Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 1: Rats and Mice

House mouse, mus musculus
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Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 1: Rats and Mice

You told us the pests that most pester you, so we, in turn, are providing a hub of information for control of those top pests. Simply review the short write up on each article and click the link for more information.

This first article in the series focuses on your #1 concern: rodents. 17% of responders said they have or have had a problem with mice or rats.

The House Mouse
The house mouse is the most common of home-invading mice. Cute, perhaps, in a cage in the pet store, but not so cute when it decides to make your house its home. Learn all about this curious critter.

Questions and Answers About Mice
How do you know if you have mice? What do mice eat? Where should I place mouse traps? These and other common questions are answered in this Q&A all about mice.

Questions and Answers About Rats
How do you know if the rodent in your home is a mouse or a rat? What do they eat? What is the best bait for control? These and other common questions are answered in this Q&A all about rats.

The Problem With Rats
There are two common rats of the U.S. and they can cause significant damage and disease in and around the home. Learn more about rats and how to prevent them.

How to Know if You Still Have Mice or Rats Are the Rodents Gone?
Rodents can rapidly reproduce, constantly adding more babies to an existing infestation.

So -- once you've had a problem with mice or rats, how do you know for sure if they are gone?

The Difference Between Rats and Mice
Besides the differences in their physical characteristics, rats and mice are significantly different in many other ways. What are these differences and why is it important to know which it is before attempting control?

Rodents Transmit Hantavirus
Although this potentially deadly disease is transmitted primarily by deer mice, other mice can carry and pass along this - and other - diseases. Find out more and precautions to take.

Winter Bugs, Rats and Mice
What do rodents - and other pests - do when winter winds threaten their shelters? Find out what they do, and how to keep them from deciding your home would be a good home for them as well.

Get Rid of Rats and Mice
So now that you know all about rats and mice, the differences, and the problems of each, you want the really important information: How to get rid of them!

How to Get Rid of Rats
While there are similarities in control of mice and rats, there are differences as well. This article focuses specifically on steps toward getting rid of rats.

8 Steps to Prepare for Rodent Control Service
If you are like the majority of responders, you'd rather call someone in to take care of your pest problem than do it yourself. If so, check out these eight steps to prepare, and don't forget to review the Top 12 Considerations in Hiring a Pest Control Professional.

Mice, Rats and Cockroaches in Restaurants
So your home is now clean and clear of rodents, but when you head out to a local restaurant to eat, you see a mouse skitter across the floor. What are the regulations against pests in restaurants, and what can and should you do if you see one?

Next in the series ... Flies.