5 Safety Rules to Teach Kids for Cooking

Safety Rules for Cooking Kids
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Teaching your children safety rules for the kitchen are key, especially once they get old enough to start helping you!  Sometimes we don't think about the importance of teaching rules to our children about kitchen safety since for most of us, the kitchen is a really familiar place. However, even if your child is just watching, you should teach them these 8 Safety Rules so that the chance of accidents are minimized.

Safety first! 

1.  Always Wash Hands

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's something that needs to be stressed, especially with kiddos.  They get so excited to help with the cooking that many times they don't want to take the time to wash their hands.  Explain the importance of clean hands when preparing food so that they don't spread germs and bacteria.

2.  Stove Safety 

Make sure that your child knows how to properly turn on and off the stove (age permitting). Show your child to check to make sure that the stove is free of anything that could catch fire like plastic bags, napkins, food boxes, etc. Teach your child to always check that every burner of the stove is turned off after cooking.  Show them the importance of always keeping pan handles facing the back of the stove so that cooking items don't accidentally get knocked over by the handle.

3.  Knife Safety 

Teach your child that they should always walk with a knife and that they should never put knives into a sink full of water as someone could reach in and hurt themselves.

 If your child is old enough, then you should teach them about the proper way to hold and use a knife for cutting.  Adults should always supervise children using knives! 

4.  Use Care When Handling Hot Food 

Always use pot holders when removing or inserting food into a hot oven.  Never add water to a pan with oil in it as it can pop and burn you.

If you get burned, run your burn under cold water and immediately tell an adult.  Never put metal in the microwave!

5.  Don't Cross Contaminate Food 

Stress the importance of never putting cooked food (especially meat) on a cutting board or plate that was used with raw food.  Don't use the cooking utensil that was used for the raw food on the cooked food either.  This can cross contaminate the food, making everyone very ill!  Always clean up counters where raw meat before putting anything else there.

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