Rum Recipe Cooking Tips and Rum Extract Substitutions

Rum extract may be substituted for small amounts of rum

T-bone steak rum flambe
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Rum Cooking Tips and Substitutions

• For general information and tips on alcohol cookery, consult Cooking with Alcohol Basics.

• Be sure to divulge your use of rum to guests. The slightest hint of alcohol in a dish can be harmful to those with allergies and recovering alcoholics.

• Rum extract may be substituted for small amounts of rum (no more than 1/4 cup) in many recipes. For other substitution options, consult the Alcohol Substitution Chart.

• 2 Tablespoon rum = 1/2 to 1 teaspoon rum extract. If the liquid is an important part of the recipe, add enough water or apple juice to make up the difference.

• 1 Tablespoon dark rum = 2 Tablespoon rum extract.

• 5 Tablespoon light rum = 1 Tablespoon rum extract.

• Brandy or cognac may often be substituted for rum in equal amounts, but expect the obvious change in flavor.

• Keep a batch of on hand for those cold winter nights.

• Jamaican rum is considered the strongest in flavor because of its longer fermentation process which utilizes previously-used yeast.

• For a more robust flavor in your recipe, choose a dark rum. For a more subtle taste, choose a light rum.

• When using flavored or spiced rums, be sure the flavor or spice is complementary to your main ingredient.

• Before using rum in a flamed presentation, be sure to read Flambé Cooking Information.

Rum Recipes - Cooking with Rum

•  Ahi, Baby Shrimp and Hamachi Ceviche
•  Apricot Fritters
•  Avocado Ice Cream
•  Banana Flambe
•  Banana Ketchup
•  Banana Rum Puffs
•  Cassata With Fresh Strawberry Puree
•  Chestnut Ricotta Cheesecake
•  Chestnut and Ricotta Semifreddo (Ice Cream)
•  Chocolate Rum Fondue
•  Coconut Macadamia Pound Cake
•  Coconut Macadamia Truffles
•  Coffee Risotto
•  Eggnog Rum
•  Flaming Fish
•  Hungarian Crepes with Hazelnuts
•  Jamaica-Me-Krazy BBQ Sauce
•  Kiwi Daquiri Jam
•  Lemon Blueberry Sorbet
•  Macadamia Chocolate Kisses
•  Malibu Rum Cake
•  Mulled Cider
•  Pineapple Rum Flambe
•  Rum-Runner Chicken
•  Russian Cream with Strawberries Romanoff
•  Spiced Carrot Raisin Cake
•  Stone Crab Cobbler
•  Swiss Cheese Fondue
•  Tangy Pineapple Sauce (Crockpot)
•  Tropical Turkey
•  Tutti Frutticake
•  Wassail

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