12 Contemporary Cabinet Pulls

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    Cabinet Hardware For Contemporary Kitchens

    Cabinet Hardware Modern
    Contemporary Cabinet Hardware. DEX IMAGE / Getty Images

    Most cabinetry requires surface mount cabinet knobs or pulls to operate the cabinet. With any style of cabinet, the hardware can make a statement and reinforce the style of the space. 

    With Contemporary style, a pull is the preferable choice. Not only are pulls (or handles), easy to grasp, they have a linear look that is oh, so sleek. Mount your pulls all horizontally for an increased contemporary impact.

    More on How To Select Knobs and Pulls

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    The Tab Pull

    Tab Pulls TK501. Top Knobs

    The Tab Pull is first on my list of contemporary hardware because it is subtle and almost disappears. This pull mounts at the top of the door or drawer on a base cabinet, and mounts at the bottom on wall cabinets. They come in different sizes and finishes. If you have a dark colored cabinet, try the matte black finish.

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    Brass Trail Pull

    Brass Trail Pull. Emtek

    If you will notice, the bar pull is not on my list. Bar pulls got a whole lot of use, and then entered the annoying stage of overuse. Not only were they overdone, they were "pocket-catchers".   

    The Brass Trail Pull by Emtek is linear pull similar to the bar pull, but much more elegant and timeless.  Its ends do not extend, so they don't catch on anything. Because of their rounded edges, they also won't hurt your hips or any other body part that may bump them during cooking.  

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    Square Bar Pull

    Square Bar Pull - Nouveau III Collection. Top Knobs

    The Top Knobs Square Bar Pull is much like the Emtek Brass Trail Pull, but has square edges for a more refined, contemporary profile.  

    The Square Bar Pull is available in several lengths as well as Brushed Nickel, Chrome and Matte Black finish.  

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    Griggs Pull

    Griggs Pull - Nouveau III Collection. Top Knobs

    The Griggs Pull by Top Knobs is one that I recommend frequently. It has a great projection that can easily fit larger hands and has a sleek, yet soft contemporary style. These are great for use on drawers and doors, or can be paired with a simple knob for doors.

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    Fancy Inset Crystal Thin Pull

    Inset Crystal Thin Pull. Atlas Homewares

    If you need a bit more sparkle or bling, try the Inset Crystal Thin Pull by Atlas Homewares.  

    These are made with Brushed Anodized Aluminum with genuine European crystal.  

    A bit too extravagant for the entire kitchen? Try these on an accent piece, and island or perhaps a buffet area for just a touch of luxurious variety. 

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    Optimism Lucite Rail Pull

    Optimism Lucite Rail Pull. Atlas Homewares

    Another flavor of contemporary is the use of ghost materials. Whether it is clear plastic or clear glass, translucent materials are a fun way to discreetly adorn your kitchen.  

    The Optimism Lucite Rail Pull by Atlas Homewares is a clear Lucite acrylic with brushed nickel or polished chrome mounting brackets.  

    Nothing says Contemporary like nothing.

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    Contemporary Metal Pull

    Metal Pull 801. Richelieu

    Richelieu has a great variety of contemporary cabinet pulls. The Metal Pull 801 in Brushed Nickel and Chrome creates a perfect bridge of the two finishes.  

    The use of this pull allows you to use either finish for your faucet, lighting fixtures or other accents.  

    Try Black For Your Next Faucet

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    Contemporary Metal and Wood Pull

    Contemporary Metal and Wood Pull. Richelieu

    The 616 Contemporary Metal and Wood Pull by Richelieu is a sophisticated, contemporary pull that would look fabulous on white, grey or light wood cabinetry. 

    The walnut finish helps to add warmth to a space even if they entire kitchen is white. Try these pulls from Richelieu for a unique, contemporary look.

    Check out my Pinterest Board "Cabinet Hardware" for unique cabinet hardware from Classic to Contemporary

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    Contemporary Leather Bin Pull

    Contemporary Leather Pull. Richelieu

    The softness of leather with a sleek contemporary design, makes this pull another great sophisticated choice.

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    Modern Rectilinear

    CP3028 Pull. SA Baxter

    This Modern Rectilinear Pull 3028 by SA Baxter is a playful addition for sleek flat panel cabinetry!  

    Offered in a 4", 6", 8" and 12" sizes means you have flexibility to fit large and narrow cabinets. This elegant contemporary pull is available in 28 finishes!  You can't go wrong with these pulls!

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    Recessed Rectangular Pull

    Recessed Rectangular Pull. Doug Mockett

    Recessed Pulls are always fashionable in contemporary design. To get this flush look, the cabinet fronts are routed out and the pull is recessed inside. 

    These recessed rectangular pulls from Doug Mockett create a finger channel within the rectangle.

    Check with your cabinet maker first before assuming it can be done with your cabinetry. This type of pull installation is more involved than surface mount, and could be an upcharge from the cabinet supplier. If you can swing it, the extra cost and...MORE preparation is worth its flush, sleek look.

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    Tapered Bar Pull

    Tapered Bar Pull in Matte Black. Top Knobs

    Looking for a pull that has no sharp edges? The Tapered Bar Pull from Top Knobs is your pull! 

    From a front view, this pull looks just like its cousin, the Top Knobs Square Bar Pull in slide #2, however, the Tapered Bar Pull has rounded corners. A very comfortable pull packed full of contemporary style. 

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    Horizontal All The Way

    Contemporary Kitchen with Horizontal Pulls. Image Source / Getty Images

    Whatever style you are doing in your kitchen, a pull is a great way to open your cabinetry.  If you are doing a contemporary kitchen, the horizontal direction of your pull will set off your style!

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