Stylish Ways to Display Your Cookbooks in the Kitchen

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    Finding a Place for Cookbooks in the Kitchen

    kitchen shelf with cookbooks
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    Styling is a big part of what brings a room to life and the kitchen is no different. As you consider the different items to incorporate into your kitchen decor consider utilizing elements you already have like cookbooks! Most of us have a fair share of cookbooks we have acquired over the years. Whether you are an avid cook who collects cookbooks for your creations or you have been gifted or inherited your collection from loved ones it is always nice to have a dedicated place to store or display...MORE these books in the space you actually use them in - the kitchen! Let's explore a few places you can incorporate your cookbooks in and around your space. 

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    Store Cookbooks on the Countertop via Pinterest

    The countertop is a great place to store the cookbooks you reach for on a regular basis. By placing them in a cool basket or between bookends you can liven up an otherwise dead corner or long countertop run. Besides the obvious convenience aspect, today's cookbooks can be pretty and an easy kitchen-y accessory to pop into your space. One tip we love is placing a few cookbooks in the corner and then setting a succulent on top. Some loose beads and my McKenzie Childs salt and pepper shakers...MORE were added to the mix and the grouping made for a happy, functional and layered little spot in my kitchen. 

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    Display Cookbooks on Open Shelving via Pinterest

    Open shelving can be a great place to store cookbooks. The books can fill the shelf completely or be used in conjunction with other items for a very collected and layered look. Books are perfect for stacking one on top of the other with another piece of decor on top or lined up side by side for a more traditional library vibe. If your open shelving happens to flank your cooktop, storing your cookbooks in this location could be very convenient to grab during any part of the cooking process. 

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    Incorporate Open Shelving for Cookbooks on the Island

    Miss Moss via Pinterest

    The kitchen island is another great option for cookbook storage. Often times designers will incorporate a cabinet with open shelving somewhere on the island to give the island some personality. Other times there will be a sliver of space left once all major components like cabinet storage and appliances have been incorporated and this space is designated to open shelving for knick knacks or cookbooks. A lot of people do their food prep at the island so storing the cookbooks in this location if...MORE often very convent. Another plus, keeping cookbooks down low makes them especially accessible to smaller cooks in the kitchen that may not be able to reach for books stored in higher locations. 

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    Store Cookbooks Behind Cabinet Doors

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof via Pinterest

    If you have too many cookbooks to display and or the books you do have are not in particularly attractive there is nothing wrong with storing your cookbooks behind closed doors either in a cabinet or in a nearby piece of furniture like a hutch.

    Technology such as your cell phone, iPad, and computer make so many recipes just a click away and with so many recipes right at your fingertips, it is important to be thoughtful about the location of your actual books to ensure you will be inclined to...MORE reach for them. Ease of accessibility will strongly affect your likelihood of actually utilizing these books. so think through the way you utilize your space to determine the best location to store your cookbooks for you and your family.