19 Soothing Cool Color Schemes for Decorating Your Home

Pretty pink simple living room

Michelle Gage 

Understanding how to use soothing, cool hues in your space can instantly take a room from bland to wow. To help you confidently pick the best ones to use for your home, we rounded up our favorite cool color schemes. All these colors are both soothing and relaxing making them an excellent choice for any room in your abode.

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    Gorgeous Green Walls in a Colorful Living Room

    Green walls in traditional Living room
    Liz Caan and Company

    Gorgeous cool green walls anchor this bold traditional living room by Liz Caan and Company out of Massachusetts. Blue decorative accents enhance the cooling color scheme that is offset by warm tones of yellow and red.

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    Blue and Silver Gray Modern Farmhouse Living Room

    NK Living

    Deep shades of blue are great for areas where one wishes to unwind, like this living room in a modern farmhouse by NK Living out of the U.K. The navy shiplap feature wall sets the relaxing tone. The steel blue sofa and silver-gray carpeting add to the room's inviting vibe. 

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    Blue Kitchen Decor

    Meriwether Inc Architecture & Design

    Blue kitchens is a favorite décor trend with real staying power. This example by Meriwether Inc Architecture & Design makes it easy to understand why. The blue cabinetry pops against the crisp white walls. You can feast your eyes on more beautiful blue cooking spaces.

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    Apple Green Floor in a Crisp White Kitchen

    colorful kitchens green floor tile
    Harvey Maria

    Apple green is an energetic, cool hue ideal for kitchens. Here luxury vinyl floor tiles by U.K. Harvey Maria enliven a white cooking space.

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    Purple, Green, and Pink Color Scheme

    Purple Curtains and Purple Sofa
    Erica Burns Interiors

    Cool shades of purple, green, and pink give this traditional living room by Erica Burns Interiors based in Bethesda, Maryland a vibrant twist.

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    Warm Color Scheme for a Kitchen

    Domus Nova

    Gorgeous jewel tones elevate this living room seen on Domus Nova. The purple wall and sofa lend a regal air. The shocking pink couch brings a jolt of room brightening color.

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    White, Blue, and Green Mermaid-Inspired Kitchen

    Michelle Gage

    Sure, white cooking spaces are brimming with enduring style. But if you are looking to up your kitchen game, consider this idea from Philadelphia based interior designer, Michelle Gage. Her mermaid-inspired backsplash was created using fish scale tiles in cooling shades of blue and green. The pretty hues look amazing against the bright, white cabinetry.

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    Two-Tone Walls in a Blue, Black, and Brown Kitchen

    Entrance Makleri

    Two-tone walls in shades of pale blue are what gives this black and brown kitchen edgy appeal. What we love best about this cooking space seen on Entrance Makleri is that chic paint job instantly refreshes the dated granite countertops.

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    Seascape Feature Wall Sets Color Scheme

    Painted feature wall in dining room
    Jessica Helgerson Interior Designer

    Jessica Helgerson Interior Designer out of Portland, Oregon created this stunning feature wall of an abstract seascape. It establishes the palette for the rest of the space. What makes the paint job notable is how she incorporated a mix of cooler shades of yellow and plum, which are traditionally warm hues with two standard cool colors: blue and green. Notice the cream ceiling and the pale gray walls? They have a hint of cool green.

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    Cool and Pale Periwinkle Walls With Vintage Furniture

    Swag chandelier in small dining room
    Scheer, and Company

    Cool and pale periwinkle walls set the stage for warm furnishings in this bungalow by the interior design firm, Scheer, and Company based in Austin, Texas. Pairing cool walls with dark wood and warm vintage-style furnishings keep the central living area from feeling cold and stark. 

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    Living Room With Chic Coastal Color Scheme

    Coastal color scheme in condo apartment
    Laurel and Wolf

    A watery shade of ocean green lights up the walls in this beachfront condo seen on Laurel and Wolf, an online platform that connects licensed interior designers with residential customers. Covering the fireplace surround are glass subway tiles by Tilebar in a gorgeous shade called Loft Seafoam.

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    Casual Living Room With Sky Blue Walls

    shabby chic inspired coastal living room
    Heidi Walker Interior Designer

    Walls painted a shade called Light Blue by Benjamin Moore gives this living room by Heidi Walker Interior Designer out of Charleston, South Carolina its open and airy feeling. The decorative pillows spotted on the sofa, and the stripes on the coffee table match the wall color.

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    Green, Purple, and Blue in a Transitional Living Room

    Blue green and purple decor
    Zoë Feldman

    Interior designer Zoë Feldman based in Washington, D.C., incorporated gorgeous cool jewel tones in shades of green, purple, and blue in this transitional living room.

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    Cool Monochromatic Color Scheme in an Ultra Modern Living Room

    monochromatic simple small living room in blue
    Turek Design

    If you are looking to make a dramatic statement, go with a cool monochromatic color scheme as seen in this small living room by Turek Design located in New York City. Beautiful accents in natural wood and brushed gold keep the space from feeling dark or dreary.

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    Purple, Green, and Black in a Quirky Living Room

    ultra purple sofa in colorful living room
    The English Room

    Let your freak flag fly by showing your true colors as shown in this quirky and modern living room by the interior designer behind The English Room based in the U.K. The jet black ceiling and white walls provide a neutral backdrop for an explosion of mostly cool colors, most notable, purple and green. While the shade on the floor is a neutral brown, the fawn-patterned carpet is anything but boring.

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    Teal Den With a Distinct Modern Edge

    Teal den
    Zoe Feldman

    A robust shade of cool teal makes an elegant first impression in this cozy den by interior designer Zoe Feldman based in Washington, D.C. The stone fireplace and dark furnishing bring a masculine edge. A bright rug and colorful decorative accents including the Breakfast at Tiffany's movie ​poster lend a splash a feminine charm.

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    Green and Pink Bohemian Living Room

    Pretty pink simple living room
    Michelle Gage

    A cool shade of pale pink and lively hues of green are the dominant colors illuminating this boho-inspired living room by Michelle Gage, an interior designer out of Pennsylvania. The gray and white walls have a blue undertone, which adds to the cooling mix of relaxing colors.

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    Apple Green and Robust Teal in a Midcentury Inspired Living Room

    green and teal living room

    Apple green and teal are the attractive cooling colors in this New York City living room seen on the real estate and architectural designer site, 6sqft.  

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    Pink and Purple Color Scheme in a Preppy Living Room

    super colorful purple and violet living room
    Liz Caan and Company

    This multihued living room by interior design firm Liz Caan and Company based in Newtown, Massachusetts combines lovely shades of pink and purple.