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    Contemporary Style in the Bedroom

    Asian-influenced contemporary bedroom.
    Astronaut Images/Getty Images

    There’s not a lot of furniture or knickknacks in this room, but there is certainly no lack of personality. This is how you make a contemporary bedroom special: start with a simple platform bed and basic furniture, and then add pow.

    Here, that’s accomplished with the mirrored finishes on the nightstands, the lovely flowering branches stenciled across the sliding closet doors and the crystal drops hanging from the otherwise plain hanging light fixtures. 

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    Contemporary Goes Glamorous

    Glamorous dark gray contemporary bedroom.
    The International Photo Co./Getty Images

    Contemporary is not synonymous with stark. As proof, take a look at the bedroom featured here. The charcoal and taupe color scheme is very of-the-moment, but there is nothing minimalistic about this glamorous bedroom.

    Instead, the wraparound upholstered headboard, cable knit throw blanket and textured pillows turn the bed into a romantic showstopper, while the clear Plexiglass-and-chrome nightstands, the interesting ceiling fixture, and the burnished metal bedside lamps keep the style sophisticated, not sweet.

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    Texture Makes It Special

    Beautiful contemporary bedroom with polished concrete floor.
    Astronaut Images/Getty Images

    When your palette is limited to soft shades of grayish brown and white, your furniture has simple lines, and there isn’t a lot of artwork or collectibles in the space, you need something else to give the room personality:  texture.

    The bedroom featured here makes excellent use of a wide range of textures. The fur throw blanket, highly polished concrete floor, shaggy area rug, wicker furniture, and shiny metal wall sconces turn what might have been a rather sterile space into an inviting room with lots of character. Notice also the way the area rug is used to set off the seating area – if you have a large bedroom, this is a great use of the space.

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    Contemporary Has Fun

    DIY twig wall in contemporary bedroom.
    Robert Daly/Getty Images

    The white and soft brown color scheme give this bedroom a peaceful vibe, but it’s the quirky little touches that show off the owner’s sense of whimsy.

    What a great way to dress up the wall – long, thin branches painted white, then arranged side-by-side across nearly the entire space. It’s an easy, inexpensive DIY that gives drama without being at all overbearing. The pompoms on the throw blanket tossed over the chair, the colorful fringe on the blanket at the foot of the bed and the mix of furry, ribbon-looped and velvety throw pillows complete the scene.

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    Contemporary Romance

    Beautiful canopy bed in contemporary bedroom.
    Robert Daly/Getty Images

    Mix contemporary with industrial with romantic and what do you get? This very appealing bedroom, that’s what.

    The white ceiling beams, gray wall and lack of artwork might be somewhat stark, but the graceful-yet-simple four-poster bed, the stacked-ball bedside lamps and the splashes of red on the throw pillows add a touch of almost old-fashioned romantic grace to this very contemporary bedroom.

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    Contemporary's Rustic Side

    Rustic beams in contemporary bedroom.
    Leanna Rathkelly/Getty Images

    You might not be so lucky as to have a glorious view of the ocean outside your bedroom like the room featured here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of its other decorating tricks. This bedroom shows off contemporary’s rustic side.

    The palette is heavy on black and gray, which usually goes with a sleekly modern style, but instead, this bedroom mixes up the expected with the distressed wood furniture and beamed ceiling, soft yellow accents and geometric-print bedding. Here’s proof that contemporary style is as versatile as you want it to be.

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    Bright Accents

    Contemporary bedroom with bright accents.
    Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images

    Here’s a room that embraces two popular contemporary décor trends – midcentury modern furniture and a palette of white (black and gray are also very fashionable in the contemporary bedroom). But contemporary doesn’t have to mean without any color or whimsy.

    This bedroom adds both with the bright color dots on the wall (you could easily recreate the look yourself simply by stretching canvas over embroidery hoops, then painting the fabric different colors), the blue armoire doors and the berry-laden firethorn branches in the vase on the nightstand. Just a few simple accents and the room transforms from ho-hum into wow.

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    Natural Wood Finishes

    Wood, black and white contemporary bedroom.
    gerenme/Getty Images

    Here’s a bedroom that goes contemporary with the black-and-white color scheme, but stays traditional with the natural brown furniture.

    You’ll often find painted or lacquered furniture in the contemporary style, but sticking with natural wood keeps the look warm and welcoming.

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    Serenity Now

    A lovely and serene contemporary bedroom.
    Martin Barraud/Getty Images

    For most people, the bedroom is their retreat from the rigors of the day. Because of that, when deciding how to decorate their bedroom, people often use words like “serene,” “tranquil,” “calm” or “relaxed.”

    No matter what the overall decorating style, you can bring a sense of peace to the space by keeping the palette soft, the furnishings simple and the surfaces natural. This lovely contemporary bedroom does tranquility right on every count.

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    One Shot of Color

    White bedroom with shot of color.
    Camilo Morales/Getty Images

    Many people would find this stark white bedroom with simple Ikea furniture a bit too monochrome, but it’s a fine example of the impact an intense shot of color adds to an otherwise neutral space.  The overall effect is rather Zen-like in its simplicity.