9 Cool Holiday Gifts for the Home Bartender

Give the Gift of Style that is Useful in a Home Bar

What do you get the home bartender who seems to have it all? It is a difficult choice and while it may seem like they have everything they need to mix up a great drink, there are a few things that every cocktail enthusiast would love to receive.

Form and function are important, yet so is style. If there is a home bartender on your list, here are 10 great ideas for cool tools and accessories that they may not buy for themselves.

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    An easy way to add a little age to your favorite wines and spirits.

    Add a little extra oak flavor to a whiskey or give that favorite wine a bit more time in the barrel with the Oak Bottle. This reusable bottle is a home bartender's dream for experimentation.

    The bottles are available in pint and fifth sizes and are designed to keep more of the beverage of choice in contact with the wood walls to quickly impart extra notes of flavor. Wines can take as little as 1-2 days while moonshine, blanco...MORE tequila, and white rum can be transformed into an aged liquor in just a few weeks.

    The Oak Bottle is more compact than home aging barrels and is a stylish addition to the bar. There's no need to hide this bottle!

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    Step up your DIY aging game with a mini barrel.

    For the bartender who loves to experiment, this 2-liter barrel is a great idea. Use it to age any white spirit, add some age to whiskey, or to barrel-age your own cocktails and impart some of that wonderful oaky flavor your drinks.

    This kit includes everything the home bartender needs to begin their aging trials: an American white oak barrel with bung, spigot, and stand, Highland malt Scotch whisky essence, and a cleaning kit.

    It may not be the same...MORE as those great single malts from Scotland, but is a fantastic way to experience the effects of aging at home.

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    For those who love to show off the good stuff in style.

    A whiskey decanter is an ideal gift for any whiskey enthusiast who loves to show off and enjoy their latest find in style. This beautiful crystal carafe from Denizli is sophisticated, sleek, and has a great heft so it is easy to pour and difficult to knock over. It is hand blown and lead-free.

    That prized Scotch or bourbon is going to feel right at home inside this decanter. You may even think about giving a bottle with it so your whiskey...MORE lover can enjoy it right away.

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    The ultimate gift for the person who has it all.

    Completely out of ideas? One of the best gifts you can give the modern drinker who seems to have it all is a new set of glasses. Everyone needs a glass for their favorite drinks and, beyond a bottle of booze, a set of glasses is one of the great universal gifts that will last a lifetime.

    This set of tumblers from Nachtmann (a division of the famous Reidel Glass Works) is a fantastic example of affordable crystal with a ton of style. The basket weave...MORE pattern can fit into any bar's decor and they are simply stunning to look at and drink from.

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    Don't forget the martini lovers!

    Martini glasses are another perfect gift idea and they are fun to collect, so it is another win-win on the gift giving list. There are many styles of cocktail glasses available, some are more whimsical and some are filled with high-style.

    This set of two crystal glasses from Reed & Barton fall into the second category. They are elegantly designed with delicate cuts that have both a classic and modern style. They are simply stunning and perfect for the...MORE drinkers who love their martinis.

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    Give the gift of an authentic Moscow Mule.

    The Moscow Mule is one of the hottest cocktails right now and if your gift list includes a fan of this snappy vodka drink, then a new set of copper mugs may be the perfect gift. This set from Craft Cocktails is lined with stainless steel, which not only prevents a metallic taste in the drinks but is also easier to care for over time.

    All of the style of a copper mug with extra benefits for the modern world, now that's something you'll feel good...MORE about giving.

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    Everyone needs a great looking ice bucket.

    Ice buckets have gained a lot of style over the years and it is finds like this stainless steel globe from Elegance that can add instant style to any bar. This little globe is just 9-inches round and is made of hammered stainless steel with double-wall insulation.

    It is just big enough to hold and keep those ice cubes cold while enjoying a few sippers with friends.

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    Quick, portable device for quickly creating crushed ice.

    Does that bartender on your list love a Mint Julep over crushed ice? The Metrokane Rabbit Ice Crusher is the perfect little gadget for them.

    There are no batteries needed and no long cord to clutter up the smallest of bars, this is a manual crusher that will make enough ice for just 1-2 drinks at a time. It is not another small appliance, but a tool that can be quickly stored and has a retro design that can also be left out to fit the...MORE bar's decor.

    Ice is the often underrated yet oh-so-necessary ingredient in the bar and this little gift can make a big impact.

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    For the cocktail lover with limited space.

    A full bar is not necessary to enjoy a great cocktail and not every bar has the room for a full stock of tools needed to create those drinks. The BAR10DER is the solution for those in studio apartments and other small homes who want all of the bartending tools but don't have the space to store them.

    Admittedly, not the most ideal tools, however for the casual drink mixer, this set has everything from a jigger to a muddler, a zester to a reamer... 10...MORE tools in all. It is the Swiss Army Knife of the bar and it's fun to work with.