15 Contemporary Homes to Admire

Contemporary house

Nick Guttridge / Eldridge London 

A broad category that largely refers to buildings from the late 20th century to the present, contemporary architecture isn’t defined by a single style. Contemporary homes can look radically different from one another, and sometimes from anything that has come before. Rapidly evolving building technologies and materials increase innovation not only in terms of stylistic possibilities, but by helping to bolster green building practices that are a priority for today's architects.

Check out these contemporary architect-built homes that include fresh takes on familiar forms; sustainably built structures that live in harmony with the surrounding landscape; and bold, unconventional silhouettes that expand the definition of what a home is supposed to look like.

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    Live-In Sculpture

    Contemporary house

    John Gollings / Wood Marsh

    This contemporary house from Australian architecture firm Wood Marsh has an abstract form that curves around a sloping suburban site. "Conceived as a sculpture to live within, the Towers Road House challenges standard notions of domesticity," the architects write.

    A monumental concrete wall topped with a three-dimensional zinc hemisphere "references an inverted roof or dome, further transforming architectural conventions into sculptural elements." Windows aren't visible from the street, but a fully glazed façade on the other side provides abundant natural light and views of the landscaped garden.

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    Concrete Country House

    Contemporary house

    Jack Hobhouse / Living Architecture 

    The Secular Retreat is a layered concrete and glass house on a hilltop in South Devon, England, designed by Pritzker prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor for UK-based Living Architecture, an organization that commissions accessibly priced short-term holiday rental homes by leading contemporary architects.

    Described by the architect as a "villa for the 21st century," the house is inspired by the surrounding landscape of rolling hills, tree-covered river valleys, and villages of stone houses. It features a cantilevered white concrete roof held up by hand-rammed concrete columns; a large open-plan living space with expansive windows; and five bedrooms that look out onto the natural landscape.

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    Desert Contemporary

    Contemporary house


    Architects Luke Ogrydziak and Zoë Prillinger of San Francisco-based OPA built this Reno, NV house they call Shapeshifter for two art collectors and dealers specializing in contemporary art and art of the American West.

    The aim was to construct a house that would mirror the constantly moving environment around it. "Invoking the desert as a shapeshifter par excellence, the project began by treating the ground as a fluid material that allows different forms to emerge, then flicker or dissolve into other forms," the architects say.

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    Sustainable Sanctuary

    Contemporary house

    Tony Soluri / Searl Lamaster Howe

    This spacious weekend home called the Lawless Retreat and designed by Chicago-based architects Gregory Howe and Pam Lamaster-Millett of Searl Lamaster Howe is located on the edge of a state park in central Michigan.

    They were careful to position the house out of the way of surrounding mature trees, which helped to provide natural shading and cooling. Carefully placed geothermal wells power the home's water furnace. Charred cedar on the home's exterior cuts down on maintenance and is designed to last.

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    Woodland Geometry

    Contemporary house

    Nick Guttridge / Eldridge London

    This award-winning contemporary home designed by Eldridge London was built for "an enthusiastic patron of contemporary architecture" who encouraged the firm "to design a building of its time in contrast to the predominantly faux classical villas of the neighborhood," say the architects on their site.

    It includes a glazed glass street level entrance rotunda that allows an unobstructed view of the landscape; a curvy aluminum-wrapped exterior; curved glass windows and doors; and a three-lobed geometric form centered on the trunk of an ancient oak tree on-site.

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    Reflective Barn

    Contemporary House

    Jack Hobhouse / Living Architecture

    Designed by Dutch architecture firm MVRDV with Mole Architects, this cantilevered house in the English countryside is a contemporary interpretation of a countryside barn clad in reflective steel tiles. Located on the edge of a nature reserve a few miles from the Suffolk coast, the Balancing Barn is one of the short-term vacation homes commissioned by UK-based Living Architecture.

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    Updated A-Frame

    Contemporary house

    Matthew Carbone / AIA


    Klein A45 is an off-grid sustainable tiny house designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group that is a spin on the traditional A-frame cabin, with 13-foot ceilings at its highest point and Douglas Fir flooring and cork walls on the interior. An AIA's 2019 Small Project Awards winner, the 180-square-foot house is made from 100% recyclable materials and is assembled on-site using prefabricated modules.

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    Glass Houses

    Contemporary house

    Lyndon Douglas / Eldridge London

    This award-winning 7,000-square-foot contemporary family house overlooking a golf course in Epsom Surrey designed by British architecture firm Eldridge London is divided into wings to optimize views and natural light.

    "In contrast to the recently constructed Georgian-style neighbouring houses, the new house on this site is clearly a building of its time," the architects say on their site. "As well as being radically modern in appearance the house incorporates the latest energy saving systems including solar heating and ground source heat pumps which are all concealed from view."

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    Hidden House

    Contemporary row house


    The design of this contemporary house façade is another project from the architects Luke Ogrydziak and Zoë Prillinger of OPA called Hidden House. "Impacted by powerful neighborhood groups that restricted its envelope and appearance, the house wears a mask to hide the architectural freedoms within," the architects write online.

    "The mask achieves a blankness by abstracting the ubiquitous San Francisco bay window and covering the entire front face with a dense cedar screen." The unconventional interior is split into vertical and horizontal zones that each have their own functions, character, and personality.

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    New Kid in Town

    Contemporary house

    Tony Soluri / Searl Lamaster Howe

    Chicago-based architecture firm Searl Lamaster Howe designed this contemporary home called Eastwood Residence with attention to the established architecture of the neighborhood. "While contemporary in expression, it relates to its Lincoln Square location in a number of ways," the architects say.

    "Its scale aligns with the surrounding century-old houses. The generous front porch repeats a common detail of the block and serves as a spot to hangout and socialize with neighbors. The exterior’s board and batten siding was inspired by the wood cladding of other frame houses in the district." An abundance of glass is mitigated with seven types of insulation to optimize energy efficiency.

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    Corner Lot

    Contemporary house

    Barbara Karant / Searl Lamaster Howe

    This contemporary house, a collaboration between architects Linda Searl and Joe Valerio, was inspired by its street corner location. "In a city as large as Chicago, street intersections are critical, and everything seems to happen at the street corner," the architects say. They also comment on the fact that the home really embraces the energy coming at it from the street intersection it sits at.

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    Garden Wall

    Contemporary house

    Tony Soluri / Searl Lamaster Howe

    This contemporary house in Wilmette, IL designed by architecture firm Searl Lamaster Howe was built to order for a pair of passionate horticulturists. It features a 29-foot wall of south-facing glass that opens onto the back garden, creating a dramatic link between interior and exterior. They extended both the roofline and walls of the house to create a shadow box effect that helps protect the home from direct summer sunlight and provides privacy from neighbors.

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    21st-Century Industrial

    Contemporary homes

    Eric Schmid / AIA

    This single-family home development of four homes called Squirrel Park, among the winners of the AIA 2019 Small Project Awards, was designed by architecture firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris to help sustainably increase density in existing neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    Built using modified shipping containers, the 1400-square-foot homes have a contemporary industrial look. Located in a park-like setting that includes mature trees, shared outdoor spaces, and new planting, the homes include green roofs to increase biodiversity and energy efficiency. 

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    Sustainable Townhomes

    Contemporary townhome

    Roehner + Ryan / Studio Ma

    Award-winning architecture firm Studio Ma used locally sourced materials to build the Hollyhock, a sustainable new housing development in Phoenix, AZ that includes 11 contemporary townhouses with private gardens connected by shared courtyards and common outdoor space.

    The architects optimized energy efficiency and water usage and used high-performance glass, faux stucco, natural woods, and cooling exposed concrete floors, as well as prioritizing water-saving xeriscaping over conventional landscaping.

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    Boutique Barn

    Contemporary house

    House Nine Design 

    This Aria Resort holiday home "boutique barn" in Cornwall, England has burnt black larch wood exteriors and floor-to-ceiling glass walls that bring the outdoors inside, with interiors from designer Jojo Barr of London-based House Nine Design.