Edgy Rings for Punk-Rock Brides

Adventurous, daring, devil-may-care, someone who likes to raise an eyebrow or two? If that pretty much describes you (or the one you love), then you've come to the right place. Here, I've assembled an exclusive gallery just for you, with 7 of the coolest engagement rings and wedding bands, each perfect in its own way, for the bride who believes in the tradition of marriage but wants to definitely keep her against-the-grain punk-rock style.

Are these rings right out of the original punk-rock Sixties? No, because, first of all, they're new designs. Yet, each betrothal ring possesses one or more of those creative (and critical!) elements of punk: the non-color black (especially blackened precious metal); dark gemstones; and accents and design features like bullets, spikes, and studs. Sometimes meshy and chain-maille metals in rings can cross over into that punk bride style, although mesh can also go the other way into ultra-feminine retro antique looks. 

Remember, too, as you click through these pics, because punk has had different transformations since the late 1960s, some of these rings are more hard-core, while others evoke a decided glam-punk feeling.

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    Konstantino ring in diamonds/sterling silver/18K gold from the "Eros Collection".

    This Konstantino ring from the "Eros Collection" in diamonds, sterling silver, and 18K gold, is very fittingly for the modern bride, as the entire collection is inspired by the bonds of love. "The fusion of two precious metals is a symbol of lasting union between lovers," says the copy on its website, further explaining that, "Eros was the Greek gold of love and the Father of Bliss and Konstantino's Eros Collection honors these special bonds, marrying sterling silver and 18K gold in intricate patterns."

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    Erica Molinari wedding bands with bezel-set diamonds.

    It's not surprising that designer Erica Molinari is based in New York City's trendy West Village. Her aesthetic reflects the contrasts of her neighborhood: timeworn but modern, dazzling yet accessible. These two bridal bands, both with bezel-set colorless diamonds, are exemplary of that. The blackened sterling silver/karat gold band on the left, in particular, is a perfect ode to modern-day punk.

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    Nothing like black-on-black when choosing punk-influenced jewelry. From Faith Ann Kiely Fine Jewelry, this blackened sterling silver ring from the "Corinthium Collection" is called the IX Corinthium dome ring. It features a 1-16mm round dome rose-cut black onyx center stone, prong-set, plus a halo of .41ctw in diamonds. MSRP: $3,200.

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    Mauri Pioppo "Gabriel" bands with diamonds.

    Before becoming a jewelry designer, Mauri Pioppo had a professional career as a modern dancer. Always the artiste, she designs where her spirit takes her. And these three wedding bands from her "Gabriel Collection" are great examples of that. The design is based on the wings of the Angel Gabriel--one in blackened sterling silver, one in rhodium-plated 18K white gold, and the other in 18K yellow gold, and each with diamonds.

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    Art of Henri.

    This uncommon engagement ring is called the "Cosmic Duchess." Three smoky quartz gemstones are hand-cut in Sri Lanka, then shipped to America, where the ring is hand-assembled at the company's Beverly Hills headquarters, setting the stones in sterling silver. You must allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery of your handmade ring, which you can purchase from this unique brand's website. You can get it in 14K yellow gold with white crystals, though I suspect most punk-loving brides will prefer this sterling silver version. Founded in 2010, Art of Henri is a mother and daughter design team, inspired by a family lineage of jewelers, sculptors, and artists. Musicians, too? I wouldn't be surprised!

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    Stephen Webster "Shark Jaw" ring in sterling silver.

    This "Shark Jaw" ring in polished sterling silver is from British designer, Stephen Webster, who's actually considered a rock star in the fine jewelry industry! (Definitely, take a look at his website to read more about that.) The unique engagement ring here features a green chrysophrase and clear quartz crystal haze--one stone atop the other. It's from the 2014 "Jewels Verne Bonafide Collection." (Get it? Jewels, not Jules?) Yes, this collection is all about originality, fun, and expressing one's individuality.

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    Susan Wheeler 18K rose gold ring with dendritic agate and diamonds.

    "Every couple and every one of my rings is unique," says designer, Susan Wheeler on her website, where she discusses her "Artisan Bridal Collection." How glam-punk is this ring? In 18K rose gold, it spotlights a gem called "dendritic agate," which is known for its tree-like markings that are naturally caused by iron or manganese oxides. I love that the designer finishes this ring with varying colors of brown diamonds--just for that extra edge.